How to Play Apple Music on Samsung Watch (All Series)

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How can I stream Apple Music to Samsung Galaxy Watch Active? So I just got this and I would like to have my music playing on my watch at games. How can I do this? -- a Galaxy watch user from Reddit

When you think of a smartwatch, what will you think of except for Apple Watch? I assume Samsung shall be one of the brands you would put into your consideration. Galaxy Watch is the flagship product of Samsung's wearable devices. Nonetheless, Galaxy Watch still has its limitations. One of the most troublesome defects is that they do not support Apple Music and many other streaming music services.

Surely Galaxy Watch has support for music, however, the only available music streaming service is Spotify. How can Apple Music subscribers listen to music on Galaxy Watch? The good news is that we have found a way to play Apple Music on Samsung Galaxy Watch. We can make good use of the Music Storage feature to play Apple Music on Galaxy Watch. To stream Apple Music to Samsung Galaxy Watch wirelessly and phoneless when you are running or working out, basically, you need to store your Apple Music songs on the Galaxy Watch. The guide below will explain how to do so in detail.

play apple music on samsung watch

Part 1. How to Make Apple Music Playable on Galaxy Watch
Part 2. How to Sync Converted Apple Music to Galaxy Watch
Part 3. Additional Tip: How to Delete Music from Samsung Watch

Part 1 - How to Make Apple Music Playable on Galaxy Watch

Can you play Apple Music on Galaxy Watch? Yes if you find the correct way! The key to make Apple Music playable is to convert Apple Music songs to Galaxy watch supportive format. To achieve this, ViWizard Audio Converter is the necessary tool. This converter supports converting Apple Music, iTunes songs and audiobooks, Audible audiobooks and other audios to 6 formats (MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and FLAC). Among them, MP3, M4A, AAC, and WMA are supported by Galaxy Watch. The following is the specific steps to convert Apple Music to playable formats for Galaxy Watch.

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ViWizard Audio Converter Key Features

  • Convert Apple Music songs for Samsung Watch
  • Losslessly convert Audible audiobook & iTunes audiobooks with 30X faster speed
  • Retain 100% original quality and ID3 tags
  • Convert between unprotected audio file formats
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Tutorial: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with Tunelf Audio Converter

If you want to know how to use Tunelf Audio Converter to convert Apple Music in MP3, just follow the tutorial below. We will show you how to in a step-by-step guide.

Step 1 Import Apple Music to ViWizard

add apple music files

First, download ViWizard Audio Converter from the above link and please make sure that you've authorized your computer to stream Apple Music songs. Then, launch ViWizard and from the main interface, you will see three icons on the central top of the main screen. Here's what they for:

1) This button is for importing Apple Music songs, audiobooks from Apple Books and Audible to the Converter.

2) This one is to add other common audios to the Converter.

3) This is the converted history. When the conversion is done your converted files will be placed under this catalog.

So, here you should click the first button to import Apple Music songs to the converter. Or directly drag files from the Apple Music media folder to the ViWizard.

Step 2 Set Output Format and Output Path

select format

When you finish step 1, open the Format panel to select an output format for your audio files. ViWizard provides 6 output formats for you to choose from (MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and FLAC). Since the Galaxy Wearable app and the Music app support MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG, and WMA, in order to make Apple Music playable on Galaxy Watch, here please choose MP3, M4A, or AAC as the output format. You can make your choice depends on your own need if you have other use of the songs. Right next to the Format button, there is the Output path option. Click on to select a file destination for you converted songs.

Step 3 Convert Apple Music to MP3 Format

add apple music files

Once you are done with all the settings and editing, you can take up the conversion by hitting on the Convert button. Wait for a few minutes until the conversion finishes. Then you will see the converted audio files in the folder you've selected. If you don't remember which folder you choose, you can go to the Converted icon and use to locate them.

Part 2 - How to Sync Converted Apple Music to Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Watch allows users to export the converted songs from phone to watch. So, you can first transfer the converted songs to your phone and then export them to the watch.

Method 1. Add Apple Music to Galaxy Watch (for Android Users)

1) Connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth or USB. Transfer the converted audio to your phone. You can also sync them to cloud storage and then download them to your phone.

add apple music to galaxy watch

2) Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your watch and tap Add content to your watch.

3) Then, tap Add tracks and select the songs you want to export to the watch.

4) Tap Done to confirm the importing.

5) After that, pair Galaxy Buds with your Galaxy Watch to stream Apple Music to Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

Method 2. Put Apple Music to Galaxy Watch with Gear Music Manager(for iOS Users)

add apple music to galaxy watch

If you are an iOS user with at least an iPhone 6 with iOS 12, you can use the Gear Music Manager to transfer and play Apple Music on Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Active, Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3, Gear S2, and Gear Fit2 Pro.

1) Connect your computer and watch to the same Wi-Fi network.

2) Open the Music app on your watch and tap the phone icon to change the music source to the watch.

3) Swipe up on the Now playing screen, tap Music Manager at the bottom of the Library, and then tap START on the watch.

add apple music to galaxy watch

4) Next, open a web browser on your computer, and navigate to the IP address shown on your watch.

5) Confirm the connection to your watch, and then you'll be able to manage your watch's music library from the browser.

6) From the web browser, choose the Add new tracks button. This action will open a window to help you add tracks. Just choose the files you want to add to your watch and opt for the Open button.

7) Once the Apple Music songs are transferred to your smartwatch, do not forget to tap OK from the web browser and tap on the DISCONNECT button on your watch. After that, you can listen to Apple Music on Samsung watch without an Apple Music for Galaxy Watch app.

Additional Tip: How to Delete Music from Samsung Watch

add apple music to galaxy watch

If you downloaded the wrong songs to your watch or want to free the storage of your watch, you can delete songs you do not need from the watch. Deleting the songs from your watch will not remove the songs on your phone.

1) Tap the Power button and go to the Music app.

2) Tap and hold the song you want to remove to select it.

3) When all the songs you are going to delete are chosen, tap the Delete button simply.


Samsung Watch This method is suitable for all the Samsung watch series. If you use any other Samsung watch, you can always try this method, since they all support MP3 format. The key is to download Apple Music to MP3. And you can also upload converted Apple Music to any device that supports MP3. Why not download and use the free trial of ViWizard Audio Converter from this button!

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