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spotify would be a good option for you when you listen to lots of music. It can bring together your favorite music services and join up listening, watching and sharing to connect to your musical world. Luckily, Spotify offers its service to which means you can scrobble Spotify directly to your Here we'll walk you through on how to scrobble Spotify with

Part 1. How to Scrobble Spotify Music with
Part 2. How to Extract Music from Spotify to MP3

Part 1. Official Tutorial on Spotify Scrobble to

1. What Is Scrobbling?

Scrobbling is the process of tracking the music that you listen to via a third-party app. Just in the time, serves as the function. It can work across your entire music collection and enable you to scrobble from your desktop music programs including Spotify and more. In addition, it also offers its service to Android and iOS users.

In order to scrobble, you need to make your music programs associated with your listening history to Then you could discover new music and build music collection, as well as offer fascinating insights on your musical tastes.

2. How to Scrobble Spotify?

There is an official way to connect the two services. Now you need to set up Spotify scrobbling through Just follow the below steps and you can scrobble everything you listen to on Spotify from any device with

spotify scrobbling

spotify scrobbling

1. Go to and log in.
2. Hover over your profile image in the top-right.
3. Click Settings.
4. Click Applications.
5. Click Connect, next to Spotify Scrobbling.
6. Continue to allow access to your Spotify account.

3. What You Can Get from Spotify

If you decide to scrobble Spotify using Last.FM, you'll have access to a few unique benefits beyond the main features that Last.FM already provides.

Local Spotify Files: The feature isn't reliable nor as useful as the Google Music offering. If it takes into effect, Spotify will let you add your locally saved files into the app. Then you could scrobble any locally songs saved from Spotify with

Offline Scrobbling: All the iterations of the app allow you to download Spotify music to listen to offline. Last.FM can scrobble the last 50 tracks you listened to while offline the next time you connect to the web.

Private Sessions: If you don't want Spotify to log your play history, you can enter a Private Session. If you start a Private Session on Spotify, Last.FM scrobbling is also suspended. It's a great way to prevent your Last.FM data from getting clogged up with kids' songs and podcasts.

Past 2. Extra Tip: How to Convert Spotify Music to MP3 for Management

In the process of scrobbling Spotify music to, it will give out all your profile information. In this case, your privacy and personal information will be disclosed to the network. That will bring some unsafety to you. However, you could download and convert music from Spotify to MP3 or other plain formats, then you could manage your music on other music management apps.

ViWizard Music Converter for Spotify is a professional and popular audio converter and downloader for all Spotify users. It can empower you to download and convert all Spotify music songs, playlists, albums, and artists to M4A, M4B and other plain audio formats losslessly which can enable you to manage your music with ease.

spotify music converter

Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Music Downloader

  • Download tracks and playlists from Spotify without premium subscription
  • Remove DRM protection from Spotify podcasts, tracks, albums or playlist
  • Convert Spotify podcasts, songs, album, and playlist to plain audio formats
  • Work at 5× faster speed and preserve original audio quality and ID3 tags
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1Add Spotify Music to ViWizard

add spotify tracks to ViWizard

Launch ViWizard on your computer and wait for the automatic opening of Spotify. Go to your library on Spotify and add your required Spotify music to ViWizard by drag-and-drop.

2Configure the audio parameters

set output format

Then you can click on Menu > Preference to change the output audio format. From several audio formats available, you could set the output audio format as MP3. In addition, you could adjust the bit rate, channel, and sample rate.

3Convert Spotify music to MP3

downloading spotify music

Now, you could click on Convert button to start the conversion of music from Spotify to MP3. Then ViWizard will save music tracks you want from Spotify to your computer in the format of MP3.


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