How to Fix Split Albums in iTunes & Apple Music

By Adam Gorden Updated on April 24, 2024

fix split albums in itunes

For music fans, Apple Music offers a flexible option, seamlessly combining its extensive catalog with users' personal music collections. However, this feature can occasionally lead to issues on one of its most popular platforms - the iTunes app for desktop.

Have you ever encountered the maddening situation where your neatly organized music albums in iTunes are mysteriously split into multiple entries? Picture this: you're in the mood for some uninterrupted listening, only to find that your favorite album is scattered across your library, disrupting the flow of your music experience. This common dilemma is enough to frustrate any music enthusiast.

When iTunes albums split up, it's frustrating for users to have these contents in order and maintain the same listening experience as usual. But fear not! We've collected possible causes and fixes for this iTunes splitting albums issue. What's more, iTunes users can benefit from this post with some exclusive solutions.

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How to Merge Songs on Apple Music

From seamlessly blending tracks within albums to joining CD tracks, combining playlists, and exploring advanced tools like ViWizard Audio Capture – we've got your merging needs covered.

Part 1. Why Are My Albums Split Up in iTunes?

You may find yourself scrolling through your library, trying to piece together tracks that belong together, wasting precious time and energy in the process. Whether you meticulously curate your music library or simply rely on iTunes to keep your collection organized, encountering split albums can be a major inconvenience.

Why does this issue persist in iTunes and iPhone's Music app, especially after the iOS 17 update?

Even after years of updates and improvements, album splitting remains an ongoing issue in iTunes and its counterpart on iPhones, exacerbated by the iOS 17 update. This problem persists regardless of whether the albums are sourced from your local library or purchased directly from the iTunes Store.

Causes of Split Albums in iTunes:

Metadata Inconsistencies: iTunes relies heavily on metadata such as album artist, album title, and track numbers to organize music. Inconsistencies or inaccuracies in this metadata can confuse the system, resulting in albums being split up.

Complex Compilation Albums: Compilation albums featuring multiple artists or tracks with different album artists can pose a challenge for iTunes' organization algorithm, leading to album splitting.

Issues with iOS 17 Update: The iOS 17 update introduced various changes and optimizations to the Music app, but it also inadvertently exacerbated the issue of album splitting for some users. While intended improvements were made, certain bugs or compatibility issues may have arisen, contributing to the persistence of this problem.

Same Albums Have Different Versions: It's common for the same albums to have different versions, even when users download the albums on other versions, if available in Apple Music. While this feature won't directly cause album splitting in iTunes, it's worth noting that users may encounter different versions of albums, leading to potential confusion.

Pro Tip: To explore different versions of an album, open Apple Music on your mobile device. Navigate to the album you're interested in and scroll down to find the "Other Versions" section. This feature allows you to select the exact version you want to own and can help group all the different versions of the selected albums in Apple Music, enhancing your music discovery experience.

Album Artist Files Do Not Match: Another sorting rule in iTunes that can be a possible cause of album splitting is the Album Artist field. If the Album Artist field does not match across tracks, or if the album is classified as a "Compilation," iTunes may split the album into multiple entries. This issue persists even when the Album Artist field differs from the Artist field, further complicating the organization of music albums.

Part 2. How to Fix Split Albums in iTunes

To address the challenges posed by iTunes' sorting rules, users can utilize various settings within the iTunes and Apple Music mobile apps. Here's a comprehensive guide to resolving split album issues and optimizing your music library organization:

  1. Check Metadata Consistency:

    Metadata consistency is crucial for iTunes and Apple Music to properly organize albums, especially on iPhone. Inconsistencies in metadata, such as the Album Artist field, can lead to album splitting issues. Here's how to check and fix metadata consistency in iTunes:

    1. On your desktop, open the iTunes app.
    2. Navigate to the Albums section under Music.
    3. Locate the separated albums and right-click on the album artwork.
    4. Choose "Album Info" from the context menu.
    5. itunes split albums album info

    6. In the Details tab, ensure that the Album Artist field is consistent for all tracks in the album.
    7. If needed, rename the Album Artist field for the individual album and click "OK" to save the changes.
    8. album album info details artist

    9. Once the Album Artist field is consistent, the separate albums should be grouped into one specific album.
  2. Use "Join Tracks" Feature:

    The "Join Tracks" feature in iTunes allows you to merge split tracks into a single album entry. Here's how to use it:

