How to Share Apple Music to Facebook

Posted by Adam Gorden on Apr. 14, 2022 2:30 PM

Sharing music is a great way to close the relationship with your friends and can also make new friends. Apple Music now is supported to be shared on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. You can share the music you like on social media easily. And your playlists will be listened to by more people.

But if others want to listen to the whole song, he needs to have an Apple Music account. When he isn't an Apple Music user, what should you do? The best way is to convert Apple Music to MP3 and then share the MP3 files with your friend. If you want to know how just follow us. In this article, we'll show you how to share Apple Music on Facebook with ease.

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Part 1. Share Apple Music to Facebook with Apple Music App
Part 2. Share Apple Music with Friends via ViWizard Audio Converter

Share Apple Music to Facebook with Apple Music App

Apple Music is a great streaming service for listening to music and you can get many exclusive playlists from it. To make sharing music more convenient, Apple Music now has built a partnership with many social apps. So you can now share your favorite music to these social media apps with simple clicks. If you want to know how just view the guide below.

share apple music

1) Open the Apple Music app on your phone.

2) Go to the song or playlists you want to share.

3) Click the Three-dot icon and then choose Share.

4) Swipe right to select the Facebook app.

5) Now your Apple Music will be added to your Facebook Story, you can edit the Story on Facebook to make it more fun.

Note: You can also tap and hold the music to reveal a Quick Action Menu, then click the Share option on your iOS devices.

What Should I Do If No Facebook on the Sharing Sheet

Sometimes you may not find Facebook on the sharing list. At this time, you need to add Facebook to the sharing list manually.

apple music share sheet

1) Go to the Apple Music sharing sheet.

2) Click the More button for more apps.

3) Tap the Edit button in the upper-right corner.

4) Find Facebook on the app list and click the + button beside to access Facebook quickly.

Share Apple Music with Friends via ViWizard Audio Converter

If your friend doesn't subscribe to Apple Music, you can share your Apple Music offline with an Apple Music Converter. Because Apple Music is in an encoded M4P audio format which can't be moved to other places. So if you want to share the Apple Music files with your friends, converting Apple Music to MP3 is the first step.

To decode the Apple Music and convert it to MP3, ViWizard Audio Converter is your best choice. ViWizard Audio Converter is a professional audio converter for converting Apple Music to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and so on. It can preserve the original quality of Apple Music. So you don't need to worry about the quality after the conversion. This smart converter allows users to tune the parameters of the output audio, such as sample rate, bit rate, and channel. And the info tags of Apple Music will be saved too.

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ViWizard DRM Audio Converter Key Features

  • Convert and download Apple Music for sharing with others
  • Strip DRM M4P Apple Music and iTunes audios to MP3
  • Save DRM-protected Audible audiobooks to common audio formats
  • Personalize your audio according your needs
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Guide: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 For Sharing with Your Friends

The best way to share your Apple Music playlists with others is to send the content. To send Apple Music files to others, you need to convert them to MP3 files before head. The guide following will tell you how to convert Apple Music to MP3 easily. Make sure you have installed the iTunes app and ViWizard Audio Converter on the computer (Windows/Mac).

Step 1Select Apple Music You Need and Add to the Converter

add apple music files

Launch the ViWizard Audio Converter application. The iTunes app will be available immediately. Navigate to your Apple Music library and choose the Load in Library icon to import it into ViWizard. Choose the Add Files icon to load the downloaded Apple Music files. You may also drag and drop local Apple Music files into the converter's UI.

1) add DRM-ed audios This Load in Library button is for importing DRM audios to the Converter.

2) add local files This Add File button is to add non-DRM audios to the Converter.

3) open converted history This is the Converted icon. When the conversion is over, your converted audio files will be placed under this catalog.

Step 2Choose the Output Formats and Parameters

select format

Go to the Format section after adding Apple Music into the converter. ViWizard features an audio editing tool that allows users to fine-tune various music parameters such as audio channel, sample rate, and bit rate to improve sound quality. Lastly, to save your settings, click the OK option. Simply click the three-dot sign adjacent to the Format panel to pick the audio output destination.

Step 3Free Apple Music with Simple Click

convert apple music

To begin the conversion process, hit the Convert button on the bottom. When the conversion is finished, click the Converted button in the upper-right corner of the window to see all of the converted Apple Music.


It's not so hard to share Apple Music on Facebook. After reading this article, you may figure out how to share Apple Music playlist on Facebook. If you want to send Apple Music to your friend who doesn't subscribe to Apple Music, ViWizard Audio Converter is the best choice. After the conversion, you will get Apple Music in MP3 files and then you can send them to others without hassle.

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