How to Change Order of Playlists/Songs on Apple Music

By Adam Gorden Posted on June 25, 2023

apple music change order of playlist

Playlists are an essential part of our music streaming experience, allowing us to curate collections of songs for different moods, occasions, or genres. However, there are times when the default order of playlists may not align with our preferences or desired organization. This is where the ability to change the order of playlists becomes invaluable.

By having control over playlist arrangement, you can tailor your music libraries to your unique needs when using streaming music service such as Spotify or Apple Music. In this post, we'd like to introduce two different ways that Apple Music or iTunes users can change the order of your playlists. If you want to change the order of Spotify playlists, check another post:

how to change order of songs on spotify
Solved: How to Change Order of Songs on Spotify

Here we offer instruction to sort or customize to change order of songs on Spotify playlists on desktop and mobile. Come here to check!

Part 1. How to Sort Apple Music Playlists

You can decide how your playlists shown in your Apple Music library so that you can make this work as expected.


    You won't be able to customize or sort your playlists in the iTunes program. iTunes' Playlists section collect all your playlists and display them alphabetically by default.

For iPhone/iPad/Android:

ios music playlists sort by

Step 1. On your iOS device such as iPhone or iPad, open the Music app.

Step 2. Choose the Library tab.

Step 3. Select the Playlists section.

Step 4. In the Playlists view, tap on the ↓↑ (Arrow down or up icon) icon to open the "Sort by" context menu.

Step 5. Choose how you want to view your playlists according to Recently Added, Recently Played, Recently Updated, Playlist Type, or Title (Alphabetical).

Step 6. You can then play your playlist and the new order should apply for it.

Part 2. How to Customize Apple Music Playlist Songs

If you want to customize the order of your playlist songs, the traditional drag-and-drop should work fine.

For Windows/Mac:

Step 1. On your Windows PC or Mac computer, open the iTunes or Music app.

Step 2. Go to the Playlists section in the sidebar, and select the playlist where you want to customize the order.

Step 3. To customize the order of your playlist, make sure you currently have enabled "Playlist Order" as the sorting option from the "Sort By" menu. You can use the View > Sort By and check for this setting.

Step 4. Return to your playlist and drag individual or multiple songs. To select multiple songs, press Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) and select as many songs as you want. For recognition, see the line and the number would also appear.

itunes playlist order drag and drop

Step 5. Drop the selected song(s) to the desired position.

Part 3. How to Sort Apple Music Playlist Songs

Apple Music let you sort your Apple Music playlists with a few provided options.

For Windows/Mac:

itunes view sort by

Step 1. On your Windows PC or Mac computer, open the iTunes app.

Step 2. Head over to the playlist where you want to change the order of songs under Playlists section in the sidebar.

Step 3. When the playlist is shown on the screen, choose View from the top menu > Sort By, and choose an option.

Step 4. You can choose from Playlist Order, Name, Genre, Year, Artist, Album and Time.

mac music view sort by

Step 5. On computer you can also choose to apply either the ascending or descending order to your playlist.

If you want to change the order of multiple playlists at a time, you can speed things up by showing the view options.

Step 1. In iTunes on your PC or Mac, choose View > Show View Options. This will open the view options menu.

itunes view show view options

Step 2. You can use the "Sort By" context menu to sort any playlist from the pop-up there.

Step 3. To set this order for other playlists, select them in the sidebar.

For iPhone/iPad/Android:

ios music playlist songs sort by

Step 1. On your Android or iOS device, open the Apple Music app.

Step 2. Choose the Library tab > Playlists, and then head over to find your playlist where you want to change the order of songs.

Step 3. When you are viewing the playlist songs, tap on the ↓↑ (Arrow down or up icon) icon to open the "Sort by" context menu.

Step 4. Choose how you want to sort your songs there according to Playlist Order, Title, Artist, Album, or Release Date. For example, if you would like to sort your songs alphabetically, choose "Title". Or if you want to remain the way that you add songs to your playlist, choose "Playlist Order".

Part 4. How to Download Apple Music Playlists to MP3s

In most cases you would need to transfer your favorite Apple Music playlists to your other devices, such as your iPad but fail to do so, as they're protected by Apple's digital rights management. Then you'll need to download music files directly from Apple Music by using a third-party tool called ViWizard Audio Converter.

ViWizard Audio Converter is designed for Apple Music users to download a variety of contents into playable music files, including MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, AAC, and FLAC. You can convert and download Apple Music, iTunes Music, files, podcasts, audiobooks, and even the Audible audiobooks you sync with iTunes. All you need is the ViWizard app for Apple Music and your Apple ID, then you can enjoy your Apple Music anytime, anywhere.

audio converter

Key Features of ViWizard Audio Converter

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  • Convert songs, albums, and playlists from Apple Music to MP3
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Whether it's optimizing playlist flow, creating a customized sequence for a special event, or simply satisfying one's sense of organization, the ability to sort and customize playlists on Apple Music empowers you to create a music library that reflects your individual taste and style. Feel free to come back to check any updated news.

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