How to Find Apple Music Replay on iOS/Android/Wins/Mac/Web

By Adam Gorden Posted on September 8, 2023

find apple music replay

Apple Music Replay is Apple's answer to the desired for a musical year in review. It's a feature within the Apple Music ecosystem that complies a comprehensive summary of your music listening habits over the course of the year. This includes your most-played songs, artists, albums and more. This feature allows you to do much more than simply listen to your favorite songs; it enables you to relive the moments, memories, and moods that accompanied your musical choices.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to access Apple Music Replay on various platforms, including iOS and Android devices, Windows computers, Macs, and the web. But first, let's understand the purpose of Apple Music Replay.

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Part 1. What Is Apple Music Replay?

Similar to Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay is an immersive feature within the Apple Music ecosystem that offers you an annual musical time capsule. It's your backstage pass to the soundtrack of your year, providing you with insights into the music that has been your constant companion throughout the year. Here's what sets Apple Music Replay apart:

Key Features of Apple Music Replay:

  • Provides insights into your listening habits throughout the year.
  • Allows you to access your Replay playlist anytime during the year for a real-time updates.
  • Offers a year-end recap with detailed statistics, including play numbers and total listening time.
  • Provides the option to share your Replay playlist with others or on social media.

apple music replay keep listening

Prerequisites of Apple Music Replay:

  • Apple Music Subscription: You need an active Apple Music subscription to use Apple Music Replay.
  • Apple ID: Sign in with your Apple ID, the same one used for Apple Music.
  • Listening History: You should have a history of listening to music on Apple Music during the year, and enable "Use Listening History" in Apple Music's Settings.
  • Updated Software: Ensure your device and the Apple Music app or software are up to date.
  • Calendar Year: Apple Music Replay is available for the previous calendar year, usually in early January.
  • Supported Platforms: You can access Apple Music Replay on iOS, macOS, iTunes for Windows and macOS, or the web.
  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is needed to access Apple Music Replay.

With Apple Music Replay, you can:

  • Get your listening history of the previous year in Apple Music.
  • See your top songs, artists, albums, playlists, genres, stations and the number of plays to them.
  • See the number of time spent listening to the top songs, artists, albums, playlists, genres, and stations.

Within the year's Replay playlist, you can get:

  • Play Top Songs of the Year: Tap on individual songs to play them.
  • Save the Year's Replay Playlist: To save the playlist to your Apple Music library, tap "Add" or click the "+" icon.
  • Share the Year's Replay Playlist: To share your Replay playlist with friends or on social media, tap the "Share" button and choose your preferred sharing method.

Part 2. How to Find Apple Music Replay on iOS/Android

Apple Music Replay allows you to rediscover your favorite songs and artists from the year. If you're an iOS or Android device user, follow these simple steps to access your Apple Music Replay.

apple music replay iphone

  1. On your iOS or Android device, locate and tap on the "Apple Music" app.
  2. Once you're in the Apple Music app, tap on the "Listen Now" tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Keep scrolling down the Listen Now page until your come across the section titled "Replay: Your Top Songs by Year." This is where you'll find your Apple Music Replay playlists from previous years.
  4. Select the year you'd like to explore. For example, if you want to see your top songs from 2023, tap on the "2023 Replay" folder, where you'll see your top songs in the 2023's Replay playlist that's updated weekly.

Note: Apple Music Replay is updated regularly, so you can revisit it throughout the year to see how your listening habits evolve.

Part 3. How to Find Apple Music Replay on Windows/Mac

If you're a computer user, follow these simple steps to get your Apple Music Replay and learn how to share it:

For iTunes:

  1. Open the iTunes application on your Windows computer. If you don't have iTunes installed, download and install it from the official Apple website.
  2. Sign in to your Apple ID account if you aren't already logged in. Click "Account" > "Sign In" and make sure you use the same Apple ID that you use for Apple Music.
  3. Click on the "For You" tab.
  4. itunes for you

  5. Scroll down on the "For You" page, and you should see a section labeled "Apple Music Replay." Click on it to access your Replay playlists and statistics.
  6. Here, you can explore your Apple Music Replay playlists from different years, see your top songs and artists, and check other listening statics.

For Music:

  1. Open the Music app on your Mac.
  2. Go to the "Account" in the Apple menu > "Sign In," and ensure that you're using the same Apple ID you use for Apple Music.
  3. Click on the "Listen Now" tab in the sidebar of the Music app. This is where you'll find personalized recommendations and playlists.
  4. Keep scrolling down on the "Listen Now" page until you come across the section titled "Replay: Your Top Songs by Year."
  5. Click "See All" to access multiple Replay folders, each representing a different year. You can choose a specific year, 2023 for example to view your Replay playlist.
  6. Within the Replay playlist for your selected year, you can play songs, add the playlist to your library, and share the playlist.

Part 4. How to Find Apple Music Replay on Web

apple music replay web

  1. Open your preferred web browser on your computer and go to If you're not already signed in, click the "Sign In" button in the upper-right corner of the web page and enter your Apple ID and password.
  2. After signing in, visit the Replay page (
  3. Click on "Get Started." You may also need to trust your web browser to proceed.
  4. apple music web trust browser

  5. After clicking "Get Started," you'll be able to get insights throughout the year, see your year-end Replay, and play your year-end highlight reel.

Part 5. How to Fix Apple Music Replay Not Working

While accessing Apple Music Replay is usually a straightforward process, you might encounter some common issues along the way. Here are solutions to address these problems:

Unable to access Apple Music Replay:

You're having trouble accessing Apple Music Replay, and the feature seems to be unavailable.

  1. Ensure your Apple Music subscription is active.
  2. Update your Apple Music app or software.
  3. Refresh the Apple Music app or software.
  4. Ensure your device has a stable internet connection.

Incomplete or Missing Listening History:

Your Apple Music Replay data is incomplete or appears to be missing some of your listening history.

  1. Wait for Apple Music Replay data updates.
  2. Ensure iCloud music Library is enabled and that your device is syncing with it.
  3. Ensure Use Listening History setting is enabled.
  4. Log out and back in your Apple ID to refresh your Apple Music library.
  5. Play a variety of songs across different albums and artists to let Apple Music accumulate more Apple Music Replay data.
fix apple music replay
How to Fix Apple Music Replay Not Working

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Part 6. FAQs about Apple Music Replay

Q1.What is Apple Music Replay?

A1.Apple Music Replay is a feature provided by Apple Music that allows you to track and visualize your listening history and music preferences over time.

You can access Apple Music Replay through the Apple Music app on your iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, Android device, or computer through the app or web. Simply visit the Apple Music website ( to generate your Replay playlist.

Q2.Is Apple Music Replay available for free?

A2.Yes, Apple Music Replay is available to all Apple Music subscribers for free.

Q3.What does Apple Music Replay show me?

A3.Apple Music Replay provides you with insights into your listening habits, including your most-streamed songs and artists of the year, your top songs from each year you've used Apple Music, and a playlist of your top songs overall.

Q4.Can I share my Apple Music Replay with others?

A4.Yes, Apple Music Replay gives your Apple Music Replay playlists from previous years and you can share the playlists and stats with friends and on social media platforms. Just click the "Share" button on your Replay playlist.

Q5.Can I download my Apple Music Replay playlists for offline listening?

A5.Yes, you can download your Apple Music Replay playlists, just like any other Apple Music playlist, for offline listening.

Bonus Tip: How to Download Apple Music Offline Forever

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