How to Export Spotify Playlist to Text

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Spotify, as a popular audio streaming service, has expanded to most major markets including the United States, Canada, and Australia and gathered most of the music lovers around the world. It is primarily known for its music streaming service, which allows users to save their favorite playlists to their library on Spotify. If you have spent a long time listening to music and creating a collection of playlists on Spotify, you might want to keep a text-based record of them offline.

However, you will find there isn't an option via the Spotify app or any of Web Player to export the data of playlists in text form. In by now, you may be confused about whether there is a method to achieve this. So, what's the best way to export your playlists from Spotify in the form of Text? Don't worry! We have figured it out and sorted out the detailed method to save Spotify playlist with the format of Text.

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Part 1. Way to Export Spotify Playlist to Text
Part 2. Tip to Export Spotify Playlist to MP3

How to Backup Spotify Playlist to Text

There doesn't exist the function on Spotify to export a playlist as a text file, so you need to seek for the help of third-party. One of the best tools to use is Exportify. This is a stellar Web-based tool that can quickly and easily export your Spotify lists. This is idea if you want to import the information into a spreadsheet for instance, or just want a tabular record of what each playlist contains. From the CSV file created by Exportify, you could see some important details like artist name, track title, album, track length, and more.

Let's convert a Spotify playlist into plain text!

Step 1. Directly go to the website of Exportify. Scroll down to read this main page and use the Web API by clicking on the link at A new website page will pop up on the screen.

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Step 2. You can click the "Get Started" button and log in your Spotify account on the website page. Then you would grant Exportify read-only access to your playlists.

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Step 3. When the connection between Exportify and Spotify has been successfully created, some playlists you added or the ones you collaborated with others will appear on the website page.

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Step 4. You could click the "Export" button to export a playlist or click the "Export All" button to save a zip file which contains a CSV file for each playlist from your Spotify account. Track data is exported in CSV format with these fields including Spotify URL, Title, Artist, Album, Disc and Track Number, Duration, Added By, and Added At.

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Note: The CSV export uses the HTML5 download attribute which is not supported in all browsers. Where not supported the CSV will be rendered in the browser and must be saved manually. You can change the format of CSV file as Text file.

How to Download Spotify Playlist to MP3

Except for using Exportify to create printable song lists, you can also download your Spotify playlists to mp3 for safekeeping. Even though you have cancelled Spotify subscription, you can still access the content of Spotify playlist without an internet connection. What's more, you can transfer those Spotify playlists to your portable device for listening on the move or in the car.

To achieve the aim of exporting your playlists from Spotify to your device or taking control of all tracks in your Spotify playlist, you can use ViWizard Music Converter for Spotify to download and convert Spotify playlists to some ordinary audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, WAV, and M4B. The tool also can keep ID tags and metadata information of each track from Spotify such as artist, track number, year, genre, composer, and more losslessly.

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ViWizard Spotify Music Converter Key Features

  • Losslessly preserve original quality and metadata of Spotify music
  • Download all soundtracks from Spotify to MP3 or other plain formats
  • Get rid of all digital rights management protection from Spotify music
  • Configure all sorts of audio parameter like channel, bit rate and more
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To start to save Spotify playlist as mp3, following the steps below.

Step 1Copy Spotify Playlist to Spotify Music Converter

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Launch Spotify Music Converter after you have installed it to your computer. Spotify app will be opened immediately with the opening of Spotify Music Converter. Then you need to choose a playlist you want to backup and drag and drop it to the converter. The program will recognize the playlist you add.

Step 2Choose to Transfer Spotify Playlist to MP3

set output format

After the playlist is imported to the converter, you need to configure a collection of settings in this program. You could set the output audio format as mp3 or other plain formats like AAC. Otherwise, for better audio quality, you also need to configure the parameter of bit rate, sample rate and audio channel.

Step 3Start to Convert Spotify Playlist to MP3

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When you have done the above steps, you could start downloading and converting Spotify playlists to your personal computer. You need to click the "Convert" button to start converting. Once the conversion is completed, you can click the "Converted" button to check all the converted Spotify music. Now you keep these Spotify playlists forever no matter you are using a free account or premium account.


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