Solved: How to Clear Entire Queue on Spotify for iPhone

Posted by Adam Gorden on Sep 5, 2022 5:00 PM.

When it comes to music, it's frustrating that users know the perfect music queue but the existing listening experience is different to continue. One related function is about music queue on Spotify.

how to clear queue on Spotify for iPhone

On Spotify's supported platforms such as its app for iOS, users can make the full use of the functions and features to have the listening experience as expected with music queue.

In this article, we'll tell how to remove songs in queue on Spotify for iPhone and how to clear the entire queue on iPhone. For more users using desktop or Android, there are other exclusives.

Part 1. How to Remove Individual Songs in Spotify Queue for iPhone
Part 2. How to Clear Entire Queue on Spotify for iPhone
Part 3. Workarounds to Change Songs in Spotify Queue for iPhone

Part 1. How to Remove Individual Songs in Spotify Queue for iPhone

Remove Individual Songs on Spotify for iPhone

When it comes to clearing queue on mobile, iOS users are allowed to remove individual songs with some taps.

1. On mobile, open the Spotify app for iOS.

2. Above the menu bar on the app, find Now Playing section.

3. Tap Now Playing for a full-screen view.

4. In the new view, see the Now Playing bar at the bottom.

5. See and tap the horizontal 3 lines icon in the right corner to open the queue view.

Or if this option is not available:

5. Tap the "Next From:" in the top to see more options and then Go to queue.

go to queue button

In the new view, all the songs in queue under the "Next In Queue" or "Next From:" section are located to browse and control.

6. Multi-select individual songs to mark each will a tick in circle icon next to the title.

7. Tap the REMOVE button in the left corner.

remove from queue on iPhone

Now repeat the steps to mark individual songs … well, until all the songs here are selected and removed and the entire queue is also cleared.

From here note the difference between songs that started from "Next in Queue" or "Next From:" section in the view. While the steps above still work for users using iPhone to remove individual songs from queue, songs started from the "Next in Queue" section can be cleared with a tap on an available Clear queue button. Yes, this will help a lot for how to clear queue on Spotify iPhone.

Part 2. How to Clear Entire Queue on Spotify for iPhone

As it stands now, Spotify has improved the user experience with its existing features - for instance, the queue. There's one easiest method to achieve clearing entire queue with a Spotify Clear queue iPhone button in some regular mobile app updates. However, there are some works needed on mobile for how to clear queue on Spotify iPhone with the accessible button.

clear queue button on Spotify

Note: For better performance, make sure the app has been updated to the latest version.

"Next From:" and "Next In Queue": What's the Difference?

With the similar functions and features, the listening experience is also similar for users using a desktop or mobile device. When it comes to listening to songs in queue, the differences come down to the features and functions - not the platforms.

"Next From:" Section:

If there are no songs added to queue before, the queue keeps up with where the songs from - for instance, an artist. Songs start from "Next From:" section and the view will indicate the content source.

Next From section on Spotify app for iPhone

"Next In Queue" Section:

If the songs are streaming from the existing queue, the view will be indicated as the Queue and the songs here will start from the "Next In Queue" with an available Spotify Clear queue iPhone button.


Access the Clear Queue Button on Spotify for iPhone

To access the Clear queue button on iPhone, there're some steps for adding songs to queue before clearing them in bulk.

1. On mobile, select a content.

2. See and tap the accessible horizontal 3 dots icon to see more options.

3. Scroll through the options and tap Add to queue button.

Tips: Once added to queue, there'll be a notification: "Added to Queue".

4. Click the Queue icon to open a new Queue view.

Clear the Entire Queue on Spotify for iPhone

From here to repeat the steps to go to the queue view via a tap on the horizontal 3 lines icon or the horizontal 3 dots icon.

5. In the view indicated as "Queue", see and tap the available Clear queue button next to the "Next In Queue" section to clear the entire queue.

Note: If the view appears is not indicated as "Queue" but the a different content source, move forward with a click on the Play Next button to show the Queue view.

Part 3. Workarounds to Change Songs in Spotify Queue for iPhone

While checking out new features with an available app from App Store from time to time, there are some possible workarounds for some specific needs.

Pro Tips: How to Replace Songs with Different Contents on iPhone

Sometimes a simple replace of songs in queue with a different content source can save more efforts than to manage and control songs in the queue view.

To replace songs in queue, select a different content and stream it to make the songs in the queue view start from "Next From:" section.

Pro Tips: How to Change Orders of Songs on iPhone

For users prefer a changed order of songs using iPhone, we still have an instruction to make sure users can make the most of it to change orders of songs in lists.

Exclusives: How to Get More Control of Songs on Spotify for iPhone

Of course, this whole article is about managing the music queue and the songs in it well to stream them in a personalized manner, but the most important thing is about the control of these songs, even of the loved ones on Spotify.

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