Does Audible Work on Airplane Mode? Yes!

Posted by Adam Gorden on Apr 13, 2023 4:00 PM

For its largest library of audio titles, Audible has surpassed other audiobook services, and is surely popular with audiobook lovers. Some of them even keep mobile in their hand in order to listen to Audible audiobooks. Whether at home, in the car, on the commute, on traveling, or on the plane, they would like to immerse themselves in audiobooks on Audible. Therefore, you may think about does Audible work on airplane mode. Don't worry! Here we give you answers to reassure you.

listen to audible in airplane mode

Part 1. Can I Use Audible in Airplane Mode?
Part 2. Official Way to Download Audible Books for Offline Listening
Part 3. Alternative Way to Convert Audible Books to MP3
Part 4. How to Solve Audible Not Working in Airplane Mode?

Part 1. Can I Use Audible in Airplane Mode?

We all know that all passengers require to put their devices on airplane mode when the plane is about to take off. Or sometimes, people prefer activating airplane mode to prevent interference. At this time, the WiFi, cellular data and Bluetooth are turned off entirely, and all internet connections are disabled.

Most Audible buffs, however, possibly post your questions on internet forums to ask others for help. These questions may be like "Can you listen to Audible on a plane?" "Can you listen to Audible on airplane mode?" "Can you use Audible on airplane mode" or "Does Audible work on airplane mode?" Obviously, the answer is positive. Most audiobook services including Audible, support listening to downloaded audiobooks when their listeners can't access the internet connection. So how to listen to Audible on airplane mode becomes a hot topic. If you have this issue, now, let's scroll down to find the answer!

Part 2. Official Way to Download Audible Books for Offline Listening

For mobile users, Audible allows them to download audiobooks to the Audible app via WiFi or data. When there is no internet connection or their device are in airplane mode, you can enjoy your downloaded audiobooks on Audible. If you own audiobooks in your library, you can save them to your Audible app for offline listening, even in airplane mode. Pay attention that you need to download your favorite titles before your airplane mode is on. Then you can pass time by enjoying your downloaded Audible books without an internet connection.

Download Audible Books

On Android

1. Launch the Audible app and confirm your account.

2. Tap the top-left Menu button and head to Library.

3. Tap Titles then tap All.

4. Locate the audiobook you would like to download and tap on it.

On iOS

1. Log in to the Audible app on your iPhone.

2. Navigate to Library at the bottom of the Audible main interface.

3. Tap Titles followed by All Titles at the top of your screen.

4. Tap the title you'd like to download.

Listen to Downloaded Audible Books on Airplane Mode

On Android

1. Go to Settings > Network & Internet .

2. Tap the toggle next to Airplane Mode, and now your phone is in Airplane Mode.

3. Open the Audible app and head to Library, and filter Downloaded to view your downloaded files.

4. Tap on the audiobook you like to play.

On iOS

1. Swipe up to open Control Center.

2. Tap the Airplane Mode button until it turns blue.

3. Launch the Audible app, go to Library, and filter Downloaded.

find downloaded audible books on ios

4. Tap the downloaded title to begin listening.

Part 3. Alternative Way to Convert Audible Books to MP3

After downloading Audible audiobooks successfully, one thing you need to notice is that the downloaded Audible files come with AA/AAX format, which means you can not play them on other apps. They are only playable on the Audible app.

So there is another method for you. In this way, you can freely listen to Audible books anywhere on any device. This alternative way is to use ViWizard Audible Audiobooks Converter. This exceptional tool with its DRM removal technology helps you convert all Audible audiobooks to MP3, and you can play them with no worries about internet connection or the Audible app. Moreover, all audiobooks can be converted in a short time for its conversion speed up to 100x. Most amazingly, it supports lossless quality conversion.

ViWizard Audible Converter

Features of ViWizard Audible Converter

  • Remove DRM from Audible audiobooks easily
  • Convert Audible AAX/AA to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, etc.
  • Split large book into small clips by chapters
  • keep 100% lossless quality and ID3 tags
  • Convert Audible audiobooks at 100X speed
1,000,000+ Downloads
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Step 1Load Downloaded Audible Files to ViWizard

add audible audiobooks

Before starting, ensure you have downloaded the audiobooks from Audible. And then click the upper left white icon Add Files. Of course, you can drag the files from your file folder to the ViWizard software. They are two different but pretty simple ways. Furthermore, ViWizard also provides other options for you, such as, splitting audiobooks, editing its tags, and adjusting its speed, volume and pitch.

Step 2Set Preference for Audible Books

choose output format for chromebook

After finishing adding Audible files, now, it supports customize output format as you like. Just click the bottom left Lossless icon, you can change the output format, codec, channel, sample rate, and bit rate. After finishing the adjustment, don't forget to tap the OK icon. If you have the need of listening to audiobooks without the Audible app, we recommend the popular MP3 format.

Step 3Start the Conversion of Audible Books

convert audible audioboks

Now, just one-click the bottom right Convert button to start converting Audible books to the format you set. Go to the Converted interface, you can easily browse your converted files, otherwise, you can also locate a certain file by searching its title after batch conversion. Of course, you are allowed to listen to the converted audiobooks in the ViWizard.

Part 4. How to Solve Audible Not Working in Airplane Mode

When streaming Audible under airplane mode, someone encountered this problem: mobile phones don't allow them to listen to books in airplane mode. It tells users have to turn it off or find a network to listen to Audible audiobooks. When Audible can not work in airplane mode, don't be frustrated, here we list some solutions for you to fix.

Ensure downloaded Audible titles. If you haven't saved audiobooks to the Audible app in advance, undoubtedly, you aren't able to access Audible content online when your airplane mode is on.

Clear your Audible cache. The latest data and old cache data conflicting may cause a hitch in playing Audible audiobooks. In order to keep the Audible app running smoothly, you'd better clear caches regularly. This procedure needs to be conducted before downloading Audible files, otherwise, your downloaded files would be deleted too.

Reboot your device. Sometimes the issue may with your mobile itself. When your phone keeps crashing and is unresponsive, then your airplane mode and apps are stuck. So try to close it and restart it.

If the above methods don't work, you are supposed to check if there is something else wrong: such as, Audible book not playing, Audible not working, Audible not downloading, or Audible book not in the library.


As a renowned audiobook platform, Audible offers online listening and offline listening. Therefore, you can listen to Audible in airplane mode as long as you downloaded the titles. You are able to access Audible audiobooks on its app, or you can choose to use ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter. With this tool, all the converted Audible books are compatible with any device. It helps you remove Audible limitations and gives you a better experience.

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