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Posted by Adam Gorden on Jul 14, 2022 11:30 AM

Twitch is a video site focused on live gaming, founded in 2011. However, it currently provides almost everything you wish to watch, including cooking, music, quiz, and - the most important content - video games. Twitch has attracted over 15 million daily active users on average as the platform has evolved.

Music is an important element in a video. If you are a streamer of Twitch, you may want to ask, can I play Apple Music on Twitch? The answer is yes. Today we would like to tell you how to play Apple Music on Twitch with ease. But you also need to know something before playing Apple Music on Twitch. If you want to know more about Twitch, just follow up with me.

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Part 1. What You Should Know About Playing Music on Twitch
Part 2. Great Tool to Free Apple Music
Part 3. How to Stream Apple Music on Twitch

Part 1. What You Should Know About Playing Music on Twitch

In its early years, Twitch went through a long period of confusion over music rights. Many copyrighted songs were played or used on Twitch without restriction. In order to control this confusion, Twitch introduced a series of terms and conditions for music playback.

1. Music Owned by You – Original music that you wrote and either recorded or played live and for which you own or control all rights necessary to publish on Twitch. Please keep in mind that if you have a contractual agreement with an entity that owns the rights to the content you generate, such as a record label or publishing firm, you should make sure that releasing that music on Twitch does not violate that arrangement.

2. Music Licensed to You – Copyrighted music held in whole or in part by someone other than you if you have obtained permission from the applicable rights holders to distribute it on Twitch.

3. Twitch Sings Performance – A vocal rendition of a song caught in Twitch Sings gameplay, as long as it complies with Twitch's Terms of Service.

In a word, you may only play songs that you own or that are not protected by copyright. You can listen to music from Apple Music, but only those that you own or that are not copyrighted. If you breach the Twitch standards, your stream may be muted, and all content including copyrighted music may be removed.

Part 2. Great Tool to Free Apple Music

Though we can't play the copyrighted music on Twitch, we can play some music without copyright protection from Apple Music. But we know that Apple Music is a streaming service, to protect their music, Apple Music is in encrypted M4P format. Apple Music encrypted M4P files are only playable with the Apple Music app. To remove the limitation, you will need a music converter to convert Apple Music to MP3 for correctly playing.

To get MP3 Apple Music with the original quality, you will need ViWizard Audio Converter. This app is capable of converting and downloading Apple Music to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, M4A and M4B with the ID3 tags preserved. It also supports converting iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks. This program allows you to convert in batches at a 30x quicker rate. You may also change audio parameters such as output format, sample rate, channel, bit rate, loudness, and so on. The following are the primary features of ViWizard Audio Converter:

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ViWizard DRM Audio Converter Key Features

  • Lossless convert Apple Music to Twitch
  • Free M4P Apple Music, iTunes audio and Audible to MP3
  • Download DRM-protected Apple Music to common audio formats
  • Customize and personalize your audio files as your needs
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Part 3. How to Stream Apple Music on Twitch

If you want to know how to get Apple Music MP3 files with ViWizard Audio Converter, you can follow this guide. Before beginning the conversion, make sure the iTunes app has been installed on your computer. And you need to click the download link above to get the ViWizard app on your desktop. Now let's dive in.

Step 1Put Apple Music into the Converter

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Simply start the ViWizard Audio Converter program on your PC after the installation is complete. Then, on the top menu, click the Music Note button to load the Apple Music files to rip. You may simply drag and drop your selected audio files into our Apple Music downloader.

Step 2Choose the Output Format and Parameters

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After importing the music into the application, utilize the Format option to select the appropriate output format for your purposes. To play Apple Music on Twitch, MP3 is a good choice. The format settings box also allows you to alter the output audio properties such as sampling rate, bit rate, channel, and so on. Finally, click the OK button to preserve your choices.

Step 3Start to Convert Apple Music to Twitch

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Then, to start the conversion, click the Convert button. ViWizard will begin ripping Apple Music to MP3 as soon as you configure it. After a few moments, click the Converted button to identify all converted MP3 Apple Music files and play them offline on any device.

Final Word

Can you play Apple Music on Twitch? Now you may know the answer. To play music on Twitch, you need to be careful with the music playing terms. If you want to play Apple Music on Twitch, try ViWizard Audio Converter. This music tool can free your Apple Music playlists, iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks. After the conversion, you can play the converted music on the device you like easily, such as a Bluetooth speaker.

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