How to Import Spotify Music to djay Pro for Mixing

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djay Pro is a digital music mixing software for all users from Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The DJ software seamlessly integrates with your local music, streaming services, and videos, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. It is the perfect DJ software for both casual and mobile DJs and professional DJs. You can perform live, record mixes on-the-go, or enable Automix mode.

Some folks would ask for advice about how to use Spotify music with djay Pro. However, since Spotify stops offering its streaming service to djay Pro, it's not possible to integrate Spotify with djay Pro for Djing even though you are subscribing to Premium Plan. So, what is the way you can import Spotify music to djay Pro? In this guide, we'll introduce the best way to get djay Pro to work with Spotify. Here's how to download Spotify music to djay Pro for mixing on your devices.

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Part 1. What Streaming Services are Compatible with djay Pro
Part 2. Best Method to Download Spotify Music for djay Pro
Part 3. Step-by-step to Transfer Spotify Music to djay Pro

Part 1. What Streaming Service Options are Available in djay Pro

Unfortunately, the two giant music streaming platforms – Spotify and Apple Music, are not integrated with djay Pro, so you are not able to directly play songs from Apple Music on djay Pro. But there still exists the opportunity for you to access streaming music as djay provides seamless with other streaming services.

Currently, those partnering streaming services include TIDAL, SoundCloud, Beatport, and Beatsource. This means that you can mix more than 200 million tracks from SoundCloud, enjoy TIDAL's extensive range of high-quality music and videos, and stream millions of electronic and open format tracks from Beatport and Beatsource within djay.

Part 2. Best Method to Mix with Spotify on djay Pro

Once with a Premium account, you have access to millions of tracks, directly within djay Pro. To get started, simply select Spotify from the music sourcecs panel on the left the library. Then you can access everything in your library after logging into your Spotify account. However, you cannot unlock this service even with a Premium account as Spotify is not integrated with djay Pro.

Even though djay Pro doesn't give you access to all your music from Spotify, there is still a chance available for you to unlock this streaming service by using a Spotify music downloader. As we all know, the downloaded files from Spotify are DRM-protected, so you are not able to use Spotify music with other platforms or devices without the authorization of Spotify.

Hence, if you use a Spotify music downloader, you can extract music from Spotify and save music to some playable formats. Djay Pro supports a variety of audio file formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, and others. Here we do recommend ViWizard Music Converter for Spotify to you, an excellent music converter and downloader for all Spotify users.

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ViWizard Music Converter for Spotify Key Features

  • Download songs, albums, artists, and playlists from Spotify free
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B
  • Work at 5× faster speed and preserve Spotify with lossless quality
  • Support the integration of Spotify with DJ programs like djay Pro
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2.1 Tutorial on How to Download Spotify Music to MP3

1Import Spotify music to ViWizard

add spotify tracks to ViWizard

Launch ViWizard once you have ViWizard installed on your computer and then it will automatically load the Spotify service. Log into your Spotify details and choose your required Spotify tracks. You can add Spotify music to ViWizard for downloading by drag-and-drop.

2Configure the audio parameters

set output format

Now you could prepare to set the output audio format by clicking Menu > Preference > Convert. In addition, you could also adjust the bit rate, sample rate, and audio channel in this option to make the music more personalized.

3Begin to download Spotify music

downloading spotify music

Once the settings are customized, simply click the Convert button to let ViWizard download and convert Spotify music to common formats. Once the conversion is over, you'll find the common Spotify songs to be supported by any programs.

2.2 Video Demo: How to Use ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

Part 3. How to Import Music to djay Pro for Mixing

Once opening djay Pro on your device, you can find all your music is shown in the library brower by tapping the track artwork window on one of the empty decks. To access all your music from your own collection, you need to import your downloads to djay Pro first. Here's how to import your converted Spotify music to djay Pro.

3.1 djay with Spotify Music on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Step 1. Start by opening djay Pro, then launch the My Library library.

Step 2. Navigate to the Playlist tab where you can add the tracks from your device.

Step 3. Select Add from Files to bring up the file chooser pop-up.

Step 4. Locate the folder or directory containing Spotify songs and add them to your library.

djay pro for ios

In addition, you can play or add songs from iCloud drive, USB sticks, Google Drive, and other cloud drives. With this way, you just need to upload Spotify music to iCloud, Google Drive, or USB sticks first. Then you can add music files from your cloud service to My Library in djay.

3.2 djay with Spotify Music on Windows Computers

Step 1. Open iTunes and build a new playlist to add your Spotify music tracks.

Step 2. Then go to the Edit menu and select Preferences then click Advanced.

Step 3. Enable the option “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications and click OK.

Step 4. Quit iTunes and launch djay Pro to browse your iTunes library on your computer.

Step 5. Click the iTunes icon on the far-left strip of the browser and start playing your playlists.

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Also, you can browse your Spotify music from your local folder through the Explorer tab of the library browser. And you can access Spotify playlists you created in Windows Media Player or Groove Music via the Music playlists tab on the left side strip of icons.

3.3 djay with Spotify Music on Mac Computers

Step 1. Launch djay Pro on your Mac computer and then go to the library browser.

Step 2. Click the Finder tab of the music library in the left sidebar of the screen.

Step 3. Simply click the Add Folder and find where you save the converted Spotify music.

Step 4. Start picking music you want to add and directly drag them to the library.

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To access music from your local music folder on the computer, you could also use the search feature to find your Spotify music or add Spotify playlist from Music Playlists.

3.4 djay with Spotify Music on Android Devices

To import Spotify music to djay Pro for Android, you should transfer the converted music files from your Mac or Windows computer to your device using a USB cable. After transferring the music to your device, you can automatically play it with djay for Android.

djay pro for android

Step 1. Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2. Then choose Media device when you need to select a USB connection option.

Step 3. Locate the converted Spotify music files on your computer and drag them into your device.

Step 4. Run djay Pro on your Android device and start playing songs from Spotify within djay.


Mix recording will not work when you use tracks from Spotify directly, due to licensing agreements. This is because that recording a mix disables the Spotify tab and using Spotify disables the mix recorder. However, ViWizard can help you save Spotify music for mixing on djay Pro directly. Now, though, that's no longer the case.

What's more, keep Spotify music forever for mixing again and again even though you stop the Spotify service. You could also transfer Spotify music from your computer to your mobile device. After transferring, you can automatically play it with djay for Android or iOS. So, if you are looking to play songs from Spotify within djay Pro, just have a try and you'll find it out.


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