Apple Music Lyrics Not Working? Fixed!

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jun 28, 2022 4:32 PM.

Apple Music has received so many praises since it was released. Compare to other streaming services, Apple Music has a better performance in the library, audio quality, listening experience and so on. And the new Spatial Audio feature allows you to enjoy music even more immersively.

However, you'll notice some common small errors after you've been using Apple Music for a while. Recently, more and more people reported that the Apple Music lyrics not working sometimes. This may cause by many reasons. If you are looking for a solution, you've landed the right place. Today we will show you several methods to fix Apple Music lyrics not showing.

fix apple music lyrics not working

Part 1. How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Working
     Method 1. Check Network Connection
     Method 2. Check for iOS Update
     Method 3. Check for Content & Restriction
     Method 4. Turn on Dark Mode
     Method 5. Restart Your Device and the Apple Music App
     Method 6. Reset Network Setting
     Method 7. Reinstall the Apple Music App
Part 2. Tip to Play Apple Music on the Device you

Part 1. How to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Working

Why are the lyrics not showing on Apple Music? There're many reasons behind Apple Music lyrics not working. But the main errors can be divided into device errors and software errors. So we have collected several common methods to fix Apple Music not showing lyrics.

Check Network Connection

If lyrics not showing on Apple Music, the first thing you need to do is to check the network connection. Make sure that your device has connected to a stable and powerful network. If you are on a bad network, you can go to the Settings app to change your WiFi.

Check for iOS Update

update ios on iphone

When your device is in an old iOS, it may cause Apple Music lyrics not showing. In this case, you need to update the iOS to the latest version. You can update the iOS in Settings. Here's an example of updating the iOS version on an iPhone.

1) Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2) Select the General > Software Update.

3) When you see the update option is available, just click it.

4) Tap the Install Now button to start the update.

Check for Content & Restriction

check content and restriction on iphone

When your device has connected to a strong network and in the latest iOS version, you should check for the content restriction. If there are explicit words in Apple Music songs, then the lyrics will be blocked out. If you have turned on it, just close it and reopen the Apple Music app to view the lyrics. You can find the Content Restriction in your phone's setting.

1) Head to the Settings app on your iPhone.

2) Choose Screen Time.

3) Turn off the toggle of Content & Restriction.

Turn on Dark Mode

enable iphone dark mode

Apple Music has changed the background color, the Apple Music not showing lyrics because of the same color and theme. So you can change the color and theme of the iPhone, such as setting your iPhone in dark mode. You'll be able to see the lyrics when your iPhone's theme colors are distinguished from those of Apple Music.

Here's how: Settings > Display & Brightness > Preference > Dark Mode.

Restart Your Device and the Apple Music App

restart iphone

Another workable method is to restart your device and the Apple Music app. If you are an iPhone user, just long-press the Power button until the power bar appears. Then drag the bar to close your phone. Wait for 20 seconds, then long-press the power button to reopen your iPhone. Now open the Apple Music app to see if the lyrics are available.

Reset Network Setting

reset network setting on iphone

You can also try to reset the network settings to fix Apple Music lyrics not showing. But you need to be careful to do this. Once you have reset the network settings, all your saved network settings will be deleted and will be reset to their default values.

1) In the Settings app, tap Transfer & Reset iPhone.

2) Choose Reset > Reset Network Settings.

3) Enter your Apple ID passcode to confirm.

Reinstall the Apple Music App

If all those ways can't fix the error, you can delete the Apple Music app and redownload it on your device. Here's a notice, if you delete the Apple Music app, all app data and the downloaded Apple Music songs will be removed. So don't use this method until the last step. When you redownload the Apple Music app, all the bugs will be fixed and you can enjoy the latest features.

1) Long press the Apple Music icon on your phone until more options appear.

2) Choose the Delete option.

3) Then open the App Store and search for Apple Music to redownload it on your device.

After you have redownloaded the Apple Music app, the lyrics will be available again.

Tip to Play Apple Music on the Device you Like

Since we have known that Apple Music is only playable with its app and on some authorized devices, you may not able to play Apple Music on other devices. To solve this problem, you can convert Apple Music to MP3 or other plain formats for correctly playing. In this solution, the key is to get a professional audio converter.

To convert Apple Music to MP3 for playing on the device you like, ViWizard Audio Converter is a wise choice. This audio converter is capable of converting Apple Music to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, M4A and M4B with 100% original quality. It can also convert iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks. The built-in settings allow users to adjust the parameters of the output audio, such as sample rate, bit rate, channel, volume, and others. All settings can be set to your needs. When the conversion is finished, you can transfer the converted Apple Music files to the device you like easily.

audio converter

ViWizard Audio Converter Key Features

  • download and convert Apple Music with the original quality
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, M4A, M4B, AAC, FLAC
  • Remove the protection from Apple Music, iTunes, and Audible
  • Handle the conversion of audios in batch at 30× speed
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Step 1. Add Apple Music Songs into ViWizard

add apple music songs

Open ViWizard Audio Converter and drag and drop the Apple Music files into the ViWizard interface. Alternatively, you may use the Music Note button to load music from your Apple Music collection.

Step 2. Choose Target Format

select format

Go to this software's Format panel and click it to launch the Format window. Choose a format that suits you. If you don't have a choice, simply select MP3. You may also change the sampling rate, bit rate, channel, and other audio characteristics in Apple Music. Finally, click the OK button to save your changes.

Step 3. Convert Apple Music

convert apple music

By pressing the Convert button, you may now convert Apple Music. Wait a few moments before clicking the Converted button to access your converted Apple Music tracks. Once you convert Apple Music tracks, you will never have to deal with the Apple Music stuck on loading screen issue again.


Now you don't need to be worried when your Apple Music lyrics not working. You can fix the error by following the guides above. Generally, the most common reason behind it is the program bug. Mostly, you can restart the Apple Music app to fix the error. If restarting the app can't fix the error, you can choose other solutions. To free your Apple Music playlists, you can use ViWizard Audio Converter. This tool can help you play Apple Music on the device you like without much effort.

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