How to Play Spotify on Fitbit Versa without Premium

Posted by Adam Gorden on Nov 16, 2021 2:26 PM.

Fitbit Versa is released in 2018 with features of Fitbit Ionic and more of its own. There is no denying that Fitbit Versa is a great smartwatch for its 4-day battery life, eye-catching design, and affordable price. For music streaming, this model has allowed Pandora, Deezer, and Spotify to join the streaming music group on Fitbit Versa.

It is not easy for newcomers to set and play Spotify on Fitbit Versa. In this post, we are going to lead you to 2 methods to play Spotify on Fitbit Versa with Spotify Premium or free with detail. Whether you are a Spotify Premium or Free user, you can find a solution to stream Spotify on Fitbit Versa.

spotify on fitbit versa

Part 1. Stream Spotify on Fitbit Versa with Spotify Subscription
Part 2. Play Spotify on Fitbit Versa without Premium

Stream Spotify on Fitbit Versa with Spotify Subscription

As a higher-end smartwatch, Fitbit Versa does allow you to install the Spotify app on it. You can pair your Spotify account to your watch to stream Spotify music on Fitbit Versa. At first, you need to make sure your watch supports Spotify. Now, Spotify supports Fitbit Versa / Fitbit Versa Special Edition Fitbit Versa 2 / Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition, and Fitbit Versa Lite. And you must have a Spotify Premium account. Then you can follow the guide below to play Spotify on Fitbit Versa.

1. Download Spotify App on Fitbit Versa and Stream

1. Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone. Hit the profile icon.

spotify to fitbit

2. Choose your Fitbit Versa and tap the Apps button.

3. Search Spotify and install it onto your watch.

4. On the Fitbit app, go to the Today tab > your profile picture > your device image > Apps.

5. Hit the gear icon next to Spotify. Then you can log into your Spotify account to play Spotify music.

2. Control Spotify Music on Fitbit Versa

You can use Fitbit Versa to control the playback of Spotify music on other devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers. You are able to play, pause and skip forward and back the playback of Spotify.

You can also like a song. Just tap the heart icon to like it and mark it, when you fall in love with a song during listening.

You can also play a playlist on Fitbit Versa. Just swipe left from the music control screen to see the 8 recently played playlists.

Note: However, there are also some limitations on Spotify on Fitbit Versa. You cannot use Fitbit Versa to play Spotify directly. You need to always use a phone or tablet. What you can do is only to control the playback on Fitbit Versa. Also, you have to connect to Bluetooth all the time. You cannot stream Spotify on Fitbit Versa offline.



Play Spotify on Fitbit Versa without Premium

If you do not have a Spotify Premium account or you do not want to bring your phone when you go running outside, you can switch to the second method, which enables you to play Spotify on Fitbit Versa offline without Premium.

You need to download Spotify songs to MP3 format with a Spotify music downloader and then transfer downloaded Spotify songs to Fitbit Versa. Here I will introduce a powerful enough Spotify downloader for you - ViWizard Spotify Music Converter.

This converter will download any music or podcasts from Spotify and save them in commonly used audio formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and so on. After the conversion, the downloaded Spotify songs will be saved in up to 320 Kbps with ID3 tags saved. Now please download the ViWizard Spotify Music Converter for Windows or for Mac free and check the user guide below.

spotify music converter

ViWizard Spotify Music Converter Key Features

  • Convert and download Spotify songs to MP3 and other formats
  • Download any Spotify contents at 5X faster speed
  • Play Spotify songs offline without Premium
  • Save Spotify with the original audio quality and ID3 tags
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Play Spotify on Fitbit Versa without Premium

You can follow this guide to download and transfer Spotify music to Fitbit Versa.

1Add Spotify Music to ViWizard Software

add spotify tracks to ViWizard

Just launch ViWizard software on your computer, which will wake up the Spotify desktop. Drag the playlists or songs to this software directly.

2 Choose Format for Spotify Songs

set output format

Then go to menu bar > Preferences > Convert > Format to find the 6 supported formats. Choose MP3 and tap the OK button to confirm your choice.

3 Convert Spotify to Fitbit Versa

downloading spotify music

Finally, choose the Convert button and it will run at 5X speed to convert Spotify songs. When it is done, go to the Converted section to check your downloaded songs.

4Import Spotify Songs to Fitbit Versa

Install and open the Fitbit Connect app on the computer. Select the Manage My Music button. On the watch, go to the Music app and hit the Transfer Files button to transfer your Spotify songs.




These are the 2 methods to play Spotify on Fitbit Versa. Just choose one more suitable for you according to the features and pros and cons of different methods.


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