    1. Open iTunes and navigate to the album with split tracks.
    2. Select the split tracks that belong to the same album.
    3. Right-click on one of the selected tracks and choose "Song Info."
    4. In the Info tab, ensure that the "Part of a compilation" checkbox is unchecked.
    5. Click "OK" to save the changes.
    6. Now, select all the tracks again, right-click, and choose "Join Tracks."
    7. This will merge the selected tracks into a single album entry.
  3. Consider Compilation Album Settings:

    Compilation albums settings can also affect album splitting in iTunes. Ensure that the "Compilation" box is unchecked for non-compilation albums. Here's how:

    1. In iTunes, follow the steps to go to the Details of the separated album.
    2. itunes album split album song info

    3. Scroll down to the "Compilation" checkbox under Details.
    4. Uncheck the "Album is a compilation of songs by various artists" option.
    5. album album info details compilation

    6. Click "OK" to save the changes.
    7. itunes album merged songs

    TIP: This adjustment ensures that iTunes doesn't treat the album as a compilation, preventing further splitting.

  4. Manually Merge Albums:

    If the above methods don't resolve the issue, you can manually merge albums by dragging and dropping tracks into a single album entry in iTunes. Here's how:

    1. Open iTunes and locate the split albums in your library.
    2. Select the tracks from the split albums that belong together.
    3. Drag and drop the selected tracks onto the album entry you want to merge them with.

    TIP: This method requires careful organization but can effectively merge split albums.

  5. Remove Albums from iTunes:

    In some cases, removing and re-adding albums to iTunes can refresh the library and resolve splitting issues. Here's how:

    1. Select the affected albums in iTunes.
    2. Right-click on the selected albums and choose "Delete from Library."
    3. Confirm the deletion.
    4. Re-import the albums into iTunes by adding them back to your library.
  6. Delete Songs from iTunes:

    Deleting individual songs from split albums and re-adding them can also help resolve splitting issues. Here's how:

    1. Select the affected songs within the split albums.
    2. Right-click on the selected songs and choose "Delete from Library."
    3. Confirm the deletion.
    4. Re-import the songs into iTunes by adding them back to your library.
  7. Turn Off iCloud Music Library:

    If you're experiencing issues with iCloud Music Library, turning it off temporarily and then back on can sometimes resolve album splitting problems. Here's how:

    itunes general preferences icloud music library selected

    1. Open iTunes and go to "Preferences" (on Windows) or "iTunes" > "Preferences" (on Mac).
    2. Click on the "General" tab.
    3. Uncheck the "iCloud Music Library" option to turn off iCloud Music Library.
    4. Close and reopen iTunes.
    5. Repeat the steps to turn on iCloud Music Library by checking the "iCloud Music Library" option.

    This may refresh your library and resolve any splitting issues caused by iCloud Music Library.

Part 3. How to Convert iTunes Albums to MP3

While dealing with the frustrating issue of iTunes splitting albums, Amazon Music users may encounter similar challenges with their music content in iTunes. To effectively manage these contents and gain more control over your iTunes music library, consider using a powerful tool like ViWizard Apple Music Converter.

ViWizard Apple Music Converter offers a comprehensive solution for managing iTunes music content and ensuring Apple Music users have full control over their service. With ViWizard, you can even transform your Apple Music library into personal music collections, retaining ownership of your favorite tracks.

One of the standout features of ViWizard Apple Music Converter is its ability to download and convert iTunes content into compatible formats such as MP3, WAV, and AAC. This functionality empowers users to enjoy their iTunes music on a wider range of devices and platforms, without any compatibility issues.

audio converter

Key Features of ViWizard Audio Converter

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  • Convert songs, albums, and playlists from Apple Music to MP3
  • Remove DRM protection from Apple Music, iTunes, and Audible
  • Save the converted audios with the original quality and ID3 tags
  • Support the conversion of up to 100 audio formats to others

Step 1From iTunes to Add Apple Music

Launch the ViWizard Audio Converter and wait while it launches the iTunes desktop app. Once iTunes is open, it's simple to add music from it to download in ViWizard via drag-and-drop.

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Step 2In ViWizard to Set Output Format

Once the Apple Music is added to ViWizard, click the Format tab at the bottom to open the Format setting window. For output format, choose MP3, WAV, or AAC for iTunes or other compatible formats. Click OK to save this change.

set output settings

Step 3In ViWizard to Convert Apple Music

With the format setting done, click the Convert button to start the conversion. You can click the Converted button to browse the converted songs, then click the Search icon to locate the files on the device.

convert apple music to mp3


By harnessing the capabilities of ViWizard Apple Music Converter, you can take charge of your iTunes music library and enhance your overall listening experience. Say goodbye to the limitations of iTunes and embrace the freedom to enjoy your music collection wherever and whenever you please.

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