Solution: Transfer Spotify Music to DJUCED for Mixing

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DJUCED is a powerful but simple to use DJ software that offers audio track mix, remix, PAD performance, scratch, and music recording features. It is designed to make mixing easier and more enjoyable, thanks to a unique graphical interface and ergonomic features. With its audio decks and effects, DJUCED is perfectly cut for the mix.

Spotify – a dominant force in streaming music distribution – offers a large music library for you to listen to, and so you might want to create your personal music tracks with DJUCED. It is possible to link Spotify to DJUCED? Spotify doesn't offer its service to DJUCED. Here we will share a good solution to mix Spotify music with DJUCED.

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Part 1. Best Solution to Download Spotify Music to DJUCED
Part 2. How to Download Spotify Music to Plain Formats
Part 3. How to Transfer Spotify Music to DJUCED
Part 4. Which Music Services Does DJUCED Support

Best Solution to Download Spotify Music to DJUCED

The audio format and its protection prevent you from using Spotify music on DJUCED. Therefore, the best method is to rip music from Spotify for mixing Spotify tracks with DJUCED, then you can use Spotify on DJUCED without any limitation. So, we do recommend you use a third-party tool like ViWizard Spotify Music Converter to save Spotify music tracks as MP3 or other common audio formats.

ViWizard Spotify Music Converter offers enough horsepower to handle the conversion of Spotify music format and the downloading of Spotify music tracks. With its service, you can not only download lossless Spotify music with ID3 tags for listening anywhere but also listen to nonstop Spotify music without ads even though you are using a free Spotify account.

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Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

  • Download music, playlists, albums, artists from Spotify without premium
  • Convert Spotify music to plain audio formats such as MP3, AAC and more
  • Support the playback of Spotify on DJ software like Traktor, Virtual, Pioneer
  • Work at 5× faster speed and preserve lossless quality audio and ID3 tags
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How to Download Spotify Music to Plain Formats without Premium

With the help of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter, you can get Spotify music as MP3 files or other common audio formats. Here's how to convert and download Spotify music to MP3 so you can play Spotify music somewhere like DJUCED other than Spotify.

Step 1Add Spotify Music to ViWizard

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Fire up ViWizard software on your computer and then your Spotify program will be automatically opened. Head to your library on Spotify, and then select the desired Spotify music you wish to convert and download. You can drag and drop Spotify music tracks to the interface of ViWizard for downloading.

Step 2Customize Your Output Settings

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Once you've selected your file, you'll need to configure the output audio parameters. Click on Menu > Preference > Convert, and select the MP3 option or other from the list of audio formats. In addition, you could also improve the audio quality by adjusting the bit rate and sample rate and changing the audio codec.

Step 3Download Spotify to DJUCED

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Once you're satisfied with your settings, click the Convert button and your Spotify music file will be saved in your required downloads folder. If you want to browse all the converted Spotify music tracks, you can click on the Converted icon to open the converted list where you can find all the converted Spotify music.

How to Transfer Spotify Music to DJUCED

Now, all music tracks from Spotify have been converted and downloaded. You can prepare to add Spotify music to DJUCED for mixing. You have 2 choices to upload Spotify to DJUCED. Transfer Spotify directly or use iTunes. You can upload Spotify music into iTunes first and then open Spotify music on DJUCED from your iTunes library. Don't forget to allow library sharing in iTunes settings. Follow the detailed guide to transfer Spotify to DJUCED.


How to Import Spotify to DJUCED Directly

Step 1. Launch DJUCED on your computer and tap the Finder button.

Step 2. Reach the converted Spotify music and simply drag them to DJUCED window.

How to Add Spotify to DJUCED with iTunes

Step 1. If you want to use iTunes to add Spotify songs, you need to add Spotify music to iTunes first.

Step 2. Then open DJUCED on your computer. Go to Library > iTunes to load the iTunes library.

Step 3. Select the Spotify songs in the iTunes library to add to DJUCED.

Which Music Services Does DJUCED Support

DJUCED supports Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, and SoundCloud Go+ as music sources. However, if you want to use them in DJUCED, you need a subscription to them. If you do not want to pay for an additional membership, you can use ViWizard Spotify Converter to save money.

Beatport LINK: Beatport LINK is the major source of music for DJs. You can access user playlists, top 100 playlists, curated playlists, and playlists by genre from DJUCED.

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Beatsource LINK: Beatsource is built by the collaboration of DJcity and Beatport. You can get access to user playlists, top 100 playlists, and curated playlists using this method.

SoundCloud Go+: Use SoundCloud Go+ and DJUCED to mix numerous underground and premium tracks. You can get access to free DJ Playlists, trending charts, your stream, your playlists.


To use Spotify music in DJUCED, you have to get your Spotify music converted first. ViWizard Spotify Converter is a good choice. After you convert Spotify to common formats, you are able to mix Spotify music with DJUCED easily.

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