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audible on mp3 player

Listening to Audible audiobooks on MP3 players can be a fantastic experience. Nevertheless, not all MP3 players support Audible. Actually, only SanDisk, Creative, Garmin, and TomTom support Audible. Since Audible was purchased by Amazon Inc. in 2008, many authors and customers hoped that they can put their purchased Audible audiobook on any MP3 players, like Sonos, Zen Player, Sony Walkman, etc. However, there are no changes on the audible audiobooks after those years.

In this article, except for two methods to transfer Audible audiobooks to MP3 players that support Audible, you will also learn how to play Audible on MP3 players that do not support Audible.

Part 1. Play Audible on Compatible MP3 Players using Official Apps
     Method 1. Use AudibleSync to Put Audible Books on MP3 Players
    Method 2. Use Audible Manger to Put Audible Books on MP3 Players
Part 2. Play Audible on Any MP3 Players using AA/AAX to MP3 converter
     Method 3. Use ViWizard Audible Converter to Convert AA/AAX to MP3

Part 1. Play Audible on Compatible MP3 Players using Official Apps

There're some best Audible MP3 players, and the best part of an MP3 player compatible with Audible is that it's simple to add Audible titles to it with 2 official methods, which is available on Windows PC.

Note: On Mac to play Audible on MP3 player, some efforts are needed to convert Audible titles into MP3. You can scroll down to the Method 3.

Method 1. AudibleSync: how to activate an MP3 player on Windows


AudibleSync interface

As the alternative to the discontinued Audible app for Windows, AudibleSync works fine on Windows 10 or Windows 11 to download titles from Audible Library, activate an MP3 player, transfer Audible titles to an MP3 player, which is a short process.

Step 1. Access to Audible Library in AudibleSync

1. On Windows, open the AudibleSync > Sign In (if needed) to connect to your Audible account.

2. When your Audible account is connected to AudibleSync, AudibleSync will load your entire Audible Library.

Step 2. Activate an MP3 Player in AudibleSync

1. Make sure the AudibleSync is running, then connect your MP3 player to the Windows PC.

2. In AudibleSync, find the detected MP3 player in the side menu.

find MP3 player device in AudibleSync

Step 3. Download Audible Books to MP3 Player with AudibleSync

1. Now use Search > Copy to Device to locate the titles you'd like to play on your MP3 player.

1. Now the title will begin transferring to your MP3 player. Once completed, the title will be located on it.

transfer Audible to MP3 player with AudibleSync

Note: To add additional Audible titles to the Library, you need to go to to discover more to use "Add to Library", then wait until this change is synced to the AudibleSync.

Method 2. Audible Manager: how to activate an MP3 player on Windows

Audible Manager is designed for Audible users to manager Audible downloads, including the Audible books downloaded in AA/AAX format. With the Audible AA/AAX collection from or AudibleSync, it's simple to add the titles to Audible Manager to transfer to a compatible MP3 player.

Audible Manager:

add files to Audible Manager how to download Audible titles to Windows

You can download Audible titles to your computer device on, then use Library > Audiobooks > All Titles > Download. Or discover more Audible titles for your MP3 player on, then use Browse > Audiobooks > Add to Library.

Step 1. Add Downloaded Audible Books to Audible Manager

1. On Windows, open the Audible Manager.

2. In Audible Manager, use File > Add Audio Files > Import the selected Audible titles to the app.

Once the Audible titles are imported to Audible Manager, you can connect the MP3 player with the Windows computer.

Step 2. Activate an MP3 Player in Audible Manager

1. In Audible Manager, use the Devices > Add New Device. Or see the Mobile Devices section > Add New Device.

add new devices

2. When prompts, select your MP3 player > OK to shut down the program.

Step 3. Put Audible books to MP3 Player with Audible Manager

1. Reopen the Audible Manager, go to the Mobile Devices section to right-click your MP3 player > Activate. You'll need to log in to your Audible account.


2. You can go to Library section to select the a title > Add to Device.

add audiobooks to devices

Part 2. Play Audible on Any MP3 Players using AA/AAX to MP3 converter

Does the transferred Audible books work fine on your MP3 device? While the methods above can activate an MP3 player compatible with Audible to play Audible titles on Windows, there's one more method to play Audible on any MP3 players for both Windows and Mac - using AA/AAX to MP3 converter!

For Audible members, AA/AAX to MP3 converter is the second stop to Audible because it enables the full control of their loved Audible books by removing the DRM -protection, which prevents users from many personal uses - like to play Audible on MP3 player.

ViWizard Audible Converter:

add audible audiobooks

ViWizard Audible Converter is a powerful AA/AAX to MP3 converter that works fine on its Windows version and Mac version. Expect for the MP3 format, more formats are supported in this ViWizard software, including Lossless, M4A, FLAC, WAV at 100x super faster speed. To save the troubles, it will finish the task to remove DRM from Audible titles, split Audible books into chapters, convert AA/AAX to MP3 at the same time!

audible converter

ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter Key Features

  • Losslessly convert Audible books to MP3 without account authorization
  • Convert Audible audiobooks to common formats at 100× faster speed
  • Freely customize the output audio parameters such as sample rate
  • Split audiobooks into small segments by time frame or by chapters
Download Download

If you're the long-time user of iTunes app to sync Audible audiobooks to iTunes, you can benefit from another tool named ViWizard Audio Converter with a click on the Download button.

open iTunes on Audible

ViWizard Audio Converter:

ViWizard Audio Converter

Different from ViWizard Audible Converter, ViWizard Audio Converter deals with iTunes Library files and Apple Music contents, including Apple Music songs, iTunes audiobooks, Audible audiobooks and more. This ViWizard software can download and convert Audible audiobooks from iTunes to the computer device in MP3s.

Here's another post that helps to download Audible Books to MP3 player with iTunes:

Download Download

Method 3. ViWizard Audible Converter: how to convert AA/AAX to MP3 on Windows & Mac

Step 1. Add Downloaded Audible Books to ViWizard Audible Converter

1. From the download box of ViWizard Audible Audiobooks Converter above, install either Windows or Mac version to the computer.

2. On Windows or Mac, open the ViWizard AA/AAX Converter.

3. In ViWizard, use Add Files button > Open to add the selected AA/AAX files or the whole folder to the program.

Step 2. Convert AA/AAX to MP3 in ViWizard Audible Converter

1. In ViWizard, use the Edit tool next to the added title > Split, then select No split, split every, split into or split by chapters option to split the Audible books into small parts. Click OK to save this setting.

split Audible audiobooks in ViWizard

2. Back to ViWizard, use the Format > Format Setting > Format, then select MP3 from the drop down list. Click OK to save this setting.

change output format of Audible audiobooks in ViWizard

3. Click Convert to start converting AA/AAX to MP3 at a 100x speed.

Step 3. Put Audible books to MP3 Player from Local

1. Once the conversion completes, open the Converted menu or use Output > file icon in ViWizard to browse the MP3s on Windows or Mac.

2. Connect your MP3 player to the computer device.

3. Go to the connected MP3 player, then make sure the MP3 player and the output folder are on the same screen. You can now use copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop to put Audible on MP3 player directly - but in MP3 format!

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