How to Embed Spotify Playlist on Your Website

Posted by Adam Gorden on Feb 8, 2021 3:35 AM.

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Adding music or sound on your web pages is a great way to spice up your website. And you can simply embed songs on the site from popular streaming platforms such as Spotify. Spotify provides millions of songs, playlists, albums, artists, podcasts or episodes for people all over the world. You can easily access to them whether you're a free or premium account.

If you want to embed songs from Spotify on your website but don't know how, you're in the right place. Here I'll walk you through how to embed a Spotify playlist on blog or website with step-by-step instructions.

Part 1. What Is an Embed?
Part 2. How to Embed a Spotify Playlist on Your Website?
Part 3. FAQs
Part 4. Final Words

1. What Is an Embed?

Before going further, let's have a clear understanding of embedding. Embedding means the integration of audios, videos, gifs, links, images, or other content from third-party platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, etc. into your website or blog. And it definitely looks much better than just a link. In other words, if you want embed audio from Spotify to your site, you only need to add a Spotify Play Button, a sleek, embeddable, little player, to your website. All your visitors have to do is to hit the "Play" icon to enjoy the track on your site, without going away from the page to the Spotify's app.

2. How to Embed a Spotify Playlist on Your Website?

Fortunately, you're allowed to embed a single song or entire albums, playlists that you want to share. Next up, we will show you how to embed Spotify music on your site.

copy embed Spotify code

Step 1. Launch the Spotify app on your computer and sign in your account with right username and passcode.

Step 2. Browse and find the song or playlist that you want to embed on the site, right-click it in the Spotify player and choose "Share" > "Copy Embed Code".

Step 3. Now go back to your site and paste the code on your blog or website in the HTML editor. Save and done! You can embed Spotify playlists on any website that supports Spotify iframe tags.


The following is the code I copied from Spotify and then pasted it here for your reference. You can now easily listen to Spotify playlist on ViWizard website. Enjoy it!

3. FAQs about Embedding Spotify Music

1. What does 'Copy Embed Code' mean?

A: By clicking on the 'Copy Embed Code', it means that you've taken a piece of HTML code from Spotify. Spotify provides you some embed code customized with the audio you want. You can simply click a button to copy that code automatically, and then put it on your own website that supports Spotify iframe. If you want to embed an audio, video or other third-party widget on your site, you can do it.

2. How to customize the look and feel of the music player?

A: The default large size of the player is 300*380, and compact size is 300*80. If you don't like it, you can edit the width and height code (width="xxx" height="xxx") with appropriate number such as 650*380.

The default position is left-justified. You can also put the player at the center of the page by adding the right code, such as 'style="text-align:center"'.

4. Final Words & Bonus Tip

The method to add Spotify playlist to your website is very simple, isn't it? If your website supports Spotify code, you can now have a try! Furthermore, you can also have freedom to customize the Spotify player and make it look better on your site.

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spotify music converter

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