3 Solutions to Move Movies from iTunes to Vudu

Posted by Andre Green on Dec 20, 2019 10:55 AM.

transfer iTunes movies to vudu

Q: "Is that possible to link my iTunes movies with my Vudu account for watching? If so, how do I do that?" – Waldo from Apple Discussion

In the video streaming service industry, Walmart's Vudu has always been considered as one of the best places to stream a film because of its great video quality and HDR presentation. Just like iTunes, it provides the options for users to purchase or rent every movies and TV shows. One difference is that Vudu is more compatible than iTunes. Expect for iOS devices, you can also watch Vudu movies on many other devices such as Xbox 360, PS3, blue-ray player, etc.

However, you're not allowed to transfer iTunes movies to Vudu directly. Fret not! In this article, we are going to introduce 3 effective ways to help you move a movie from iTunes to Vudu.

Method 1. Move iTunes Movies to Vudu with Movies Anywhere
Method 2. Transfer iTunes Movies to Vudu with TunesKit M4V Converter
Method 3. Put iTunes Movies to Vudu with Requiem

Tip 1. Transfer iTunes Movies to Vudu with Movies Anywhere

This method is provided by Apple Support team, that is, to link your iTunes account and Vudu account to your Movies Anywhere account.

Launched by Disney, Movies Anywhere is a free app that can help you manage all your movies that are purchased from iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Video and Google Play. After connected your Movies Anywhere with other movie accounts, you can then easily watch all eligible movies purchased from different places across all your devices.

transfer itunes movies to vudu with movies anywhere

The following is how to link iTunes movies to Vudu by connecting both accounts to Movies Anywhere.

How to Connect iTunes Account (Apple ID) to Movies Anywhere Account:

Step 1. On your iPhone (or iPad/iPod touch), sign in your Movies Anywhere account on the app.

Step 2. Tap your profile icon at the top and then choose Manage Retails.

Step 3. Choose iTunes. Finish the process when iTunes app opens.

How to Connect Vudu Account to Movies Anywhere Account:

Step 1. Repeat the first two steps above. And this time select Vudu to connect Vudu account to Movies Anywhere.

Step 2. Go back to Manage Retails to make sure both iTunes and Vudu accounts have been connected. If so, you're now able to all your iTunes and Vudu movies in one place.

Note: Movies Anywhere service is only available in the US at the moment.

Tip 2. Transfer iTunes Movies to Vudu with TunesKit M4V Converter

As you may know, all iTunes movies and TV shows are DRM-protected by Apple, and you can only enjoy them within Apple's own ecosystem, that's why you can't move iTunes movies to Vudu directly. So, how can I move my movies from iTunes to Vudu? What you need is a third-party iTunes DRM removal tool such as TunesKit M4V Converter.

TunesKit M4V Converter is a professional iTunes media converter that is able to bypass the DRM protection from iTunes movie purchases and rentals, and then convert iTunes M4V video to MP4, AVI or other DRM-free video formats, so that you can easily watch them on Vudu. One highlight of this software is that it works at an amazing 30X faster speed while keeping almost 100% original quality, including AC3 5.1 Dolby audio track, subtitles, etc.

itunes movie converter

Key features of TunesKit M4V Converter:

  • Remove DRM restriction from iTunes movies and TV shows
  • Convert iTunes M4V to MP4 to common video formats
  • Support 30X super fast conversion speed
  • Retain lossless quality during the process
  • Clear interface and easy to operate
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Simple Steps to Convert iTunes Movies for Vudu with TunesKit

Next let's come to the detailed instruction on how to transfer iTunes movies to Vudu with the help of TunesKit iTunes Video Converter.

Step 1 Open TunesKit and Add iTunes Movies

First, choose the right version of TunesKit M4V Converter to download and install it on your PC or Mac computer. Simply open it and then click the "Library" button on the top to import the iTunes you want to transfer to Vudu. Make sure all your target iTunes movies have already been downloaded from iTunes store and can play well in iTunes.

add itunes movies

Step 2 Customize Setting and Choose Output Format

Next you can choose the audio track and subtitle for each movie. Then click the "Format" tab to select an output format such as MP4 (Lossless) that has great compatibility for any device.

choose output format and remove drm

Step 3 Start the conversion

Now click the "Convert" button and TunesKit will help you convert all added iTunes movies to MP4 format. You can then upload them to your Vudu account or play them on any device as you like.

convert itunes m4v

YouTube Video: How to Move Movies from iTunes to Vudu

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Tip 3. Transfer iTunes Movies to Vudu with Requiem

Of course, you can also use other free iTunes DRM removal software such as Requiem. This is an open-source, free DRM remover that hasn't been updated for years. Besides, it only supports iTunes 10.7 and former. If you don't mind, you can still follow the steps below and use it to remove DRM from iTunes movies in older iTunes.

remove drm from itunes movies with requeim

Step 1. Download and install Requiem on your computer. Then open the program and it will detect all DRM-protected files from your iTunes library automatically.

Step 2. Once Requiem finds all your protected iTunes movies, it will automatically start removing the DRM of iTunes videos. When the process is done, all original DRM-ed iTunes movies will be deleted.

Step 3. Now locate to the local folder to find the converted video files and upload them to Vudu. As you may see, all the files will still be in M4V format, with no protection. If you need MP4 format, you can use TunesKit M4V Converter or other video converting tool to change from M4V to MP4 for playback on any device.


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