Solved: How to Screen Record Apple Music for Multiple Devices

Posted by Adam Gorden on Sep 26, 2022 5:00 PM

For most iOS users, screen record is a perfect feature to capture what is happening on the device's screen for future use. However, when it comes to screen record music apps on the devices - like Apple Music, the task is hard to finish due to the DRM.

how to screen record Apple Music

In most cases, it's until Apple Music tells how a few clicks can screen record Apple Music on the device that we’ll find this out. No worries. We'd like to share some possible methods to manage to do that.

Part 1. Why Can't I Screen Record Apple Music?
Part 2. How to Screen Record Apple Music on iPhone
Part 3. How to Record Apple Music in ViWizard for More Devices

Part 1. Why Can't I Screen Record Apple Music?

screen record Apple Music

While the screen record failure is reported with more Amazon Music platforms after an update, chances are that some restrictions are included to limit screen record Apple Music.

In addition to the included restrictions, there's one more causes to the disabled Apple Music screen record - DRM. Most streaming music services - like Apple Music will encode their music with DRM to prevent further uses, including screen recording.

To remove DRM can be simple with some useful DRM-removed tool, but the ViWizard Audio Converter here can help downloading songs from Apple Music catalog at the same time.

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Part 2. How to Screen Record Apple Music on iPhone

While some Apple Music users have problems with the normal steps to screen record Apple Music, we've collected some possible methods to screen record it on the iOS device with 3 steps.

Step 1. Run Apple Music App

Before setting up screen record or screen record Apple Music, keep running the Apple Music app in the background.

Step 1. Set Up Screen Record

For starters to screen record audio on the phone, including the Apple Music audio, we need to add a new control to the Control Center.

1. From the Home Screen, open the Settings app.

2. Scroll down the Settings to Control Center.

3. In the Control Center, scroll down to find Screen Recording.

4. To add the Screen Recording to the Control Center, tap the Add button next to it.

Tips: Once added, we recommend to scroll up to the INCLUEDED CONTROLS section to change the order of the Screen Recording to the top.

5. Back to the Home Screen, from the top to swipe down to see the Control Center.

6. See the Screen Recording button on the screen.

7. Press and hold the Screen Recording button to see the apps that can access to the Screen Recording.

8. Back to the Control Center, tap the button to start screen record.

9. Leave the Control Center, now the things on iPhone device is screen recorded.

Step 3. Full Close Apple Music App

Since the screen recorded is set up to record Apple Music, there're some steps to continue with the Apple Music.

1. From the Home Screen, swipe up from it to see the Apple Music app. Pause on the Apple Music app's preview and swipe up to full close it.

2. Double press the Home button, repeat the steps to full close the Apple Music app.

Step 4. Start Screen Record Apple Music

Make sure the phone is still screen recording, while the Apple Music has been full closed.

1. From the Home Screen, reopen the Apple Music app.

2. In the Apple Music app, find the selected music content to tap it to screen record online.

Yes, now the Apple Music song is screen recorded with success.

Step 5. Stop Screen Record Apple Music

1. Tap the red bubble for a quick stop recording Apple Music.


2. From the top, go back into the Control Center, then tap the Screen Recording button to stop recording.

Step 6. Access Screen Record Apple Music

1. From the Home Screen, open the Photos app.

2. See the recorded Apple Music file, tap it to view, edit or share through Messages, email, or even post it to a supported social network.

Part 3. How to Record Apple Music in ViWizard for More Devices

We're confident that the detailed instruction above can help screen record Apple Music for iOS users. Or if the steps are tried with no luck, we'd like to introduce another method to record Apple Music but - with an professional tool - ViWizard Audio Converter.

As stated, ViWizard Audio Converter can help remove DRM from Amazon Music, download Amazon Music and save the lossless version. While the process to screen record Apple Music is limited to the iPhone device, ViWizard Audio Converter is available to Windows and Mac users to record their favorited songs into various audio formats - like MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, WAV and M4B. Once the music contents are added, it's simple to transfer them to more phone devices via a USB cable!

audio converter

ViWizard Apple Music Converter Key Features

  • Losslessly download and convert Apple Music for offline playing on any device
  • Convert M4P Apple Music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B
  • Retain 100% original quality and ID3 tags
  • Support converting Apple Music songs, iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks
  • Convert between DRM-free audio file formats
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1Add Apple Music to ViWizard

add apple music songs

Once the ViWizard software is open, it will launches the iTunes app to build a safe connection. In ViWizard, click on the Load iTunes Library button (Add Music icon) at the top menu to let it load all the music contentes in iTunes to convert.

2Remove DRM from Apple Music

set output format

To remove the DRM, several output settings should be adjusted in ViWizard. At the bottom, click on Format option to go to Format setting. For the output format, set it as MP3. You can also customize codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate here, then OK to save these changes.

3Record Apple Music in ViWizard

download apple music offline

Back to the ViWizard software, click Convert to start to record Apple Music in it. Once the conversion is complete, the DRM is removed from the music contents and the files are in v.

4Transfer Apple Music across Devices

Since there're the DRM-free Apple Music files in the computer device, it's simple to transfer it to the mobile device via a USB cable.


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