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Posted by Dave Henry on July 23, 2014 10:14:09 AM.

drm technologies, against DRMMost people would know something about DRM, which is attached in most digital content we got from network, like Movies, TV shows, eBooks, Music, Games etc. But perhaps few would know there are different kinds of DRM technologies. The content provides claims that DRM is an effective way to protect the copyright, and they adds different DRM protections in their own content. For example, Apple introdces the Fairplay DRM technology, Microsoft introduces Windows Media DRM, and Amazon also has its own DRM protection - Amazon DRM.

Even though DRM is not accepted by most consumers, the content retailers or the copyright holders still insist that DRM protection is useful to fight copyright infringement. And the DRM version has being updated for times. The first DRM version is control the content copy, and that why we call it copyright protection. And next DRM version is upgrade to prevent consumers copying, executing, viewing and printing the encrypted content. Here we will introduce different DRM protection on films.

Apple's FairPlay DRM on iTunes Movies/TV shows

As iTunes and Apple devices become popular and universal, Apple's FairPlay may be the most familiar to consumers. Everytime we purchased or rented movies/Tv shows from iTunes store, we got the content with Fairplay DRM protected. After downloading the movie or TV show to your iTunes library, then right click at the file, choose "Get Info" option, then you will get the detailed information of the movie you downloaded. It will tell you the Fairplay version attached in the movie, like the screenshot below:

detail info of iTunes movie

Locked by the Fairplay DRM protection, we can only watch the movie with Apple's products. No copying, sharing or editing are allowed.

You can crack the Fairplay DRM with ViWizard DRM Removal for Mac >>

Windows Media DRM on WMV/WMA Medias

Most WMV, WMA files are unprotected and can be used for most media players and Windows Phone or tablets. WMV is also the best suitable steaming video format for webpage. But if you got the WMV/WMA files from Windows Media center, you are limited to use these files by Windows Media DRM.

Microsoft introduce the Windows Media DRM in 1999, which is used to read instructions from media files in a rights management language that stated what the user may do with the media. But it was changed now, the later version of Windows media DRM also stricts user to transfer the media file to other devices.

Windows Media DRM protection can also be cracked by Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

DRM and DVD Films

DRM protection added to DVD films may be the earliest DRM system introduced by content provider, it was named Content Scrambling System (CSS). The CSS encryption still exists now in many DVDs. It encrypts the DVD disc and protect it from copying. Manufacturers of DVD players must be authorized by the DRM content provider to play their DVD content. More DRM encryption like DeCSS, AACS, RCE are developed later to encrypt DVD Films.

There are also many encrypted DVD Rippers developed by some developers to help users against the DVD encryption, like Handbrack, Wondershare, DVDfab etc. Users can use these DVD ripper/DVD copy programs to rip DRMed DVDs to videos or copy the DVD to blank DVD disc.

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