Apple Music vs YouTube Music: Which one is Better for 2020?

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jun 17, 2020 5:57 PM.

When you get stuck at home amid coronavirus pandemic, what can soothe your mood without putting you in any dangerous situations and at the same time, light up your way to explore the outside world without going out? Streaming music from your music app fits the bill.

In addition to one of the giants in music industry—Apple Music, another emerging contender joins the fight with brand new YouTube Music. It comes with a browser-based version and a downloadable version for iOS/Android, but there is no desktop equivalent. Which one is better for the year 2020? Let's go find out joining the fight Apple Music vs YouTube Music.

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Main Features

Both Apple Music and YouTube Music cost $9.99 per month, however, they're leaning towards different directions when it comes to catering a variety of needs from music listeners.

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Now let's take a look at the YouTube Music app vs Apple Music in features.

Apple Music algorithmically curates personalized playlists which will be shown on user's home screen. And there're daily updated playlists including favorites mix, chill mix, friend mix and new music mix. Plus, it provides non-stop live radio streaming and songs that curated by DJs.

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YouTube Music serves music based on your living location, listening habits and moods. Besides, it covers an exclusive feature of providing music videos (with audio-only feature) and live performances. And it also provides an endless personalized music every time you refresh "Your Mix”.

Rather than putting this as an Apple Music versus YouTube Music fight, it really depends on what type of listener you are when you choose between these two apps. If you love watching video when you listen to songs, then YouTube Music would be great. Or if you're into checking out new music and endless radio station, Apple Music is a better choice.

Streaming quality

How Apple Music vs YouTube Music in sound quality would be?

YouTube Music debuted with a highest streaming quality of 128kbs, but through several versions it now doubles it to 256kbs which is in the same tier as Apple Music. However, when you dive into YouTube Music and try to enjoy the balance and details in the song, it's a bit underwhelming.

Take the song Slow Dancing in a Burning Room from John Mayer as an example, you can hear all the fullness, dynamic and details coming from Apple Music which you can barely find on YouTube Music.

Music Collection

Apple Music has a total collection of 60 million songs and YouTube Music only possesses only half of them of Apple Music with a library size of 30 million songs. Apparently, if your listening habits cover a wide range of music, Apple Music is definitely a solid choice.

Here is a more in-depth comparison between Apple Music and YouTube Music.

  Apple Music YouTube Music
Release June 30, 2015 ‎November 12, 2015
Subscription Fee $9.99 $9.99
Availability 113 countries 95 countries
Users 50+ million till Jan, 2019 20+ million till June, 2020
Music Library 60 million 30 million
Sound Quality (Free) 256 Kbps in AAC 256 Kbps in AAC
Sound Quality (Paid) 256 Kbps in AAC 256 Kbps in AAC
Supported Platforms iOS, Mac, Windows (via iTunes), Apple TV, Android Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Offline Listening Yes, with paid subscription Yes, with paid subscription


Apple Music is undoubtedly a better choice than the current version of YouTube Music, however, the annoying DRM protection of Apple Music song files only allow you to stream its songs on Apple devices. Even if Apple echo system integrates Apple Music with other Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac and HomePod seamlessly, but apparently it's luring customers to buy all its products in order to enjoy Apple Music through various smart devices. Fortunately, there's an easy way out to help you keep away from "Apple maze.”

Play Apple Music songs anywhere you want

With ViWizard Apple Music Converter, you can convert all protected Apple Music songs into MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC or other common audio formats.

Boosted by special designed engine, converting speed could be accelerated up to 30X faster with high output quality preserved.

Its customization features cater all your needs from changing the volume, speed and pitch to setting codec, output channel, sample rate and bit rate, which means you can either keep the 100% original taste of songs from Apple Music or adjust them to make your own style of song streaming.

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The Bottom Line

After the fight Apple Music vs YouTube Music, YouTube Music still has a long way to go to match up with Apple Music. And Apple Music doesn't fail to live up to the expectations and more importantly, with ViWizard Audio Converter, you can get yourself any way that fits you the best to stream Apple Music songs anywhere without any limitations.


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