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When it comes to Halloween, most of us may come up with the scenarios full of awesome Halloween-themed costumes, well-made snacks, elaborately carved pumpkins, all kinds of spooky parties and more. During the scary night of Halloween, playing some creepy tunes could make the atmosphere more perfect.

In case you feel troublesome to find out the best Halloween playlists from a large library out there online, here we have collected some top-rated Halloween playlists on Spotify from creepy classics to essential earworms you'll actually love to play at your party with your family and friends.

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Top 7 Halloween Playlists on Spotify

#1 Halloween Playlist 2020

This is the latest Spotify playlist for your Halloween party in 2020. It contains 93 halloween themed songs and have been loved by millions of users. You can listen to differnet types of spooky Halloween music from Michael Jackson, Ghostbusters, Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Oyster Cult and many others. Some of loved tracks include Thriller, Black Magic Woman, Ghostbusters, The Reaper, Devil in Disguise, etc.

#2 Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Containing 100 Halloween songs, this playlist is full of best-known scary and creepy tunes from artists, like Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Warren Zevon, Nina Simone. The big titles in this Halloween playlists include Death and All His Friends, Thriller, Werewolves of London, I Put A Spell on You and much more. If you are looking for the one-stop playlist that covers all kinds of Halloween-themed songs, this playlist could be the best option.

#3 Classic Halloween Playlist

Unlike the #2 playlist that contains different types of Halloween music, this playlist appears to concentrate more on the Halloween classics. Featuring the classic Halloween songs of all time, you'll find soundtracks like Monster Mash, Haunted House of Rock, Mr. Ghost Goes to Town, Nightmare and more.

#4 Modern Halloween Playlist

This Halloween music playlist is made up of 39 songs on Spotify. It's specially made for you who are fond of the latest fashion trends, instead of the classic styles. Here you are provided with modern Halloween songs, such as Zombie by Jamie T, Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie, Monster by Lady Gaga and more.

#5 Spooky Halloween Playlist

This is an official playlist recommended by Spotify USA for your Halloween party. If you are hunting the tunes to make your party spookier, you can't miss it. Some great tunes like Halloween, I Miss You, Spooky Scary Skeletons are included.

#6 Sexy Halloween Playlist

In addition to scary, horrible, creepy, why can't Halloween become gentler, or in other words, sexier? Here we are talking about a sexy playlist full of the sexiest and spookiest songs, including Bad Things, Black Magic, Ghoster, Gods & Monsters and more to play at Halloween party.

#7 Disney Halloween

Wanna spend this Halloween night with your kids? You can't miss this Disney Halloween playlist on Spotify. This is specially for kids or adults who love Disney very much. It contains 42 songs, including both Disney-themed tracks like This is Halloween and other themed songs like Monster Mash, My Undead Mummy and Me, etc.

Tricks to Play Spotify Halloween Playlist Everywhere

No matter you are using Spotify free or premium accounts, you'll find it's difficult to play those Spotify playlists on different mobile devices, especially offline. That's caused by Spotify DRM protection. So if you are considering copying those Halloween playlists from Spotify to other platforms for playback offline, you are suggested to use ViWizard Spotify Music Converter that will help you easily download and extract any Spotify songs, playlists and albums to common MP3, AAC, WAV and other formats without DRM lock.

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