How to Fix Audible Book Not Playing Sound

Posted by Adam Gorden on Apr 22, 2022 3:02 PM.

Audiobooks have become more and more popular these years. Many young people start listening to audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks can make full use of their spare time, such as on the way to work or in the queue. Audible is a leading audiobook streaming platform and has accumulated millions of users since it was launched.

With Audible, you can stream the audiobooks you like without much effort. Recently many people reflect that the Audible app not playing sound which is really annoying. Do you know how to fix this error? Today we'll show you several ways to fix Audible not playing sound.

audible not playing sound

Part 1. Why Audible Not Playing Sound
Part 2. How to Solve Audible Not Playing Sound
     Solution 1. Turn Up the Volume of Your Device
     Solution 2. Redownload the Audiobook on Your Device
     Solution 3. Force Stop and Reopen the App
     Solution 4. Redownload and Install the Audible App
     Solution 5. Playing the Audiobook on Other Devices hot tip

Part 1. Why Audible Not Playing Sound

It's sad to find the Audible app not playing sound when you want to listen to audiobooks. Audible is a streaming service that offers millions of great audiobooks. Many factors will cause this error. The app may be running incorrectly, the playback device is faulty or the audio file was downloaded incorrectly. These are all reasons why Audible has no sound. So, we can only use some universal methods to solve the error. We’ll show you how in the next part.

Part 2. How to Solve Audible Not Playing Sound

There're multiple reasons behind Audible app not playing sound. Here we'll show you 5 solutions to fix it. You can follow the guides below.

Solution 1. Turn Up the Volume of Your Device

Check the volume of your device first. You may not be able to listen to the audiobook when the volume of your device is at 0. You can raise the volume by clicking the volume up button or going to the Volume Settings to adjust the volume.

Solution 2. Redownload the Audiobook on Your Device

The most common way is to redownload the Audiobook with no sound. You need to remove the audiobook from your library before redownloading the audiobook. After deleting the audiobook, you can download the book again for correctly playing.

redownload audible book

1. Tap the search bar on the Home page.

2. Search and tap the audiobook you want to download.

3. Click the Library button on the bottom and you will see the audiobook in the library.

4. Tap the image of the audiobook to start downloading the audiobook.

Solution 3. Force Stop and Reopen the App

Sometimes the error may be caused by the program running error. You can try to reopen the app. You can close the app in the background and then wait a few minutes before reopening it. After you reopen the app, the Audible should work correctly.

Solution 4. Redownload and Install the Audible App

If the error can't be solved after rerunning the app, you can try to redownload the app. Here's the guide of redownload the Audible app on iPhone.

redownload the audible app

1. Long press the Audible app on the home page.

2. Choose the Remove App option in the list and then click Remove to confirm.

3. Open the App Store and search for Audible to download it.

Solution 5. Playing the Audiobook on Other Devices

If the Audible app still plays no sound after re-downloading it, then you will have to use it on other devices. Because there may be some mistakes with your device. So, you have to change the device.

You may also find that the downloaded Audible books can only be played within its app. The audiobooks can't be moved to the devices which don't support Audible. So you can only listen to the audiobooks on a certain device. Is it possible to bypass the limit to play Audible audiobooks on other devices? Of course. All you need is an Audible Converter.

Do you know what the best Audible converter is? The answer is ViWizard Audible Converter. It's a great tool to download and convert Audible books into MP3, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, AU, and so on. The converter can download Audible in lossless quality at 100 times faster speed. You can split the audiobook by chapter or times easily with the built-in settings. The parameters of the audio are editable, such as bit rate, sample rate, channel, and others. Here are the main features of ViWizard AA/AAX Converter.

audible converter

ViWizard Audible Converter Key Features

  • Convert Audible AAX/AA to MP3 and others with Lossless quality
  • Convert Audible audiobooks to common formats at a 100X faster speed
  • Freely customize lots of parameters of output audiobooks
  • Split audiobooks into small segments by time frame or by chapters
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Step 1 Load the Downloaded Audible Books to ViWizard

add audible audiobooks

Open the ViWizard AA/AAX Converter on your desktop. To load the audiobook files to the converter, just click the Add Files button in the top-right corner or tap the logo with an earphone to choose the audio you need from the computer. Or you can drag and drop the local files to the converter directly.

Step 2Tune the Output Parameters of the Audible Books

choose output format

To edit each audiobook, click the Edit icon on the right side. Here you can split the audiobook by chapter or time, change playback speed, and rewrite the info tags. Next click the Format panel on the bottom left corner to choose the output format. Here the MP3 format is a good choice. On the window, you can adjust some parameters like channel, sample rate, bit rate, etc. Remember to click the OK button to save all the settings.

Step 3Click to Convert Audible Books to MP3

convert audible audioboks

After confirming all the settings, hit the Convert button on the bottom. The converter will start to download the Audible books into MP3. When the conversion is done, you can click the Converted button on top to view all converted Audible books.


You may figure out how to fix the Audible book not playing sound. The easiest solution is to redownload the Audible audiobook. If the audiobook still can't play correctly, you can also try to redownload the Audible app. To free your Audible books, you may also use ViWizard AA/AAX Converter to download the audiobooks for offline playing on other devices.

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