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Posted by Adam Gorden on May 28, 2018 19:14:05 PM.

apple music on linux

"I need to get access to Apple Music on Linux as I just abandoned the Windows OS. But it appears that iTunes is in no way supported for Linux yet? I've searched around but didn't find a very simple nor clear step-by-step guide to get iTunes installed on Linux. Could you advise please?"

Are you looking for an easy solution to listen to Apple Music on Linux too? Read on this article and we'll introduce the best ways in details to enable you play iTunes and Apple Music in Linux quickly and easily.

iTunes, Apple Music and Linux: What You Should Know

As the largest online media store, iTunes has already become one of the most popular streaming music managers for both Mac and Windows users to enjoy Apple Music from millions of catalogs. However, unlike its competitor Spotify who already introduced native Linux client for Spotify a while back, Apple hasn't shown any interest to support iTunes on Linux yet. Therefore, it's difficult to play Apple Music songs on Linux.

Don't panic, though. Even without native support, it doesn't mean you can't get iTunes on Linux at all. On this occasion, you need to do more tricks in order to enjoy iTunes Apple Music in Linux. How? There are two most popular methods you should try.

Solution 1. Listen to Apple Music on Linux by Installing iTunes via VM

The most direct way to get Apple Music on Linux is installing iTunes through virtual machine like WINE or VirtualBox. The following guide will show you how to get iTunes installed on Linux step by step.

wine on linux

1) Getting iTunes in Linux via WINE

Step 1. Install WINE on Linux.

Step 2. Check if your version of Linux needs any extras installed to support iTunes or its files. PlayOnLinux is a common tool that used in such as situation.

Step 3. Install iTunes on WINE.

Step 4. Once installed, open iTunes and log into your account. Then you are supposed to listen to Apple Music on Linux.

2) Running iTunes on Linux via VirtualBox

If you are more familiar with the VirtualBox, you can install Mac or Windows OS inside Linux in order to run iTunes on Linux later.

Step 1. Install VirtualBox on Linux.

Step 2. Open VirtualBox and follow the instructions to create a virtual Windows OS within Linux. This will require the Windows install disk.

Step 3. Once complete the installation, you can switch to Windows OS when rebooting Linux. Then download and install iTunes on your computer. After that, you'll be able to access Apple Music on Linux at anytime you want.

Solution 2. Remove DRM from Apple Music and Sync the Songs to Linux

Another working solution that can play Apple Music songs on Linux is getting rid of the DRM protection from Apple Music tracks firstly with a third-party software and then stream the DRM-free music files to Linux for playback.

Apple Music & DRM

Apple Music songs, like other Apple's digital media sold on iTunes, are also locked by DRM (Digital Rights Management) and could only play well in authorized devices under Apple ID. Therefore, to listen to Apple Music tracks on more platforms, one of the permanent solutions is to bypass DRM protection from Apple Music and then copy the unprotected songs to Linux even without installing iTunes on Linux OS.

In this case, you'll need a professional Apple Music DRM removal tool such as ViWizard Apple Music Converter. Available on both Mac and Windows OS, it's able to help you losslessly convert DRM-locked Apple Music songs to common MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and other formats supported by Linux.

ViWizard apple music converter

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The following guide will show you how to remove DRM from Apple Music and transfer to Linux for playback with the help of ViWizard Apple Music Converter.

Tools You'll Need

Step 1Add Apple Music tracks to ViWizard

add drm apple music songs

Firstly, launch ViWizard Apple Music Converter on your Mac or PC. Then click the "+" button at the top center to load the offline Apple Music songs to the converter. Or you can directly drag the files from Apple Music folder to the conversion window.

Step 2Set output format

set output format

Then click the "Format" option at the bottom left to select the output format according to your requirements. You can set it as common MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV or M4B while adjusting the parameters like codec, channel, sample rate or bit rate if you like.

Step 3Start to remove DRM lock from Apple Music

start converting

Now click the "Convert" button and let it to convert the DRM Apple Music streams to non-DRM formats at up to 30X faster speed. Once converted, you'll locate the DRM-free Apple Music songs in the history folder.

Step 4Transfer Apple Music songs to Linux

Connect your USB drive to Linux and then copy the DRM-free Apple Music songs from the USB stick to Linux machine. After that, you'll be able to enjoy the Apple Music songs on your Linux without iTunes.

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