4 Ways to Record Audio from Facebook Videos

By Matt Smith Posted on December 11, 2023

Facebook, as one of the most popular social media and social networking platforms, allows users to share multi-style photos, videos, and music files to make friends. When hanging out on Facebook, many people might be attracted by some background music appearing in Facebook videos. They would like to download this audio from Facebook for playback but are surprised to discover that there are no direct download links. So, many people have no idea about how to get the solution. If you are also puzzled about this, this post is for you.

Now let's explore the 4 effective ways to help you download or record audio from Facebook videos. You can find the perfect way to do that. Besides, the tutorial about how to record audio from Facebook Lives and video calls is also included. Let's read on and get the detailed information.

record audio from facebook

Part 1. Can I Record a Facebook Video Call?

Facebook is also a recommended website to find new wonderful music tracks. But you may have a question how to download audio from Facebook and can I record a Facebook video call? Fortunately, although there are no direct download links for you to download Facebook audio, you can also record audio from Facebook video, live, or video calls. In the following part, we will introduce 4 professional recording ways to record or download audio from Facebook on the desktop or mobile phone. You can even get a free online tool to record Facebook audio. Now choose the one that works best for you.

ViWizard Audio Capture Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder Built-in recorder Joyoshare VidiKit Screen Recorder
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Output quality high low low high
Output Format MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV MP3 MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B
Record Content audio audio audio and video together audio/video/audio and video together
Support deviec Windows and Mac Windows and Mac iPhone and Android phone Windows and Mac

Part 2. How to Record Audio on Facebook on Windows/Mac

If you want to record audio from Facebook on your computer, there are lots of audio recording programs that you can choose. All of these tools can make users' lives more convenient. But speaking of the best, the ViWizard Audio Capture could be the first choice for its powerful features.

ViWizard Audio Capture is an all-in-one multi-track audio grabber for Windows and Mac. It is designed for recording audio tracks from streaming music, live radios, game sounds, background music, online meetings, and more on the computer. Also, this recorder can save audio recordings to MP3, AAC, and other universal audio formats while keeping the original sound quality and ID3 tags.

More than an audio recorder, ViWizard Audio Capture enables you to trim the recordings into small segments, merge multiple tracks into one, and cut unwanted parts with a built-in editor. Also, you can adjust a variety of audio parameters, including the sample rate, codec, bit rate, and channel. With its help, you can easily record or download audio from Facebook videos.

audio capture

Key Features of ViWizard Audio Capture

Free Trial Free Trial

* Security verified. 5, 481,347 people have downloaded it.

  • Record any sound like streaming music and live radio easily
  • Support multitrack recording and save them to MP3 and more
  • Quickly recognize ID3 tags and allow to edit ID3 tags manually
  • Split, merge, and edit audio recordings flexibly in the way you like

How to record audio from Facebook videos/lives/video calls via ViWizard

Now you can read the complete how-to guide of this Facebook audio recorder.

Step 1Open the ViWizard program and configure the settings

When you open ViWizard Audio Capture on your computer, you will see there is a list of applications that you installed on your computer. If the program you wanted is not on the list, you can add it by touching the 'Plus' icon. Or you can drag and drop it directly into the main interface. Make sure the target web browser that you'd like to use to enter Facebook is on the list.

main interface

Step 2Customize output format for Facebook recordings

Now you can click the 'audio' icon to open the setting window, in which you can set the output format as you like and customize the parameters like bit rate, sample rate, audio channel, and codec. You are recommended to choose the MP3 format that is compatible with most devices. Please remember to click the 'OK' button to save your settings.

set format

Step 3Play and record Facebook audio

On the main interface of the ViWizard program, launch the target web browser and log in to your Facebook account. After that, you can start to discover the music or video including your favorite tracks, and play it. You will see a recording window popping up. It means the ViWizard program begins to record the playing Facebook track and will save it into MP3 files.

record audio

Step 4Download Facebook audio to MP3

To finish the recording process, you need to stop playing the Facebook audio or quit the whole browser. To make Facebook recordings more perfect, you can click the 'edit' icon to edit the tracks according to your needs. When done, click the 'Save' button to store Facebook records on your computer. You can hit the 'History' button to view and enjoy the Facebook MP3 downloads.

search files


    The ViWizard program also can record audio from Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and other software. If you have subscribed to its premium, you can put it to good use.

