Garmin Watch: Play Audible on Garmin Watch in 2 Methods

Posted by Adam Gorden on Dec 16, 2021 1:40 PM.

If you've been familiar with smartwatches, you've heard of the Garmin Watch. Garmin is a company that specializes in the development and application of GPS systems and has a proven track record in the field of positioning and navigation. The Garmin Watch is the company's key product launched in 2003, and it has received a lot of attention and popularity among consumers as soon as it was launched. In addition to the excellent positioning function, the watch also has a collection of health detection functions and multimedia playback functions.

Audible is the most popular audiobooks streaming service now. From Audible, you can stream millions of audiobooks you like. Many people like to listen to audiobooks on their commute or while doing exercise. Unfortunately, Garmin Watch does not yet have an app to support Audible audiobooks. So, is it possible to play Audible audiobooks on Garmin Watch? You can find the answers through this article.

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1. Play Audible on Garmin Watch via Audible Manager
2. Play Audible on Garmin Watch with ViWizard Audible Converterhot tip

1. Play Audible on Garmin Watch via Audible Manager

When you open any app store and search for audiobook software, Audible always comes first. As the most popular audiobook software in the USA, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. and "listening to books" has become a daily routine for some people. Audible is a streaming service which means you need to pay for it every month to stream audiobooks. If you are a premium user of Audible, you can try to use Audible Manager to play Audible audiobooks on your watch. Let's see how in the guide below.

audible manager

Step 1: Download and install the Audible Manager app on your computer from the Audible official website.

Step 2: Next, connect your Garmin Watch to your computer via USB cable and run the Audible Manager application.

Step 3: To add your Garmin Watch to the Audible Manager application, go to Devices > Add New Device and choose your device from the list that appears in the pop-up window.

Step 4: After clicking the OK option to confirm your Garmin Watch, go to your Garmin Watch and activate it by clicking it.

Step 5: Next, click the Active button, and you'll be prompted to check in to your Audible account.

Step 6: You can now transfer your Audible books to your Garmin Watch. Simply choose the Audible books you want to add to your device and click the Add to Device button. Wait for the procedure to finish before transferring your Audible audiobook to your Garmin Watch.

2. Play Audible on Garmin Watch with ViWizard Audible Converter

Though the first way is easy to operate, it is only available for Audible premium users. If you are a free user of Audible, you can try the following method. The second way is to convert the Audible audiobooks into MP3 format, then transfer the converted audiobook to Garmin Watch via an SD card. This method needs a powerful Audible converter to ensure a successful conversion. ViWizard Audible Converter is a shortcut for you.

ViWizard Audible Converter is a professional tool designed for downloading and converting Audible audiobooks to MP3 and other open formats. The output formats include MP3, M4B, AAC, WAV, WMA, M4R, M4A, FLAC, OGG, and other popular formats. After converting the audio to a suitable format, you may listen to Audible on whatever device you like, such as a HUAWEI Watch or a SanDisk Sansa player. ViWizard allows you to download Audible audiobooks at 100X quicker speeds and in lossless quality. ViWizard does not need the installation of any other software for a better user experience, and you may download any Audible AA/AAX audiobooks even if you have forgotten your Audible account.

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ViWizard Audible Converter Key Features

  • Losslessly remove DRM from Audible without account authorization
  • Convert Audible audiobooks to common formats at a 100X faster speed
  • Freely customize lots of parameters of output audiobooks
  • Split audiobooks into small segments by time frame or by chapters
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2.1 How to Convert Audible Audiobooks for Garmin Watch with ViWizard Audible Converter

Now let's see how to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 with ViWizard Audible Converter in the following tutorial.

1 Add Audible Audiobooks to the Converter

import audible audiobooks

Download ViWizard Audible Converter for Mac or Windows by clicking the Download button above. Then, launch ViWizard on your PC. To import your Audible AA or AAX audiobooks into ViWizard, click the Add Files icon. You might also just drag and drop your Audible files from your computer's Audible folder onto the ViWizard interface.

2 Customize the Output Format and Parameters for Output Audiobooks

define output format for chromecast audio

After you finish importing Audible books, the next step is to change the output settings for your audiobooks. First of all, you need to adjust the output format to MP3 by clicking the Format panel at the bottom of the interface of this converter and selecting MP3. The default output format of this converter is lossless which means it will generate audiobook files without changing the original audio tracks. Besides, you also can customize the audio codec, sample rate, and bit rate if needed. Click the OK button to save the settings.

3 Initiate the Conversion for Garmin Watch

convert audible audioboks

Before beginning the conversion, you may break the audiobook into numerous separate files by chapters or time by clicking the Edit icon provided in each column of the audiobook file. Then click the Convert button to begin downloading protected AA/AAX audiobooks and converting the AA/AAX files at up to 100X quicker speed to standard lossless audio or other formats.

2.2 How to Add the Converted Audible Audiobooks to Garmin Watch

Now with the aid of ViWizard Audible Converter, you can get the converted Audible audiobooks. Now you can transfer them to Garmin Watch easily. There're two ways to add audio files to Garmin Watch. You can transfer the audio files through the Garmin Express app or an SD card. Here're the guides below.

Option 1. Import Audible Books on Garmin Watch via Garmin Express

garmin express

Step 1: Connect Garmin Watch to your computer via USB connection and start the Garmin Express app on your PC.

Step 2: Next, wait for the Garmin Express app to automatically recognize the device.

Step 3: On your Windows machine, pick Music. On a Mac, select iTunes. Then, navigate to your local DRM-free Audible audiobook files in MP3 or AAC format.

Step 4: Confirm the audio files, then choose the Send to Devices option. Your Audible audiobooks will now be imported to your Garmin Watch, and you will be able to listen to them on your Garmin Watch.

Option 2. Import Audible Audiobooks to Garmin Watch with SD Card

Step 1: Connect an SD card to your computer with an SD card reader.

Step 2: Copy and paste the converted Audible audiobooks to a new folder on your SD card.

Step 3: Insert the SD card into your Garmin Watch. You can find the converted Audible audiobooks in the SD card folder. You can enjoy the Audible audiobook on your watch now.


Now you have may know how to listen to Audible on Garmin Watch in multiple ways. You can choose the methods above based on your need. With the help of ViWizard Audible Converter, you can convert the Audible audiobooks to MP3 with lossless quality. Then you can play them on Garmin Watch or any device you like.

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