Immediate Fixes to Amazon Music Can't Add Song to Playlist

Posted by Adam Gorden on Oct 5, 2022 5:00 PM.

how to fix Amazon Music can't add song to playlist

For the past couple of months, I haven’t been able to add new music to my library. Or even add new songs to my playlists. I’ve sign off and signed back in. No change. I’ve offloaded the app, and re-downloaded it. No change. I’ve even tried to send Amazon Music a message through the App Store, but it won’t even let me do that. "- Reddit

Same as in other music streaming services - for example: Apple Music not adding to playlist - Amazon Music won't add songs to playlist, which troubles Amazon Music users a lot.

No worries. We'd like to share some possible fixes to solve this problem. For starters, we'd like to renew some steps to add songs to Amazon Music playlist for desktop and mobile.

Part 1. How to Add Song to Playlist on Amazon Music
Part 2. How to Fix Amazon Music Can't Song to Playlist
Part 3. How to Manage Amazon Music Playlist without Song Limit

Part 1. How to Add Song to Amazon Music Playlist

Using Amazon Music app is proved to be the fastest way to add song to an Amazon Music playlist. However, adding song to playlist on Amazon Music is one feature included in its subscription. Please make sure the subscription is active for the later access to the added songs in Amazon Music playlist.

1.1 For Desktop to Add Song to Playlist on Amazon Music

1. On desktop, open Amazon Music desktop app.

2. Go to LIBRARY > PLAYLISTS, make sure there's a created PLAYLIST to add songs to.

3. Select a song or album in Amazon Music, then open the More Options menu (vertical 3 dots icon) next to the selection.

4. Select the Add to Playlist option.

5. Next in the new view, Choose a Playlist (for example: New Playlist) or Create New Playlist to add the selected song or album.

1.2. For Mobile to Add Songs to Amazon Music Playlist

Within the Amazon Music mobile app, it's simple for users to add song to playlist with these steps on iOS or Android devices.

1. On mobile, open Amazon Music mobile app.

2. Tap LIBRARY at the bottom.

3. In Online Music section, tap Create New Playlist under PLAYLISTS section.

From here to name the new playlist, tap Save to create a new playlist.

4. Still, go to a song or album to tap the vertical 3 dots icon.

5. Tap Add to Playlist, then select a Playlist or Create New Playlist.

1.3 For Web to Add Songs to Amazon Music Playlist

While the Amazon Music apps are encouraged to be used, long-time Amazon Music web users still can add song to playlist on Amazon Music Web Player, which is a similar process.

It's hard not to mention if the steps have been tried on the Amazon Music app, the playlists with the added song or album are safe on Amazon Music Web Player.

1.4 For Echo Device to Add Songs to Amazon Music Playlist

If the echo device - like Alexa is familiar, you can add an Amazon Music song to playlist using this voice command: "Alexa, add [song] to [playlist name]." It's a short process.

Part 2. How to Fix Amazon Music Can't Add Song to Playlist

If Amazon Music won't add songs to playlist as the steps have been tried above or the issue just comes up with no reason, there're some common fixes like to force stop the Amazon Music app, clear Amazon Music cache, reinstall the Amazon Music app, which is a familiar process. However, we'd like to recommend using the fixes here.

2.1 Check Playlist Songs Limit

Please keep in mind that Amazon Music Playlist have a 2500 song limits , please go to the playlist to see whether no more songs will be added because of this limit. If the songs are beyond this limit, Amazon Music won't add songs to the playlist. Please manage the problematic Amazon Music playlist by deleting some of the songs in it.

2.2 Check Amazon Music Services

What comes with the Amazon Music Playlist is the music titles - "Prime" or "Unlimited" , which require an active subscription to access them. If the Amazon Music services, aka Amazon Music subscriptions are no longer existing, Amazon Music can't add song to playlist, even for the purchased on Amazon.

2.3 Switch off Online Mode

If on the offline mode, Amazon Music can't add song to playlist, either from Amazon Music services or an SD card. You need to switch off the offline mode.

For iOS devices to switch off online mode, tap the 3 dots icon to open Amazon Music Options > From there > Offline Music Mode, then switch off online mode. For Android devices to fix this Amazon Music can't add song to playlist issue, from the bottom menu to go to MY MUSIC > Online Music in the app menu.

Part 3. How to Manage Amazon Music Playlist without Song Limit

While Amazon Music playlists have a 2500 song limits, there's an additional method to add music from Amazon to playlist without this limit - download songs from Amazon Music to personal device!

While the Amazon Music downloads are encoded with DRM, there's a powerful Amazon Music to MP3 converter - ViWizard Amazon Music Converter - to help Amazon Music users download and convert music from Amazon to more formats, including MP3, M4A, M4B. AAC, WAV or FLAC. What's more, the listening experience will kept the same in Amazon Music app with the bit rate of standard 256Kbps or HD Music's 320Kbps.

amazon music converter

Key Features of ViWizard Amazon Music Converter

  • Download songs from Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, and HD Music
  • Convert Amazon Music songs to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, FLAC, and WAV
  • Retain the original ID3 tags and lossless audio quality of Amazon Music
  • Support customizing the output audio parameters for Amazon Music
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Step 1Add Amazon Music to ViWizard

add amazon music songs

On Windows or Mac, run the correct version of this ViWizard software. Wait when it launches or relaunches the Amazon Music desktop app for a safe conversion. From Amazon Music desktop app to ViWizard software, you can add music contents via drags-and-drops or the related links.

Step 2Set Amazon Music as MP3

select the output format

To set Amazon Music as MP3, return to ViWizard to open its app menu at the top to go to Preferences. In the pop-up, click Converted then set the output format as MP3 for the DRM-encoded Amazon Music contents. Don't forget to save this change with the OK button.

Step 3Convert Amazon Music into MP3

convert amazon music

Now click the Convert button at the bottom of the ViWizard software. Wait when it converts all the added Amazon Music into MP3s at a 5x super faster speed. Once the conversion completes, a folder will pop up to browse all the converted Amazon Music in MP3!

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