How to Listen to Audible on iPhone or iPad

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Q: "I'm a new listener and I like listening to audibooks very much. I'm wondering is it possible to listen to my audiobooks purchased from Audible on my iPhone and iPad? If so, how can I do? Thanks for any advice." – Nike from Reddit.

Instead of reading books, many people nowadays prefer to listen to audiobooks because of its portability. An Audible book from Amazon is one of the choices. Do you have the same questions as above and wondering how to listen to Audible on iPhone or iPad? Actually it's not so hard to download Audible on iPhone or iPad. In this post, we will show you 2 methods to do that with ease. If you want to know how, just keep following this article.

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Way 1. Listen to Audible on iPhone/iPad via Official Method
Way 2. Listen to Audible on iPhone/iPad via ViWizard

Part 1. How to Listen to Audible on iPhone/iPad via Official Method

Can you download Audible books on iPhone? The answer is positive. Amazon allows you to listen to Audible audiobooks on Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and others. You can download the free Audible app and then play audiobooks on iPhone 6s and higher, as well as iPad Mini 4 and its higher models. Next let's see how to listen to Audible on iPhone and iPad step by step.

Step 1. Download Audible App

First of all, you need to download the Audible app from the App store. After that, open it and sign into your Audible account. Remember to use the same credentials that you used to buy the Audible books.

Step 2. Download Audible Books

download audible audiobooks on iphone

Tap the My Library tab at the bottom, where you can see all your purchased audiobooks. If there is a Download arrow icon on the lower right corner of the book cover, it means that the book has not been downloaded yet. You can tap that icon and start downloading it. If you want to see all the books you've downloaded, just tap the Device tab on the top of the screen.

Step 3. Start Playing Audible Book

Now tap the title of the book that you want to listen to and it will start playing the audiobook for you. You can also pause the playing or customize more settings according to your habit.

Part 2. How to Listen to Audible on iPhone Without App

If you can't download Audible app on iPhone, you can also listen to Audible on iPhone without app. What you need is a third-party Audible Audibook Converter such as ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter. You can use it to remove the copyright protection first and then convert Audible books to MP3 format, so you're able to play them on your iPhone and iPad via any MP3 player.

ViWizard Audible Converter is one of best Audible DRM removal apps in the market. It is capable of converting Audible audiobooks from AA, AAX to MP3, WAV, FLAC, WAV, or other common audio formats, so users can easily listen to Audible without Audible app. Besides, this app can keep lossless quality while converting Audible books at up to 100X fast speed.

ViWizard Audible Converter

Features of ViWizard Audible Converter

  • Romove the restriction of Audible for playing on iPhone/iPad offline
  • Convert Audible AAX/AA to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, etc.
  • Split large book into small clips by chapters
  • keep 100% lossless quality and ID3 tags
  • Convert Audible audiobooks at 100X speed
1,000,000+ Downloads
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In the following section, I will present you with the simple instruction on how to listen Audible on iPhone or iPad with the assistance of ViWizard Audible Converter.

Step 1Load Audible AA/AAX Files to ViWizard

add audible audiobooks

To get started, please click the "Download" button above to download and install ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter to your PC or Mac computer. After that, open the ViWizard app and import the audiobooks downloaded from Audible to it. You can simply drag and drop the Audible files or click the Add Files button to add them.

Step 2 Select Output Format

choose output format

In this step, you're allowed to set the output format and parameters according to your needs. Just click the Format button at the bottom left corner and you'll see some options for you. Here you can choose the MP3 as the output audio format. Then customize the codec, channel, bit rate, sample bit, etc. as you like. Then click the OK button to close the windows. You can also click the Edit icon next to each book and choose to split the audiobook by chapter or not.

Step 3 Convert Audible Books to MP3

convert audible audioboks

Once all the settings are done, you can then click the Convert button. ViWizard will start to bypass DRM protection and convert your Audible audiobooks to MP3 format. Wait for the conversion to end, and then you will able to view all the files through tapping the Converted icon and you can open them by clicking the Search button.

Step 4 Transfer Converted Books to iPhone or iPad

Now open iTunes app on your computer and hit the Library option. Find the audiobooks that you want to import and then select them to import to iTunes. Next connect your iPhone to the computer and sync the newly added audiobook files to iPhone via iTunes. Now you can easily listen to Audible on your iOS device.


Next time when your friend asks 'how do I listen to Audible on iPhone', you can give a simple answer. In particular, if you don't want to play Audible within the app, you're suggested to use ViWizard AA/AAX Converter. It can help you remove the limitation and convert Audible books to MP3 with no quality loss, so you can listen to Audible on any device or player. Besides, this tool offers each of you a chance to download it for free, why not get it and have a try?

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