2 Best Methods to Play Apple Music on LG TV

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jul 22, 2021 4:00 PM.

The crucial issue you will be facing when you play Apple Music on LG TV is the compatibility issues. The audio files of the Apple platform are in the protected format, and you can play them only on iPhone, iOS gadgets. It is impossible to stream them on a TV. The Apple Music file format is unique, and you require an efficient medium to play the songs to compete with the obstacles. There are no direct methods to stream Apple Music on any players. You need either the audio file converter tools or a technical way of playing the soundtracks.

apple music to lg TV

In this article, you will study the hidden technique to play Apple Music on the LG TV using an Airplay method. An introduction to a unique audio converter program is available below to enhance the streaming of Apple Music audio files on the LG TV without any interruption. You will get some insightful ideas on how to play Apple Music on LG TV by adopting two different unique methods. You can choose the perfect method that suits your needs without any compromises.

Part 1. Official Method to Stream Apple Music to LG TV
Part 2. Alternative Method to Play Apple Music on LG TV

Part 1. Official Method to Get Apple Music on LG TV

There are some system restrictions to carry out this task. The iPhone has to be in the 4th generation, and the TV must support the 2nd and 3rd generation to carry out a flawless streaming process.

Step 1: Connect your LG TV and your iPhone with the same network WiFi connection.

set up apple music on lg TV step 1

Step 2. Go to the 'Control Center' in your iPhone and choose 'Airplay' from the expanded items.

set up apple music on lg TV step 2

Step 3. Select the 'TV' from the scanned lists to enable the Airplay mirroring.

set up apple music on lg TV step 3

Part 2. Alternative Method to Play Apple Music on LG TV

It is an incredible audio converter tool that converts any complex audio format precisely. The music files from Apple iTunes can be modified to any desired file format in no time using this sophisticated tool. It is a simple tool with a user-friendly interface. The control icons are explicitly available for easy reach. To work on this program, you do not require any special skills. It is enough if you follow the below instructions to complete the audio conversion process efficiently.

Go to the official webpage of the ViWizard Audio Converter application and download the correct version based on your system OS. You can choose either Windows or Mac. Then, install the app and launch it by double-tapping the tool icon. The stepwise process to convert Apple Music to LG TV compatible format using ViWizard Audio converter app.

audio converter

Benefits of Using ViWizard Audio Converter:

  • Listening to Apple Music on LG TV without mobile devices
  • Use Apple Music tracks on any "unauthorized" devices or players
  • Keep Apple Music songs forever even if you cancel the subscription
  • Make most of Apple Music as you like
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Step 1 Add Apple Music audio files to ViWizard

You can launch iTunes simultaneously to access the music tracks. You must click the 'Add Files' icon to import the desired Apple Music files into the working platform.

add apple music files

Step 2 Set the output format for Apple Music

At the bottom of the screen, you will find a 'Format' panel. Choose 'MP3' and set the desired output file storage location for easy access.

select format

Step 3 Trigger the conversion of Apple Music

Finally, hit the 'Convert' button to trigger the conversion process. The Apple audio files convert to MP3 file format.

convert apple music

Step 4 Play Apple Music from USB on LG TV

You can access the converted files in the 'History' panel or go to the output location folder. Then, transfer those audio tracks into a USB. Connect your USB to your LG TV to play the desired Apple soundtracks.

The Final Thoughts

Thus, you had an enlightening session about how to play Apple music on LG TV. The above-discussed two methods had given you some insights on effective ways to play Apple Music flawlessly. Choose the ViWizard Audio Converter app to convert the audio tracks to any desired file format. Using this program, you will not face any compatibility issues while playing your favorite soundtracks on any media players. Stay tuned to this article to explore exciting facts about the ViWizard Audio Converter application.

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