Top 10 Audible Tips to Help You Save Money

Posted by Adam Gorden on 31/10/2017 04:46:29 PM.

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Audiobook is a narrative version of textbook which offers a more immersive experience. If you enjoy audiobooks, Audible is one of the best choices for you. With a biggest audiobook library, you can find almost any audiobook titles you want and get the Audible app to play anywhere. However, an audiobook is usually much more expensive than a text book. It may cost you much more than you expect if you don't pay attention to it. There are actually many hidden insider tips you may have not found out even if you are an experienced user. Here we created the helpful guide, you can learn it to get the most out of your Audible files for every penny you spend.

Best Audible Tips And Tricks You May Not Know

1. Sign up the free trial with 1 free credit

Audible offers 30 days free trial for new users to learn more about Audible audiobooks. By signing up an account, you will get a free credit automatically and you can use the credit to redeem a favorite Audible audiobook you want. In addition, after the trial period, you will still keep the Audible audiobook you purchased with the free credit. This offer is only for new Audible members. If you have already used the 1 free credit in the past, it won't work for you again.

2. Switch to Audible subscription silver plan

The Audible golden plan subscription membership will help you get 1 free credit every month as well as other special offers at $15/month. However, sometimes you may be too busy to listen to 1 audiobooks every month, then it is better to change to the hidden silver plan. With the silver plan, it will only charge $15 every two months for 1 credit, this will help you save a fortune for the long run. To switch the plan, you can head to the Audible live support as there is not such an option offered in public.

3.Suspend your account until you need it

Sometimes if you are just busy with other things such as examination etc. , you may not have time to listen for a while, it is nice to stop paying for the subscription you aren't using. Instead of canceling the membership, Audible allows users to put the account on hold once a year up to three months. During the period, you will still be able to listen to your purchased audiobooks, spend your credits and get discounts from the Audible store.

4. Return Audiobooks you don't want

The great listen guarantee feature lets you exchange books you don't love. This ensures that you don't waste any money on any audibooks. If you find any audiobooks you don't want within 1 year, then you can go to the account details page and click the purchase history menu. From there, you can find the order that contains the book and click 'Return'.

5. Pay attention to special deals

Audible offers many deals time from time such as the daily deal on the Audible home page. Usually you can spend a very low price to get the Audible audiobook. Check it regularly to see if there is one book attracts you. Also, you can sign up the Daily Deal to get emails about the daily sales. In this way, you won't miss any special books you want.

6. Remove DRM from Audible audiobooks

Audible files are DRM protected, you have to authorize them on the devices with the Audible apps before playing. It will be a big annoyance to keep authorizing the devices and you surely can't get the most out of your Audible files. If you are tired of this annoyance, you can use a special DRM removal Tool ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter for Windows/Mac to help you break DRM protection from all of your Audible audiobooks and convert them to MP3 format to play freely. Here is the full tutorial: How to Remove DRM from Audible AA and AAX Files.

7. Add audio upgrades for your Kindle books

With WhisperSync, you can sync your Audible and Kindle books to pickup wherever you left off. So when you buy a Kindle book, it is better to buy both the text books and audiobooks together. In most of the time, they offer the option to buy the Audible and Kindle books as a bundle at a super low price. For the Kindle books purchased already, you can use Matchmaker, which is a great tool to scan your Kindle library to find out if they have an audiobook counterpart. If yes, you don't need to buy the audiobooks at the original full price but just get them at a discount price.

8. Cancel your membership to get special discount

If you click the cancel membership button, Audible website will try to keep you by offering up to 50% discount for 3 months. This is is also available for the users who have used the 30 days free trial offer. With the 50% off gold membership, you can get 1 credit every month and you will only be charged as low as $7.49 every month.

9. Get cash back from your membership

There are a number of cashback sites that offer the Audible memberships. If you haven't signed up an Audible account yet, you may try this option to save your money. Of course, not all the cashback websites are worth to try. Groupon also has deals occasionally on Audible memberships, so check there when you need to sign up or renew your Audible membership.

10. Get free Audiobooks with Prime

With an Amazon Prime account, you can get access to a lot of Audible channels for free. In addition, some Audible channels includes many free Audible audiobooks which are exclusive for Amazon Prime members. There are various free audiobooks there including sci-fi, books read by celebrities, classic and a lot more.


This guide contains all the most useful tips about Audible audiobooks and they are proved to work well. By learning all these Audible tips, you should be able to get better use of all the Audible audiobooks while saving your money. It is totally easy and legal. Also, the tips may update as time goes on. What do you think about these tips? You can share it with your friends if you like it. Or If you have any questions about this or you have any other better tips to share, please just leave your comments below.


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