Everything You Need to Know When Renting Movies from iTunes Store

Posted by Dave Henry on 11/10/2014 10:14:09 AM.

Compared with the service of purchasing movies from iTunes Store, most people would prefer the rentals for they are provided with a relatively lower price but a same amazing picture quality. So in order to make the renting process smooth for you, we've gathered some of the most common problems you are likely to encounter when renting movies from iTunes along with the major restrictions of iTunes movie rentals you may not know yet.

Tools Required to Rent Movies from iTunes

You are allowed to rent iTunes movies from either computer or iOS devices. But before you get down to the rentals, you'd better pay attention to the requirements listed below to make sure the device you are using allows you to rent movies from iTunes.

For a Mac or PC, it will require the installation of iTunes with the version 10 or later. If you would like to rent the iTunes movies on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you should confirm those iOS devices are running iOS 3.1.3 or later.

How to Rent iTunes Movies from Different Platforms

Once you've chosen the proper device or platform as you like, you may begin to rent iTunes movies by following the two common ways below to either rent iTunes movies on computer/iOS devices or on Apple TV.

1. Rent iTunes Movies on Computer or iOS Devices

To rent movies from iTunes Store on computer or iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, you may simply sign in your iTunes account with Apple ID and browse the iTunes Store to find the movie you want to rent. Then you can click the Rent button beside it to begin downloading the rental immediately to your computer or devices.

2. Rent iTunes Movies on Apple TV

You can also rent your favorite iTunes movies on widescreen TV with Apple TV. After log into the iTunes Store from the main Apple TV menu, you can select the movies from the categories of Top Movies, Genius, Genres and Search. Once you click the Rent button, a confirmation message will appear. At this moment, click OK to continue downloading the rental. Please note that the 1080p HD movie content is available for renting on Apple TV 3rd generation only.

Restrictions of iTunes Movie Rentals You Should Know

Although it's convenient to rent movies from iTunes, there are still some restrictions on the iTunes movie rentals that you can't miss.

1. 24-hour Time Limit

All movies you rent from iTunes are protected by Apple's DRM technology, which imposed a period of validity to the rentals. That's to say, any movie rented from iTunes will automatically disappear from iTunes library when the rental period ends. You only have 30 days to keep a movie after you rent it. Once you started watching the rental, you only have 24 hours (in the US) or 48 hours (elsewhere) to finish it.

2. Limited Playback Devices

Besides, the DRM lock also makes it impossible to watch the rentals on any non-Apple-approved devices. In fact, all of the rentals from iTunes are restricted to be played on iTunes compatible devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Quick Tips to Get Rid of DRM Restrictions on iTunes Rented Movies

itunes drm removal

If you are annoyed by the DRM restrictions on iTunes rentals, you may now take your chance to remove the DRM from iTunes movie rentals once and for all with the help of ViWizard for Mac, a professional iTunes DRM remover and video converter.

As the world's best DRM remover for iTunes, it's able to remove DRM protection from iTunes movie rentals at 20x fast speed by converting the DRM iTunes rentals to un-DRM MP4 format with original video quality and audio tracks preserved. Once the DRM is removed successfully, you can keep the rentals on your computer or portable devices as long as you like.

For a detailed tutorial, you can visit this article here: How to Remove DRM from Protected iTunes Movie Rentals.

Windows users who want to remove DRM from rented iTunes movies should turn to ViWizard iTunes DRM Remover for Windows for further help.

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