Apple Music Shuffle Plays Same Songs? Fixed!

Posted by Adam Gorden on Aug 25, 2022 5:00 PM

If you want to combine and stream favorite songs you already own and purchase, Apple Music is the most flexible option. It's even better that Apple Music has its shuffle. Just turn on the shuffle mode at hand, you can go through your favorite songs in a random manner.

how to fix Apple Music Shuffle plays same songs

However, strange thing is that sometimes Apple Music shuffle plays same songs, or at the most time, some other songs almost never appear in shuffle mode. While Apple Music shuffle is still working, issues above can be frustrating.

Don't despair. We'll tell how to make Apple Music Shuffle better and solve all the issues at hand.

Part 1. Why Does Apple Music Shuffle Play the Same Songs?
Part 2. How to Fix Apple Music Shuffle Play Same Songs
Exclusives: How to Get and Keep Various Songs for Apple Music Shuffle

Part 1. Why Does Apple Music Shuffle Play the Same Songs?

First thing to be cleared is that Apple Music won't require a listening in repeat mode per hour rather than in a random manner when the shuffle mode is enabled, but several situations are still here to cause the issue at hand.

1. Enabled Repeat Mode

When it comes to let Apple Music stream same songs, first thing to come to mind is another popular mode that Apple Music has - Repeat. Just like most music services' streaming view, the button to enable these modes are close and even in the same place - the difference is on the number of clicks or taps.

Apple Music shuffle or repeat

So if Apple Music shuffle plays same songs, check and find out if there are possibilities that the Shuffle mode has been switched to Repeat mode unaware and this change is unaware.

Pro Tips: How to Disable Repeat Mode

If the enabled repeat mode is to blame, it's not a problem because it can be disabled. Just find and click the repeat button in the repeat section and repeat the steps but to enable shuffle mode again.

2. Low Number of Music Library

As stated, Apple Music lets its users to have a vast collection of their music from Apple Music or another place. However, the shuffle mode does care of the number in users' music library.

If an artist or list has a low number of songs, chance is that some songs in Apple Music's shuffle mode turn out to be streamed more often than a complete random mode.

Pro Tips: How to Add More Songs to Apple Music

To add more songs to Apple Music to avoid same issues like Apple Music shuffle plays same songs, from Apple Music's most played songs and Top Songs to your loved songs on Apple Music are all good choices.

Or from here see how we also offer a robust Apple Music songs offering with ViWizard Audio Converter to download and make all Apple Music songs offline.

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3. Apple Music's Music Recommendation

As you play music, Apple Music learns what you love and organizes suggestions for music you might like in Listen Now. -Apple Music

Apple Msuic recommendation

Just like other music services, Apple Music offer its music recommendations for subscribers based on their listening habits. A simple skip can make Apple Music stream this song less as its special offer and serve up others more - even this is in its shuffle mode.

So when the shuffle mode is enabled, chance is that the song on select will not be streamed or streamed in a pseudo-random manner for Apple Music subscribers.

Pro Tips: How to Make Songs Stream More Often

If Apple Music's recommendation is suspicious, skip other songs less or skip the same song streaming in shuffle mode more to make Apple Music understand. However, this can cost a lot of time and need more patience.

4. Apple Music Cache

For the same songs that Apple Music shuffle over and over again, their music tracks can be in cache, thus making it easier for Apple Music to load them and put them to stream in a frequent manner.

Pro Tips: How to Clear Apple Music Cache

There isn't an option to clear Apple Music cache but some settings can finish this task.

Go to Settings and turn off iCloud Music Library under Music option. Open Music app to see music starts to clear. Repeat the steps but to turn on iCloud Music Library in Settings. Now Apple Music Library will be rebuilt in Music app.

Part 2. How to Fix Apple Music Shuffle Play Same Songs

If you have identified any of the situations above and note the Pro Tips we have for each, Apple Music plays same songs issue can be fixed. However, there're two more methods for how to fix Apple Music shuffle not working as soon as possible.

1. Create Radio Station in Apple Music app

Apple Music lets subscribers create their own station from accessible songs, including ones that don't appear in Apple Music's shuffle. To customize station with all the songs least played recently from artists or artists, you are suggested to find out these songs first.

1. On mobile, play a song, artist or genre and go to Now Playing.

2. Tap More (horizonal three dots icon) then choose Create Station.


2. Just use the voice command "Hey Siri, start a station from," then say the name of a song, artist or genre.

Now as the radio station has been created to include songs that appears less in shuffle mode, just listen to this station the next time.

2. Create Smart Playlist in iTunes

For radio station lovers with Apple Music subscriptions, the first method can help a lot. However, this doesn't make much sense to those just want to stream the less often played or the less recently played songs from Apple Music catalog, or even from their own collections without Apple Music subscription.

Don't despair. All you need is an iTunes app on desktop and explore how powerful it is for fix the Apple Music shuffle plays same songs issue at hand with Smart Playlist.

1. On desktop, open the iTunes app.

2. At the top menu, click File and then New. Select Smart Playlist.


2. Right-click the black under Music Playlists tab at the side bar to select New Smart Playlist … option.

how to create Smart Playlist in iTunes

3. Set the first rule to click the first pop-up menu, choose an option that used to be put in Apple Music shuffle mode but often plays same songs (For example: Artist: Taylor Swift).

create least recently played smart playlist in iTunes

4. Complete the rules and see the second rule to limit the items to a number (For example: Limit to 50 items). Or customize the rule as preferred.

creat a least often played samrt playlist in iTunes

5. Next, see the selected by, change the option to least recently played or least often played to go through the songs appear less in the shuffle mode.

6. Click OK button to create the Smart Playlist with the least recently played or the least often played songs from artists or playlists in Apple Music's Shuffle.

Note: To create multi-Smart Playlists to include various songs as preferred, just repeat the steps above but to set different rules and options.

Now click on the created Smart Playlist and feel free to delete explicit songs from it. Or from here just shuffle the Smart Playlist.

Tips: To shuffle the Smart Playlist, see the Shuffle All button or right-click of the created Smart Playlist to select Shuffle.

Now as the Smart Playlist with various songs shuffling, you will see the difference.

Exclusives: How to Get and Keep Various Songs for Apple Music's Shuffle

To get and keep more various songs for Apple Music's Shuffle, here we recommend to make Apple Music catalog as your own music collection. In fact, this is also an extra tips for how to have more options to cut off Apple Music's recommendation and avoid more similar issues.

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