How to Play Audible on LG TV: Latest Tutorial

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jan 19, 2021 5:05 PM

audible on lg tv

In the past, people use TV to watch TV shows, TV series, or news. But in 2021, it seems you can do most of the digital entertainment on your smart TV at home. On smart TVs, you can watch videos, play games, play music, and even audiobooks! Regarding smart TV, Samsung TVs and LG TVs are well-known and powerful products and owns millions of users. If you use these smart TVs and are an Audible audiobook listener like me, you may be curious about this question: can they play Audible audiobooks. We already talked about the possibility of Audible on Samsung TV. This time, let’s look at the methods to listen to Audible on LG TV.

Why we cannot play Audible on any device we want?

Before we discuss 2 methods to play Audible on LG Smart TV, we will introduce a little more information about Audible. It will not waste much time. Audible, as one of the biggest audiobook providers on earth, owns a stock of 200000 audiobooks in its library. It really attracts tons of people to use it to listen to audiobooks. These users use different devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phones, MP3 players, computers, etc.


Although Audible announces that it is available on hundreds of devices, there are still many devices that are not Audible-compatible. Audible uses AA and AAX formats to make sure users play Audible audiobooks only with the Audible app on the devices that support Audible. Because of that, you cannot transfer these Audible audiobooks to other devices to play or share them with friends even if you paid for these audiobooks. Despite that, you still can play Audible audiobooks on LG Smart TV, PS4, and other devices that do not support AA/AAX format when you resort to some audiobook converting software. In this article, we find the best two converters for you to convert Audible audiobooks to LG TV.

Convert Audible audiobooks to LG TV with ViWizard Audible Converter

ViWizard Audible Converter is just made for converting Audible audiobooks to MP3, M4A, AAC, and other common formats to play on any device. It can help you listen to Audible on LG TV. You can also choose the Lossless option in order to preserve the original quality of the audiobooks if you care about the quality of the audiobooks. One of the stunning features of ViWizard Audible Converter is that it is one of the fastest Audible Converters, which is famous for the 100X faster conversion speed. What’s more, you do not need the iTunes account authorization nor installation of the Audible app using this converter, which is required by most Audible converters. In addition, it will keep the ID3 tags for you and allows you to edit the codec, bit rate, sample rate of the converted audiobooks files.

Feel interested in this tool? Why not download it for free and follow my instructions to convert Audible AA/AAX.

Download Download

1Launch ViWizard Audible Converter

Download the Audible audiobook to your computer. You need to click the Add Files button to load the files you download from Audible.

add audible audiobooks

2Choose the target format

Click the Format button and choose a format like MP3. Click the OK button.

choose output format for chromebook

3Convert Audible audiobook to LG TV

Just click the Convert button to convert audiobooks. Wait for a while. Click the Open button to see converted audiobooks. Then you can transfer and play Audible audiobooks on LG TV.

convert audible audioboks

Convert Audible audiobooks to LG TV with ViWizard Audio Converter

Except for Audible audiobook, do you listen to iTunes audiobook, iTunes songs, or Apple Music? If so, there is a marvelous choice for you - ViWizard Audio Converter. This all-in-one tool is designed for those who listen to two or more of these audio streaming platforms. This software can convert audiobooks or music from Audible, iTunes, and Apple Music to MP3, AAC, M4A, and more formats with surprisingly 30X faster speed. After the conversion, you can play them with any device at any time.

The best way to know whether it is good or not is to use this audio converter by yourself. You can download and install this software for free. If it is the first time to use this tool, please follow the 3-step guide here.

Download Download

1Load audiobooks

After you install this audio converter on your computer, launch this software. Choose the Add Files button to load the Audible audiobooks you have downloaded from Audible.

add files

2Set format of the audiobook

Open the Format panel by clicking on the Format button and you will easily find the MP3 button because it is the first one. You can also change the codec, channel, and other parameters on this panel. Click the OK button.

set audiobook output formats

3Convert Audible audiobook to LG TV

Click the Convert button. Wait for the finish of the conversion. Click the Open button to find your converted audiobooks.

converted audiobooks

Conclusion and suggestion

You can listen to Audible on LG TV easily with either of these two tools. But which one suits you most? If you only need a helper to deal with the Audible audiobooks and want faster conversion speed and simple operation, ViWizard Audible Converter is what you want. If you use Apple Music or iTunes as well, ViWizard Audio Converter is a good choice.


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