How to Get TIDAL on PCDJ DEX 3

By Adam Gorden Posted on May 26, 2023

TIDAL is a global music streaming platform that brings DJs closers to TIDAL artists through unique experiences. And the TIDAL streaming music service is available as part of DEX 3 update. TIDAL provides DEX 3 DJs in-app access to over 80 million songs and 350,000 videos in various genres along with superior quality. Just make sure you have either TIDAL HiFi or HiFi Plus and follow these steps to load TIDAL into the DEX 3 browser.

tidal to pcdj dex

In this post, we'll provide 2 options for both HiFi, HiFi Plus subscribers and free users to use TIDAL with PCDJ DEX.

Part 1. How to Get TIDAL to DEX 3 with Subscription

Before getting started, make sure that you have an active Tidal subscription and have downloaded and installed the DEX 3.17 version or greater.

  1. Download and install the DEX 3 program to the Windows PC or Mac computer.
  2. In the PCDJ DEX 3 interface, locate the "Browser" section or panel.
  3. Scroll down and look for the TIDAL option.
  4. pcdj dex 3 tidal

  5. Once located, right-click on the TIDAL option > Log in/out.
  6. When prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your TIDAL account.
  7. Now open the TIDAL folder under the "Browser" section to find and click on the sub-folder called "Catalog (All Tracks)".
  8. On the side panel, all the tracks will be here to use for streaming and loading.
  9. dex 3 tidal catalog

  10. You can now load the TIDAL tracks into the Deck. You have 4 Decks on DEX 3, just drag a track to the Deck section to load it.

Part 2. How to Use TIDAL with PCDJ DEX without Subscription

With the TIDAL integration in PCDJ DEX 3, it's simple to access TIDAL catalog within the program for streaming and loading. However, the TIDAL integration is available for eligible subscribers. For users on the free tier, the best solution to use TIDAL with PCDJ DEX is to convert and download TIDAL music tracks to music files that're compatible with the program. You'll need a powerful TIDAL downloader called ViWizard Tidal Music Converter to convert and download Tidal music to the PCDJ DEX browser.

Best TIDAL to PCDJ DEX Converter - ViWizard Tidal Music Converter

While users cannot download Tidal music tracks within the desktop app, a powerful Tidal music downloader called ViWizard Tidal Music Converter can helps achieve the same outcome.

PCDJ DEX supports various audio file formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, FALC, AAC, OGG, and WMA, some of which are supported in ViWizard. You can choose to adjust the output format to either MP3, WAV, FLAC, or AAC within ViWizard. Within one click, the conversion will start and will finish at a fast conversion speed. During the whole conversion, the lossless audio and full ID3 tags will be kept with the downloaded music files, which ensures a seamless experience.

tidal music converter

Key Features of ViWizard Tidal Music Converter

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  • Download any Tidal content, including songs, albums, playlists, and artists
  • Support exporting Tidal music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B
  • Preserve a whole set of ID3 tag information in the downloaded Tidal songs
  • Handle the conversion of Tidal music up to 5× faster speed and in batch

ViWizard Tidal Music Converter will work as expected on both Windows PC and Mac computer that runs the Tidal desktop app, from which users can add Tidal music tracks to download.

Step 1 Add TIDAL music tracks

Open the ViWizard Tidal Music Converter and then the Tidal desktop app to access the music collection and Tidal's catalog. From the desktop app, drag and drop the desired music tracks to ViWizard's main interface.

add tidal music

Step 2 Adjust output format

Now click the menu icon and select Preferences in the context menu. Choose the Convert tab, and open the Output format menu to select either MP3, WAV, FLAC or AAC. After that, click OK to save.

select output format

Step 3 Convert and download TIDAL music files

Back to the main interface of ViWizard, and note that format should be adjusted to the selected one. Click on the Convert button and the conversion will start within seconds. After the conversion, all the music files will be downloaded and saved to the output format by default. You can click on Open to open the folder.


Part 3. How to Add TIDAL to PCDJ DEX

Now with the Tidal music files, it's simple to add them to the PCDJ DEX browser using drag-and-drop.

  1. Launch PCDJ DEX 3 on the Windows PC or Mac computer, and adjust the size of the window.
  2. Open Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows) and navigate to the folder that stores the TIDAL music files.
  3. Make sure both the Finder/Explorer window and DEX window are on the same screen, then drag and drop the desired music files to the DEX Library or a Deck.
  4. PCDJ DEX will scan the folders and files and import them to its library.
  5. Once the import is complete, you can access these Tidal music files within the browser.
  6. pcdj dex 3 import music files

  7. To load the file into the Deck, drag and drop the desired music file to a Deck.


Since TIDAL is integrated in DEX 3, DEX 3 DJs can access their tracks within the program. However, this integration is available with an eligible subscription. To use Tidal music tracks with DEX 3 without subscription, consider using ViWizard Tidal Music Converter to download the music files and import them to the browser offline!

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