How to Set Apple Music Tracks as iPhone Ringtone

Posted by Adam Gorden on October 16, 2017 10:14:21 PM.

Like iTunes, Apple Music store also offers us easy access to any title thanks to the big music library it features. However, unlike the songs we purchased from iTunes store that can be used as iPhone ringtone without limit, it's no easy job to set the tracks we got from Apple Music as iPhone ringtone since they are protected by Apple's DRM policy. But you don't need to worry about it any more as there come a lot of DRM removal tools for Apple Music in the market. In this post, we'll share one of the best Apple Music converting tools to help you easily make iPhone ringtones from DRM-protected Apple Music by completely removing DRM lock from Apple Music songs.

Part 1. Remove DRM Protection from Apple Music

Now you meet ViWizard Apple Music Converter for Windows/Mac. It's a professional DRM removal solution specially designed for Apple Music users to easily unlock DRM protection from downloaded Apple Music songs from encrypted M4P format to commonly used MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc. After that, you can import the DRM-free Apple Music streams to iTunes and set them as your custom iPhone ringtones.

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Firstly, download the free trial version of the proper setup file on your Mac or PC and then follow the steps below to begin removing DRM from Apple Music offline M4P songs.

Step 1Add downloaded Apple Music songs to ViWizard

add apple music

Run ViWizard Apple Music M4P Converter and click "Add Files" button to load the M4P files you saved offline on your computer. You can also drag the songs from local folder to ViWizard conversion interface.

Step 2Set output preferences

set output format

Once the Apple Music M4P songs are imported successfully to ViWizard Apple Music Converter, you can click the Format option to load the preferences window, where you can select the output format as MP3 or others. The current available output formats supported by ViWizard are including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B. You are also allowed to set the other parameters, like audio codec, channel, bit rate, etc.

Step 3Remove DRM from Apple Music

convert drm m4p to drm-free

Now click "Convert" button to begin converting the DRM-protected Apple Music files to MP3, AAC, WAV or other non-DRM formats.

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Useful Tips: If you are looking for a more powerful audio tool that can not only convert Apple Music tracks but also other DRM-ed audio files, you can try ViWizard DRM Audio Converter for Windows/Mac.

Part 2. Set DRM-free Apple Music as iPhone Ringtones

After the conversion, you'll find the converted Apple Music songs are free of DRM protection so that you can follow the instruction here to begin importing them to iTunes and making the ringtones for your iPhone from the DRM-free Apple Music.

create iphone ringtone

Step 1. Open iTunes and import the converted Apple Music songs to iTunes library.

Step 2. Locate any song you want to set as iPhone ringtone and right click Get Info.

Step 3. Tap Options to set the Start Time and Stop Time of the ringtone.

Step 4. Click OK and right-click the song again and choose Create AAC Version.

Step 5. Drag the new 30-second version out of iTunes and into the folder of your choice.

Step 6. Delete that version from iTunes and undo the Start Time/Stop Time changes to the original.

Step 7. Open the folder containing the 30-second AAC file you dragged out of iTunes, then change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r. Double-click it and it immediately gets added to iTunes' ringtone library.

Step 8. Sync your iPhone to iTunes and the Apple Music songs will be saw in your ringtones list.


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