Top 2 Ways to Stream Audible Audiobooks on Chromecast Audio

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"I am a big fan of Audible who listens to Audible audiobooks every day. Can I stream Audible audiobooks on Chromecast Audio to my home speakers to enhance the sound quality? I'd prefer to enjoy Audible files in this way when I am at home if possible. " - Question from an Audible forum.

Chromecast Audio is perhaps the most beautiful and powerful device for playing music via speakers or TVs. By plugging in it, your offline home speakers like Google Home will be changed to smart internet speakers immediately and you can stream music from a couple of streaming apps such as Spotify, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Pandora, and so on. It makes it the most convenient tool ever to enjoy high-quality music freely.

However, the Audible app is not on the list. So many audiobook users might have similar questions mentioned above. No worries. Here I will offer the top 2 ways to cast Audible to Chromecast Audio. The first one is only workable for Android users and the second way is suitable for anyone.

Part 1. How to cast Audible from Android devices
Part 2. Stream Audible on Chromecast Audio with any device

How to cast Audible from Android devices

Chromecast Audio is very friendly to cast music from an Android phone. To get started, please make sure you have got these tools ready:

* Google Home app;
* Audible app;
* Chromecast Audio;
* Android phone;

Then you can follow the steps to play Audible files on Chromecast:

1. Plug the Chromecast Audio device into your speaker and insert the power adapter into an electric socket.

2. Make sure the speaker, Chromecast Audio, and the Android phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Download the Google Home app on your Android phone and open it. It will detect the Chromecast Audio which is connected to the same network.

4. Go to the side menu of the app. Tap the Cast Screen/Audio button. Select the casting speaker you want the audio to play from.

5. Run Audible on your Android to play the audible books. It will stream audiobooks on Chromecast automatically.

cast audible



This is so intuitive, right? This method works perfectly for users who have an Android phone, but it doesn't work for iOS or Windows phones or any other third-party casting apps due to the reason that Audible AA and AAX files are protected and not recognized well outside Amazon's ecosystem.

Stream Audible on Chromecast Audio with any device

Fortunately, many third-companies with a long-term view have found the requirement of users to enjoy unprotected files and develop a series of software such as Aimersoft Media Converter, TuneFab Apple Music Converter, and ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter. They can all convert Audible audiobooks into popular formats of music files. But the one that has the easiest accessibility is ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter for Mac/Windows. You can bulk drag and drop to import Audible files and one-click to output MP3 files with up to 100X speed. The speed may vary under different computers. What I can say is that it will surely outperform similar products in the market. The complete free trial version is readily available if you want to try it out.

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Detailed steps to convert Audible audiobooks

1Import Audible audiobooks

import audible audiobooks

In order to convert your files, you can download the Audible AA or AAX files on your computer first. If you haven't downloaded them, you can log in to your Audible account and then follow the official tutorial to download through the Audible app on Windows 10 or iTunes on Mac. When it is done, you can drag and drop them to the audiobook to Chromecast converter screen.

2Set output format for Chromecast Audio

define output format for chromecast audio

Choose the Format button. ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter set the default output format as MP3. You may keep the default settings for streaming. But if you want to make your output files more personalized, you can also adjust select the codec, channel, sample rate, bit rate and adjust the volume, speed, and so on.

3Convert Audible AA and AAX files

convert audible audioboks

After confirming the settings, you can click the Convert button. ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter will start to convert all the imported Audible books in batch. Please don't do anything else on the computers such as running other programs etc. as they may interfere ViWizard from running.

4How to stream Audible to Chromecast

Finally, you can upload Audible audiobooks to any devices such as phones, tablets, computers and cast them on your Chromecast Audio via Chrome browser or supported castings apps.

For example, you can use a Google Cast extension to cast Audible to Chromecast. Install Google Cast extension in the Chrome browser on your computer. Play the Audible audiobooks with this browser. Go to the Chrome Settings menu and click the Cast button to stream Audible audiobooks on Chromecast.

choose cast button




Now you have two methods to cast Audible on Chromecast. For Android users, with the help of the pros and cons of the two methods that we list for you, I am sure you can find out the method that suits you best. You can also try the two methods and then make your decision. For other users, using an Audible Chromecast converter is the sole method.

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