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Posted by Adam Gorden on May 30, 2022 10:40 AM

Q: Hello, I bought a BMW recently. I like playing music in driving, so I want to know how to get Apple Music BMW. Can anyone help? Thanks advanced.

When you are on a long trip driving, you may feel boring. Here you need some music to cheer you up. Apple Music, one of the most popular music streaming services, is compatible with many devices. Do you know how to use Apple Music BMW? BMW has supported playing Apple Music. You can use Apple Music with Apple CarPlay on BMW within simple steps. Today we will tell you 2 tips about Apple Music BMW. Just follow this article and you will find all the answers.

play apple music in bmw

Part 1. Play Apple Music on BMW with Apple CarPlay
Part 2. Offline Playing Apple Music on BMW

Part 1. Play Apple Music on BMW with Apple CarPlay

Apple Music is not a standard option. It comes as part of BMW ConnectedDrive. Your BMW must have an iDrive of 5.0 higher and it must also have a BMW navigation system. And your iPhone must be an iPhone 5 or newer and run in iOS of 9.3 and higher. Before we start, make sure you have an Apple Music premium account.

Step 1. Set up Apple CarPlay on BMW

1) Open the Bluetooth option of your iPhone.

2) Head to Communication on the screen.

click the connection button

3) Click the Mobile Device option.

tap mobile device

4) Tap the New Device on the corner. Select the Phone Calls and Audio.

5) Choose your iPhone and start to pair.

6) Finish the pairing confirmation on your iPhone.

Now you can use the Apple CarPlay on your BMW and the Apple Music app will show on the screen.

Step 2. Use Apple Music BMW App by Apple CarPlay

apple carplay in bmw

1) Tap the Music app on the screen.

2) Then log in the Apple Music with your Apple ID and password.

3) Click the song or playlist you want to play.

Now you may get BMW Apple Music and you can enjoy your Apple Music playlists on BMW. Be noticed that the Apple Music App will cost your phone data.

Note: You can also use Siri to control the music playback. Just press the voice command button on your steering wheel and say "Play Music", then Siri will play your Apple Music songs.

Part 2. Offline Playing Apple Music on BMW

Not every BMW is supported by the Apple CarPlay. When your BMW doesn't support Apple CarPlay, you can use this solution. Except for Apple CarPlay, you can also play music on BMW with a USB flash. But before that, you need to convert Apple Music from encrypted M4P format to MP3 format. Then you can transfer the MP3 Apple Music files to your car. To convert the Apple Music files, a strong Apple Music converter is essential.

To get the lossless Apple Music MP3 files, ViWizard Audio Converter is the first choice. This professional audio converter can convert Apple Music, iTunes audiobooks, and Audible audiobooks to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B. And the original audio quality will be kept after the conversion. To make your local library clear, the info tags of each Apple Music audio will be saved, you can edit and preserve the information like artist, genre, year, copyright and so on. Moreover, with the audio setting, you can adjust the output audio parameters, for example, channel, sample rate, bit rate and volume. You can customize the parameter depending on your preference.

audio converter

Key Features of ViWizard Apple Music Converter

  • Support the conversion of Apple Music to BMW with the original quality
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, AAC losslessly
  • Remove the built-in protection from Apple Music, iTunes, and Audible
  • Handle the conversion of audios in batch at the faster speed of 30×
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Steps to Convert Apple Music to MP3 for Offline Playing on BMW

To tell you how to convert Apple Music to MP3, we will show you the detailed steps of converting Apple Music to MP3 with ViWizard. You can click the download button as above to download and install the ViWizard Audio Converter on your Windows or Mac computer. And make sure you have downloaded the iTunes app on your Windows PC. Now, let's dive in.

1Import the Apple Music You Need to the Tool

add apple music files

On your PC, launch ViWizard Apple Music Converter. When you click the Load iTunes Library button, a pop-up box with your iTunes library will open, then you need to select Apple Music from your library. You may also add music by dragging and dropping them from the local folder.

2Choose Output Format and Set Parameters

set output format to mp3

Now, in the converter window's left corner, select Format. Then select your preferred export format, such as MP3. You may also customize the audio quality by changing the codec, channel, bit rate, and sample rate to meet your specific requirements. Finally, click OK to preserve your changes.

3Begin to Convert Apple Music to BMW

export and save apple music

Then, in the bottom right, select the Convert button, and ViWizard will begin downloading and converting Apple Music to MP3 or other formats. After downloading Apple Music offline, click the Converted button to receive the unprotected Apple Music songs and transfer them to any device and player.

4Transfer Apple Music to BMW with a USB Flash

usb port in bmw

Open the folder with the converted Apple Music files on your computer. Then, plug in a USB flash and copy and paste the Apple Music files from your computer to the USB flash. Then Plug in the USB flash to your BMW. You can now listen to the Apple Music files on your car.


If you are reading this part, you may already know how to finish Apple Music BMW connected. The first way is to connect Apple Music to BMW with Apple CarPlay. But this way is not working for all BMW cars and it will cost your phone data. So the better solution is to use ViWizard Audio Converter to convert Apple Music to MP3. When the conversion is over, you can get Apple Music in MP3 format. Then you can easily play these Apple Music files on any device you like.

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