How to Stream iTunes Purchased/Rental Movies to Sony Bravia TV

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Q: I bought a movie from itunes and want to watch it on my Sony Bravia TV. I have the adapter and everything is plugged in but i can not get a picture on my TV. What do i need to do to have the picture come through? The first time I connect the TV with my Macbook Pro, then I click to play the movie, the Sony Bravia TV acted like it can play it, but soon I got a black screen. Is there any special settings needed? Or is the Sony TV compatible with iTunes content?

Why We Can't Watch iTunes Purchased/Rented Movies on Sony Bravia TV?

Sony Bravia TV is a newly released powerful smart TV. You can stream beautiful video from your favorite sites like Netflix, YouTube and HuluPlus with built-in Wi-Fi5. Or you can also connect your mobile phones which is using compatible Android OS, then stream the content from Android phones to Sony Bravia TV. By adopting leading technologies, Sony Bravia TV can provide you with 4K ultra HD resolution for watching TV. It upscales all of your existing sports, TV shows and even YouTube clips with the 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine.

But why we can't watch any iTunes downloaded video with such a powerful smart TV directly?

The problem is DRM protection. All movies/TV show episodes purchased or rented from iTunes store are strictly DRM protected by Apple's Fairplay DRM protection. We can only watch the iTunes movies with Apple's products, like iTunes, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iTouch etc. But here I want to walk you through on how to stream iTunes DRMed videos to Sony Bravia TV step by step.

Best Way to Stream iTunes Videos to Sony Bravia TV

Remove DRM From iTunes Movies and Stream to Sony Bravia TV Freely

Yes, if we can get rid of the annoying DRM protection, we can stream any iTunes downloaded videos to Sony Bravia TV freely. The best tool we recommend to you is TunesKit iTunes DRM Removal tool.

TunesKit iTunes DRM Removal, as well as a smart iTunes DRM video converter, is such a perfect tool to remove DRM protection from iTunes movie rentals and purchases, and convert the DRM-ed M4V videos to plain MP4 format for playing on any other common digital players and devices besides Apple's.

itunes m4v converter

Why Choose TunesKit M4V Converter?

  • Remove DRM from iTunes movie rentals and purchases
  • Convert iTunes movies to MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.
  • Support up to 30X conversion speed
  • Retain original subtitles and AC3 5.1 audio tracks
  • Easy to operate with a clear interface
3,000,000+ Downloads
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Step 1Add iTunes M4V Movies

After download and install the TunesKit DRM Media Converter, you can simply open it on your desktop. Then click "Library" button, you can import iTunes DRMed videos to TunesKit from iTunes library directly. Drag and drop operation is also supported.

add itunes m4v movies

Step 2Set Output Audio Tracks & Subtitles

After imported the iTunes movies, you can select the output audios and subtitles by clicking the "Settings" icon listed behind the movie length. Of course, you can leave it as default, then TunesKit will retain the whole original audio tracks and subtitles for the output.

select output audio tracks and subtitles

Step 3Start to Remove DRM from iTunes movies.

Click "Convert" button to begin remove the iTunes DRM protection.

convert itunes m4v

After the DRM protection removed, you can stream the iTunes movies to Sony Bravia TV via Plex, Roku, Chromecast etc. Or just simply store the DRM free iTunes movies on a USB then Plug the USB to the Sony Smart TV directly.

Stream iTunes Movies to Sony Bravia TV With Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV or you are willing to buy an Apple TV with $100, it becomes much easier to stream iTunes movies to Sony Bravia TV. By connecting the Apple TV with Sony Bravia TV, and playing the iTunes movies via Airplay on your Macbook Pro, then the iTunes movies can be simply streamed to Sony Bravia TV.

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