How to Play Audible/iTunes Audiobooks on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Updated by Adam Gorden on Jun 30, 2022 1:55 PM

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is neck and neck with Apple Watch Series 4 in many aspects. However, when it comes to the audiobook listening feature, the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active seem to lag behind the competition. Listening to audiobooks on the wearable device when you are jogging or working out is a new fashion because it is phoneless and it perfectly combines exercising and learning.

The light and dynamic Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is supposed to be the best choice since it is more than phoneless but it feels nothing on your wrist. Can you use Audible on Galaxy Watch? The bad news is, the Audible smartwatch app developed so far is only for Apple Watch. And if you buy your audiobooks on iTunes, listening to them on Apple Watch is, of course, a lot more convenient. Apple Watch sounds holding the upper hand on this. But, is there really no luck for Samsung Galaxy Watch? ViWizard Audio Converter will give you the answer you hope to get. No matter you want to listen to audiobooks on Samsung Galaxy Watch, ViWizard can make that come true.


What You Need to Play Audible on Samsung Watch
How to Convert iTunes/Audible Audiobook to Galaxy Watch
How to Upload Audiobooks to Galaxy Watch
Additional Tip: How to Control Audiobook Playback on Samsung Watch

What You Need to Play Audible on Samsung Watch

When you plan to get yourself a smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch should have a place on your list. Samsung is no doubt the biggest competitor to Apple in the smartphone industry. Now, Samsung is chasing after Apple in the smartwatch field. You can always see the Samsung Galaxy Watch Series ranks right below Apple Watch Series in every "best picks" list.

Pitifully, Samsung Galaxy Watch has not supported to the Audible app. We all know that the Audible files are encrypted AA/AAX files which can't be played without the Audible app. Hence, to play Audible audiobooks on Samsung Galaxy Watch, you need to convert the Audible AA/AAX to MP3. To ensure a stable conversion, we have selected ViWizard Audio Converter for you.

What is ViWizard Audio Converter? It is a dedicated audiobook converter for the converting of Audible audiobooks and iTunes audiobooks. It is able to convert audiobooks and remove the protections on them to make it possible to transfer and play on Galaxy Watch. The supported output formats of this tool including MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, M4A, and M4B. This converter supports 30X faster speed and keeping ID3 tags. For more features, you can try to use it by yourself to get. Refer to more details about ViWizard Audio Converter and the specific guide to stream iTunes or Audible audiobooks to Galaxy Watch Active.

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ViWizard Audio Converter Key Features

  • Convert Audible Audiobooks and iTunes audiobooks to Galaxy Watch
  • Convert M4P to MP3, WAV, M4A, M4B, AAC, FLAC
  • Remove the protection from Apple Music, iTunes, and Audible
  • Handle the conversion of audios in batch at 30× speed
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How to Convert iTunes/Audible Audiobook to Galaxy Watchh

Then you can follow the 3 steps below to convert Audible or iTunes audiobooks to formats that are compatible with Galaxy Watch.

Step 1. Import Audible Audiobooks or iTunes Audiobooks to ViWizard

add apple music songs

First, you need to install ViWizard Audio Converter and launch it together with iTunes. Before the conversion, please download the audiobooks you want to convert in advance. Then from the main interface, click the Add Files button on the central top and click it to add iTunes audiobooks or Audible AA and AAX files to ViWizard. Drag media files to the ViWizard window is a more direct and faster way to load files. If you are converting iTunes audiobooks, remember to authorize iTunes to play the audios.

Step 2. Adjust Output Settings

select format

After the songs are all loaded to ViWizard, open the Format panel at the left bottom to select an output format. Samsung supports MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, and WMA. Here we advise you to go for the most universal audio format-MP3 format. Next to the "Format" panel is the Output path. You can click it to relocate your converted songs wherever you want instead of the default folder. Format and Output Path are the basic settings, there are still many extra features for you to grope.

1) Under the "Format" panel, you can fine-tune the codec, channel, sample rate, bit rate, and quality of the audio files.

2) Use this magic stick icon can adjust the volume, speed, and pitch of the converted audiobooks.

3) This "Edit" icon enables you to tailor the tags and split the audiobooks.

Step 3. Convert Audiobooks to Galaxy Watch

convert apple music

When you are done with all the settings, you can press the Convert button at the bottom right to start the conversion. Once the conversion finishes, you can easily open the converted audio under the Converted History .

How to Upload Audiobooks to Galaxy Watch

Have got the converted audiobooks? Good. The next step is to import audiobooks to Galaxy Watch. Then you can play Audible books on Samsung Galaxy Watch for offline playing. There are 2 methods you can follow to import and play Audible on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Method 1. Export Audiobooks from Android Phone to Watch

The Active allows users to export the converted audiobooks from phone to watch. So, you can first transfer the converted audiobooks to your phone and then export them to the watch.

1) Connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth or USB. Transfer the converted audiobooks to your phone. You can also sync them to cloud storage and then download them to your phone.

add apple music to galaxy watch

2) Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your watch and tap Watch Setting and Add Content to Your Watch.

3) Then, tap Add Tracks and select the songs you want to export to the watch.

4) Tap Done to confirm the importing. You may get a notification to grant permissions when you are transferring audiobooks.

5) After that, pair Galaxy Buds with your Active to stream the converted Audible audiobooks or iTunes audiobooks from the Music app on your watch. Then you can enjoy Audible on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Method 2. Use Gear Music Manager on iOS Devices

If you are an iOS user with at least an iPhone 6 with iOS 12, you can use the Gear Music Manager on your Galaxy Watch Active.

add apple music to galaxy watch

1) Connect your computer and watch to the same Wi-Fi network.

2) Open the Music app on your watch and tap the phone icon to change the music source to the watch.

3) Swipe up on the Now playing screen, tap Music Manager at the bottom of the Library, and then tap START on the watch.

4) Next, open a web browser on your computer, and navigate to the IP address shown on your watch. Confirm the connection to your watch, and then you'll be able to manage your watch's music library from the browser.

5) Tap the Add New Tracks in the browser to launch a file-select dialogue box.

6) Choose the audiobooks you plan to add to your Galaxy watch and then tap Open. When the transferring is finished, tap OK on the browser and DISCONNECT on your watch. Now just start to listen to audiobooks on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Additional Tip: How to Control Audiobook Playback on Samsung Watch

You can control the playing of your audiobooks on the Samsung Watch directly. Here are the tabs you will use frequently for audiobook playback.

Volume control: You can use this button to change the volume level of playback of audiobooks.

Next track: Tap it to change to the next track.

Play or Pause: Start or pause the audiobook that is playing on Samsung Watch now.

Previous track or restart: Return to the previous audiobook track or restart the current track.

The Bottom Line

Because Audible audiobooks and iTunes audiobooks files are encoded files which can't be moved to other devices. So you need to convert them to a supported format of Galaxy Watch, such as MP3, for correctly playing. Now, you can get the trial version of ViWizard Audio Converter for free by clicking the download button. And whether you want to listen to iTunes audiobooks on Samsung Galaxy Watch, or stream Audible audiobooks to Galaxy Watch Active, you can easily manage it.

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