How to Get Spotify on Sony Bravia TV? Fixed!

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As a mainstream in streaming music, Spotify is expanding its service to different fields including smart speakers, audio streamers, wearables, game consoles, smart TVs, and more. Now Spotify music users have the right to download and use the Spotify app on Sony Bravia TV with Android TV OS as Spotify brings its streaming service to this kind of Sony TV. For other Sony TV, you can use Spotify Connect or USB to play Spotify music.

In this article, we are going to talk about 3 methods to play Spotify on Sony Bravia TV. Here's how you can follow along.

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Part 1. How to download Spotify on Sony Bravia TV
Part 2. How to listen to Spotify music on Sony TV with Spotify Connect
Part 2. How to enjoy Spotify music on Sony TV after converting to MP3

How to download Spotify on Sony Bravia TV

You are allowed to play Spotify directly from your Sony Bravia TV as Sony TV with Android TV OS supports the Spotify app now. What you need to do is find the Spotify app from Google Play Store and install it on your Sony TV. To play Spotify on Sony TV with the Sony TV Spotify app, you also need to activate it. Here is the complete guide for how to install Spotify on Sony Smart TV and how to play Spotify on Sony TV.

1. On your Sony TV, go to Google Play Store and use the search bar to search for Spotify.
2. Tap the Install button to add Spotify app to your Sony TV.
3. After the installation, tap Open to launch Spotify on Sony TV.
4. Click the login with the PIN, and the activation code will appear.
5. Go to the Spotify Activation website with your phone or computer. Sign in and enter the activation code.
6. After you activate it, you can start to enjoy Spotify on Sony TV.

How to listen to Spotify music on Sony TV with Spotify Connect

You could access to Spotify library on Sony Bravia TV and stream Spotify tracks to Sony TV via Spotify Connect. Just perform the following steps to start Spotify music tracks on your Sony TV when you make Spotify connect to Sony Bravia TV.

spotify music to sony bravia tv

1. Launch the Spotify Music app on your mobile or tablet device.
2. Select your desired music tracks, playlists, artists, or albums.
3. Click on the Devices Available button.
4. Select the Sony TV.

Note: If the Sony TV does not appear. Make sure that the Sony TV and the mobile device are connected to the same network connection.

How to enjoy Spotify music on Sony TV after converting to MP3

The last method is to download Spotify music with a Spotify downloader. This is the best method for Spotify Free users, for Spotify Free users are not allowed to download Spotify tracks for offline playing. With the help of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter, you could not only download Spotify music to your local folders free but also start the free playback of Spotify music on Sony TV.

ViWizard Spotify Music Converter is designed to download any Spotify tracks, playlists, albums, podcasts and save them in MP3, FLAC, or other common formats at 5X speed. Here you will find the answer on how to download Spotify music to your Sony TV for listening with ViWizard. To get started, download and install ViWizard free trial software on your computer and then follow these steps:

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Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

  • Download any podcast and track from Spotify without premium subscription
  • Remove protection from Spotify podcasts, tracks, albums or playlist
  • Convert Spotify podcasts, songs, album, and playlist to common audio formats
  • Work at 5× faster speed and preserve original audio quality and full ID3 tags
  • Support the offline playback of Spotify on Sony TV, Apple TV, LG TV and so on
Download Download

To get started, download and install ViWizard on your computer and then follow these steps:

1 Drag Spotify music to the main home of ViWizard

add spotify tracks to ViWizard

Pull up ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on your personal computer and wait for that the Spotify app will be opened automatically. Then log in to your Spotify account and navigate to your favorite Spotify music tracks or playlists and add them to the main home of ViWizard by drag-and-drop directly.

2 Adjust the output audio format and parameters

set output format

After you upload Spotify music songs from Spotify to ViWizard, you could set the output audio parameters according to your Sony TV. You could set the output format as MP3 or other popular formats. You could also configure the parameter of bit rate, channel, and sample rate.

3 Begin to download Spotify music to local folders

downloading spotify music

Once all setting is finished, the downloading of Spotify music could be started by clicking the "Convert" button. Just wait for several minutes and you could get your converted Spotify music saved in the format of MP3. You could find them in the local folder by going to "Converted > Search".

4 Move Spotify music to USB or HDMI cable for playing on Sony TV

To use USB, you need to plug your USB drive into your computer for saving Spotify music tracks. Then you need to insert your USB drive to your Sony Bravia TV and click the "Home" button on the remote. The next step is to scroll download to the Music option on the Home screen to press the "+" button and select the Spotify folder to stream Spotify to Sony Bravia TV.

When you choose to use an HDMI cable, you need to plug one end of the HDMI port into your computer and get the other end to your Sony TV. Play the Spotify songs on your computer and they will be streamed to Sony Bravia TV.


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