6 Best MP3 Players for Audible Audiobooks

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Audible audiobooks continue to be loved by many. Listening to audiobooks is a good form of entertainment especially when we are out on a busy schedule. MP3 players have for a long time been known to be suitable for listening to music. With the emerging trend of advanced featured MP3 players, many people have come to know that they are the perfect choice for Audible audiobooks too. In fact, it is not difficult to find a perfect Audible MP3 player. Simply take note of the distinct features such as storage capacity, audio quality, and much more.

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Part 1. Useful Tips of Choosing Audible Audiobook MP3 Player
Part 2. Top 6 Audible Compatible MP3 Players

Part 1. Useful Tips of Choosing Audible Audiobook MP3 Player

Battery Life

Audible audiobooks usually last for many hours with some going up to about 40 hours. It is therefore ideal to settle for an MP3 player that will let you listen to your audiobooks without power interruption.

File Format Compatibility

It is the norm for users to own several devices ranging from iPod touch, iPhone, tablet, and other Android devices. An MP3 player that has wide compatibility of several file formats and versions would be ideal. Get an MP3 player that will work in whatever format including MP4, M4A, AAC, FLAC, and so forth.

Note: Currently, most of the Audible audiobook files are protected by Audible with AA/AAX format. Only selected devices that support the Audible app are able to play the books as expected. In order to transfer Audible books to MP3 player, you should first convert the Audible books from AAX/AA to MP3 with a dedicated Audible converter such as ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter. It can download and convert Audible audiobooks in lossless quality at 100x faster speed.

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ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter Key Features

  • Losslessly convert Audible books to MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, M4A, etc.
  • Convert Audible audiobooks to open formats at 100× faster speed
  • Freely customize the output audio parameters such as sample rate
  • Split audiobooks into small segments by time frame or by chapters
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Video Guide of Converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3 Player


Now with the popular of wireless headphones and earbuds, the Bluetooth connection of a MP3 player is necessary. With the Bluetooth connection, you don't need to be annoyed by the earbuds cable. And some advanced MP3 player has a built-in WIFI connection. Make streaming music online with an MP3 player possible.

Audio Quality

A great MP3 player for Audible should also be in a position to automatically get rid of the noise or harsh sound effects. And the sound performance should is also important.

Storage Capacity

Settle for an Audible MP3 player that has adequate storage capacity. The ideal internal storage space is higher than 16 GB. By this, you are able to put in several audiobooks together with several cool music songs.

Bookmarking Ability

An MP3 player for Audible audiobooks that has this feature will make it easy for you. This is because most audiobooks on Audible go for as long as 60 hours. Given that this is quite a long duration, bookmarking will enable you to resume your story by navigating to the last session that you left your story at.

Part 2. Top 6 Audible Compatible MP3 Players

1. SanDisk Clip Jam

sandisk clip jam

With average internal storage of 8GB, this audiobook MP3 player got you covered. You can save multiple Audible audiobooks and still get enough space for some of your favorite music. Furthermore, it comes with an SD card extension that has a capacity of over 20GB. Besides being easy to use, this Audible compatible MP3 player will work on most formats including MP3, WMA (no DRM), AAC, WAV, and Audible AA/AAX.



2. iPod Touch 7

ipod touch

iPod touch can be the best MP3 player for Audible. You can use this MP3 player for Audible audiobooks to store numerous audiobooks because of its huge storage capacity of up to 256 GB. Besides, it produces very crystal-clear quality audio to keep you locked up for the longest time possible. Availability of its in-built Bluetooth and WiFi makes the playing of songs online possible. Its screen is large enough for you to capture the information. And its powerful battery longs for 40 hours.



3. Creative Zen

creative zen

This Audible compatible MP3 player lets you store any kind of Audible audiobook that you need to listen to. Even though you might not get enough space for additional songs, its capacity of 16 GB is enough for lots of Audible audiobooks. What puts it at the forefront is its battery life, which is pretty long. With its strength, you can complete up to 32 hours of non-stop audio tunes. It supports MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and Audible. Its 1.6 Oz weight makes it easy to be held.



4. iPod Nano 7

ipod nano

In this era, nearly everyone has a smartphone. iPod Nano 7 is enough if you only need to listen to Audible audiobooks and music. There are so many Nano generations but this MP3 player for Audible beats them all. You can use this tool to playback all your audio. It is also compatible with formats like MP3 and MP4. Furthermore, it is easy to use, with a home button that is more like that of an iPhone.



5. Astell & Kern SP2000 DAP

astell & kern

Astell & Kern is a widely-compatible MP3 player which supports Amazon Music, Apple Music, Audiobooks by Audible, and many more. It is compatible with numerous formats like WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF. Its price seems to be fairly affordable given its capability which includes the connection to WiFi and a large storage capacity of 512GB.



6. Sony Walkman NW-A105 MP3 Player

sony walkman

Sony Walkman, as a leading MP3 player which has get so much whistles since it was released. NW-A105 is the most popular model in this year. This powerful MP3 player can be satisfied in expandable storage, high audio quality, multiple audio formats supported, Android OS and so on. The supported formats including MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, AAC, HE-AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, DSD, APE, MQA. And its batter life can up to 26 hours. The internal storage space is 16 GB. If you want more storage space, this player supports to insert Micro SD card. In a word, it's definitely a great option for listening to Audible audiobooks.




It is evident that you will not always come across an Audible compatible MP3 player that can play across various formats. Some of these tools will not work as expected in all formats. Even if this is the case, there are other features that you can bank on. Each of the above-mentioned tools is distinct from the others. It is therefore important to consider the tips in regard to the kind of player that will fulfill your needs when listening to Audible audiobooks. And don't forget to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 with ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter. After the conversion, you can easily transfer the Audible audiobooks to any device you like without hassle. If you want to know more about ViWizard, just click the following download button to start a free trial.

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