Audible VS Storytel: Which One SHOULD You Choose?

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jan 8, 2021 8:08 PM.

audible vs storytel

Years ago, man found a way to organize the information in a way that it was called a story. The collection of the information in the pages formed something called a book. With time, people got used to reading a book. And they also faced issues with the books like physical space and volume of the book, straining the eyes to read the text, and more.

With the advent of technology, developers developed tools that would read the book to you while you just had to listen. Such books were called audiobooks. Two very famous platforms took up to providing audiobook services. These were Audible and Storytel. Today, we compare both the platforms and come up with the best option out of the two. So, let's begin Storytel vs Audible.

Part 1. Comparing Audible vs Storytel: Which one offers the best?
     Audible review
     Storytel review
Part 2. Conclusion and suggestion

Comparing Audible vs Storytel: Which one offers the best?

Audible is an online audiobook and podcast platform which is owned by It lets the users stream and buy the audiobooks and other spoken forms of the content. But Storytel is a service that allows its users to stream audiobooks for your mobile phone. It is a digital subscription service that lets you download the app and subscribe to a package.

Let us take a detailed review of Storytel and Audible to see which one is the best option for you to choose:

Audible review


Audible is a service provided by Inc and it boasts of a library that has almost all the books available in the audio format. You can subscribe to their service for $14.95 per month. If you subscribe to the service, you get one audiobook free each month until the service is enabled.

Pros of Audible:

● Even if you end the subscription to the services, the free audiobook you get every month can be retained.

● Swapping the audiobook is free, in case you don't like the audiobook. You get the time of around 365 days to return the purchased book.

● You get high-quality audio which ensures that you listen to the correct pronunciation of the words.

● Compatibility with different devices makes sure that you can listen to audiobooks from various devices.

Cons of Audible:

● You get only one audiobook for free every month. Hence, if you are done with one book, you have to pay to listen to the second book if the month has not ended yet. You have to buy the second book at a 30% discount.

Storytel review

storyel review

With Storytel, the subscription costs $9.99 per month. But, the best part is, you can listen to as many books as possible even if the month has not ended. Moreover, you get 14-day free access to the service.

Pros of Storytel:

● Access to unlimited audiobooks and eBooks in a month. Hence, you can either choose to read an eBook or you can listen to the audiobook.

● Cheaper than Audible considering that you listen to more than one book per month. Moreover, to access both eBooks and audiobooks, you don't need to pay extra.

● The service automatically synchronizes the user's progress with both the eBooks and audiobooks. This makes it easier for you to switch between the two. This means that if you are listening to chapter 5 in an audiobook, and if you open the same book in eBook format, it automatically opens up chapter 5.

● As far as the Indian audience is concerned, this service lets you access the works of Indian authors and writers. It also provides access to regional writers and their works.

● With Storytel, you can access short stories, poems, and serialized content along with full-fledged novels.

● The Storytel player has the facility of the sleep timer and speed adjustment. With the speed control, you can decide how fast or slow you need to listen to the story. And if you fall asleep within the sleep timer time window, it automatically closes the app.

● You can easily change the chapters, bookmark the page, and also change the background and text size when you are reading an eBook.

Cons of Storytel:

● Storytel has a limited collection if you compare it with Audible.

● You need an active subscription package to keep on listening to any audiobook.

Conclusion and suggestion

Having gone through the review of Audible and Storytel, now you can see for yourself which service you would like to choose. The article clearly explains the competition of Audible vs. Storytel. If you choose Audible, there is another tip for you to improve the listening on Audible by using a tool - ViWizard Audible Converter.

ViWizard Audible Converter is a smart audiobook digital solution developed for Audible users. It lets the Audible users download the selected audiobook and convert the downloaded file formats like AA, AAX to universally accepted formats like lossless audio, MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc at a speed of up to 100X. Once you convert the files to the given formats, you can use the new files with any popular MP3 players. And since the conversion is lossless, the quality of the audio is preserved as-is. You can follow this tutorial: How to convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3.

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