How to Transfer iTunes and Apple Music to Dropbox

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Dropbox is a web-based file hosting service that allows users to backup files everywhere, share files quickly, and work together with colleagues. It is an innovative tool for improving work efficiency. But perhaps not every user knows it is also a fantastic entertainment tool that offers a new way to enjoy media files such as movies, eBooks, and music files especially iTunes and Apple Music on the go offline. Are you interested in listening to iTunes and Apple Music on multiple devices too? If you are tired of the annoying process to keep downloading or syncing files repeatedly, you can follow me to try this new way to transfer music to Dropbox. This article will show you how to upload iTunes and Apple Music to Dropbox so that to listen on any device freely.

itunes and apple music to dropbox

Part 1. Things You Should Know about iTunes and Apple Music
Part 2. How to Remove DRM from iTunes and Apple Music for Dropbox
Part 3. How to Transfer DRM Free iTunes and Apple Music to Dropbox
Furthermore Reading: Export Audio from Dropbox to Apple Music

Part 1. Things You Should Know about iTunes and Apple Music

Both iTunes Music and Apple Music are offered by Apple company, but they are different in many aspects. Previously there is only iTunes Music from Apple, and the iTunes Music files released before 2009 are FairPlay DRM protected with the extension M4P. In 2009, Apple decided to give up the DRM protection from their iTunes Music to offer a better user experience. So the new iTunes music files after 2009 are all DRM-free with the extension M4A. Users will own the M4A music files after purchasing and can do whatever they want such as burning music CDs.

Apple Music doesn't appear until 2015, it is all about streaming which is DRM protected, you can get access to all the music of the library on the specific Apple Music or iTunes app but not any other players or devices. Moreover, you will lose the option to listen to the music after you end the subscription.

With this in mind, if you have DRM free iTunes music, you can transfer them to Dropbox to enjoy easily without any trouble, please just skip the part about removing DRM. Else if you have the iTunes Music files released before 2009 or the Apple Music M4P files, you have to get rid of the DRM before transferring to Dropbox to make sure they can be played well because Dropbox can't recognize DRM media files.

Part 2. How to Remove DRM from iTunes and Apple Music for Dropbox

Fortunately, with today's technology, removing DRM from copyright-protected music has been rather easy. Usually, you are just a few clicks away to get all DRM free music files by a DRM cracker such as ViWizard Apple Music Converter which is a top-notch converting tool to take out digital rights management protection. It supersedes other tools by integrating the fast and lossless converting technology plus multiple formats and devices compatibility to promise the ultimate user experience.

audio converter

ViWizard Audio Converter Key Features

  • Convert M4P to MP3, AAC, and other universal formats
  • 5x high conversion speed
  • Preserve and support editing ID3 tags
  • Audible books can achieve lossless conversion
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Quick Tutorial on How to Remove DRM from iTunes and Apple Music

Before we upload iTunes playlist to Dropbox, we need to convert the iTunes music first. Here's the guide about how to remove the encryption of iTunes music with ViWizard.

Step 1Import DRM M4P Music Files

add m4p music songs

Please make sure you have already imported or downloaded M4P protected music files to your iTunes library first, then you can drag&drop or click Add Files menu to load them easily.

Step 2Set Output Music File Format for Dropbox

set output format for dropbox

Click the Format option to set the output format and customize the audio quality. In general, Dropbox supports to upload almost every kinds of files, but not every format file has a good compatibility with all players. If you are not sure which one is better for you, I would highly recommend you to just choose MP3 which is supposed to be good for any devices. Here you can also adjust some parameters for the output audios, such as channel, bit rate, sample rate and so on. Remember to click the OK button to save the settings.

Step 3Remove DRM from M4P Music Files

remove drm from music files

Click Convert button, the software will start to remove DRM and convert the files. It runs promptly and please just wait for a few moments depending on how many files you convert. The converted audios can be checked by tapping the Converted icon.

Part 3. How to Transfer DRM Free iTunes and Apple Music to Dropbox

There are two ways to access the Dropbox either from Dropbox website or app to transfer and play iTunes and Apple Music. The interfaces and operating processes are almost the same. Here I will illustrate how to transfer music by the website version and how to listen to music by Dropbox app for Android. It is surprisingly easy to use.

1Login the Dropbox from computer

login dropbox

First, go to the Dropbox website. If it is the first time you use Dropbox, you can create a new account or you can just sign in a with a Google account. You will get 2GB free space at the beginning.

2Upload iTunes and Apple Music files

transfer music to dropbox

After logging in the Dropbox, you will see the personal space, then you can drag your music files from your computer and drop on the Dropbox main screen to import or click Upload files button to browse your music files. The uploading speed is super fast.

3Login to Dropbox app on a Mobile

log in to dropbox mobile app

When it is done, the files will be synced to the cloud server and you can access them by any devices with the Dropbox app or website. Personally I'd like to use the Dropbox mobile app. Please download it first if you haven't done that and then log in with the same account

4Listen to music on Dropbox any time

listen to music on dropbox

If you want to play a music file, you just need to press the music title, it will play it directly or prompt you to select a player. To play music on the go offline, you can click the icon at the right side of the music and choose Available offline, then the music will be downloaded to the device and you can play them anytime at any places.

Furthermore Reading: Export Audio from Dropbox to Apple Music

Dropbox not only can save audios on your devices but also supports export audios from Dropbox to save on your device. Do you know how to download Audios from Dropbox to Apple Music? Before we begin, make sure the music is in MP3 or another audio format supported by Apple Music. Let's see the guide below.

To export audio files to Apple Music via iTunes

download audio from dropbox to apple music

1) Visit the website of Dropbox with any browser on your computer. Sign in and go to the folder where you have stored music files.

2) Locate the file you need to export and tap on the ellipsis (…).Then select the Download button.

3) Launch iTunes on your computer, then connect your iPhone and computer. Click the Device button and go to Music category, select Sync Music.

4) Select the audio files you've downloaded from Dropbox. Then click Apply button.

Now the downloaded audios from Dropbox are imported to the Apple Music app on your iPhone.


After uploading Apple Music to Dropbox, you can listen to your Apple Music songs on multiple devices easily. ViWizard Audio Converter is exactly designed for converting Apple Music and iTunes audios to DRM-free files. You can play the converted Apple Music on any device you like without restrictions.

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