Part 3. How to Download Audio from Facebook Video Online

If you think it is not necessary to subscribe to an audio recording application to get audio from Facebook, you can try this ideal tool – Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder.

It is a free online software that you can use for recording and saving audio from Facebook. Because it is web-based, you don't need to install an extra app. You can also use this to download Facebook videos/lives/video calls to MP3 or other audio format as you prefer. Now let's get the steps to make it.

  1. Open a browser on your computer and head to the official website of Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder.
  2. Now you can click the 'Start Recording' button to set the download parameters.
  3. In the pop-up window, select the 'System Sound' option as the audio source.
  4. choose output source

  5. Enter to Facebook page and discover an audio or video including your favorite background music.
  6. Start to play the audio and quickly click the 'Start' button on Apowersoft. With this operation, this tool will begin to grab and download audio from Facebook.
  7. To end the process, hit the 'Stop' tab. And then all Facebook recordings will be saved to your local computer.
  8. record audio online apowersoft

Part 4. How to Record Audio from Facebook on iPhone/Android

If you want to record Facebook audio on your iPhone or Android phone, you can try the built-in recording feature on your mobile phone. However, in this case, you have to record the video at the same time. If you don't mind, you can check the following tutorial steps.

For iPhone/Android:

    iphone record internal audio

  1. To open the Control Center, swipe down from the top-right of the screen.
  2. Touch the 'Screen Recording' button and tap 'Start Recording' to begin to record audio on Facebook.
  3. Play your favorite audio from Facebook video/lives/video calls. And the audio will be captured and saved to your local album.
  4. To stop recording, touch the red bar on the upper left and confirm to stop recording. Then you can check, play, and edit the recorded video on the Photo.
  5. record video android phone

Part 5. How to Record Audio/Video from Facebook on Windows/Mac

If you want to record audio and video together from Facebook on your computer, then the Joyoshare VidiKit Screen Recorder is best for you. It is a one-stop toolbox that combines a video editor, screen recorder, converter, and more. You can use this recorder to save the Facebook audio in MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, or other formats. Here is the detailed how-to guide to recording audio from the Facebook video with Joyosahre VidiKit Screen Recorder.

screen recorder banner

  1. Install and open the screen recorder Install and open Joyoshare VidiKit on your computer. In this main interface, locate and click 'Recorder' and choose the 'Screen Recorder' option.
  2. Hit the drop-down menu on the first section to confirm the area you'd like to grab. Then choose Full Screen or the fixed recording size, such as 1920x1080, 1024x768, 1280x720, etc. You can also choose area to record by scaling the recording window according to your needs.
  3. If you want to stop recording automatically, click Autostop. Also, you can click the 'Preferences' button to set file output location and video formats. You can personalize cursor effects and designate the webcam as you like.
  4. Now click the REC tab to start recording. You can take screenshots, cut videos, and pause anywhere you want during the recording process.
  5. Click the Stop button to finish the recording. Then you can preview the recordings in the History window. You can name the recordings, trim the video, and snapshots in your way.


In this article, we introduce 4 ways to record or download audio from Facebook. If you need good audio quality and stable recording, you can choose the ViWizard Audio Capture. If you want a free recorder, you can try the online recorder of Apowersoft. If you need to record the Facebook audio on your mobile phone, then you can follow Part 4. If you want to record audio and video together, you can choose the Joyoshare VidiKit Screen Recorder. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the ViWizard program can also record audio from streaming videos, online meetings, online games, and social apps. Just select the most appropriate method.

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