2 Ways to Play iTunes M4V Videos on Windows Computers

Posted by Andy Miller on 04/17/2017 2:14:29 PM.

play itunes movies on windows compupter

iTunes M4V videos are specially created for playback on Apple devices like Mac desktop, iMac, Macbook and IOS devices etc. which have iTunes Player. It is really awesome to watch iTunes HD videos at home in an Apple device. But sometimes we don't have a large amount time to enjoy them at home and usually Mac devices is used for home entertainment and Windows computers for work and business, so we may think if we can transfer them on non-Apple devices such as Windows 7/8/10 computers to relax ourselves in the spare time after work. Do you want to play iTunes videos on Windows devices too? If yes, you can follow me in this guide, I will introduce two ways to play iTunes videos on Windows computers.

How to Transfer and Play iTunes M4V on Windows Computers Easily

Like other Apple devices, playing M4V files on Windows 7/8/10 computers is super easy as long as you install the Apple iTunes player. To accomplish this goal, you just need to follow the 3 steps below:

1First of all, you need to transfer iTunes episodes from Apple systems to Windows devices. I would recommend to transfer iTunes M4V files through an USB flash drive. Simply plug in an USB thumb drive, then you can copy the videos from the iTunes folder to the USB folder easily. Next you can do it in the contrary way to plug in the USB drive to transfer from USB to the Windows computer.

2After that, you can install the Apple iTunes to your Windows computer. You can go to the Apple official website and click 'iTunes' tab menu, find and click 'Download' button to download it . When it finishes, you can double click the downloaded .exe file and follow the screen installation wizard to install it to your computer step by step.

3Finally, you can start iTunes and click 'File' -> 'Add File to Library' to import the M4V files to iTunes library. You will be prompted with a window asking for the iTunes account name and password during the process and please just input the value to authorize the files to the computer. In the end, you can click the video files from the iTunes library to play them easily.

Tips: If you don't want to go through the step 1 and 3 to transfer the M4V files and authorize the device, you can download purchased or rental DRM iTunes videos again from the iTunes store directly after installing the iTunes on Windows computers.

How to Remove DRM to Play M4V on Other Players Freely on Windows

Though it seems great to play M4V videos on iTunes without any problems on the Windows 7/8/10, sometimes it is not so convenient because it is limited to iTunes players and we probably want to play DRM M4V files on other players such as Windows Media Player, VLC player etc. Also, if we have more than one Windows computer, we are sure not want to repeat the same process to download videos or authorize new devices again. Is there another way to transfer and play M4V videos on any Windows desktops and laptops without iTunes freely? Of course you can. The reason why can't play iTunes without restrictions is that they come with iTunes FairPlay protection. To liberate you from this trouble, you just need to use TunesKit iTunes to MP4 Converter for Mac/Windows to help you remove DRM and convert iTunes TV series to a popular format MP4 for Windows. It is known as the leading DRM removal software in the world. If you want to learn how well it perform, you can download the TunesKit iTunes to MP4 Converter for Windows/Mac trial version to try it out yourself for free, you will be impressed for its powerful features and high performance.

convert itunes m4v to windows compupter

After starting the TunesKit iTunes to MP4 Converter, you can click 'Add Files' to load the iTunes M4V movies which you have downloaded from iTunes. Then customize the output format as 'MP4' which is supported best by Windows. Eventually, you can click 'Convert' to remove DRM and convert iTunes videos to MP4 format quickly. When you have already got the newly converted MP4 files, you will be able to play them on any compatible video players on Windows 7/8/10 systems.


From what has been discussed above, I think both are good ways to play iTunes M4V files on Windows 7/8/10 computers. In the first way, to play on iTunes player, it is a relative intuitive way, but you are limited to enjoy M4V episodes in the iTunes only. In the second way to remove DRM, though it takes an extra step to remove DRM, it brings a lot of advantages to you, you can really enjoy iTunes videos on any Windows computers with no hassles. The benefit will be obvious if you got many files to convert. So If you only have a few iTunes videos, it is OK to play by iTunes on Windows systems. Else it would be better to remove DRM and enjoy them on Windows Computers any time.

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