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Spotify is the largest online music streaming service that provides easy access to its music streaming for all subscribers through various devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart speakers, and more. However, it's still inconvenient to download Spotify songs offline on some devices like MP3 player, nor to burn Spotify music to CDs for playing in cars.

Thankfully, all those troubles will be eliminated if we can convert Spotify to MP3 or other plain formats. Better still, there is a tool called Spotify music converter that could offer quick solution to this. Now check out the top 5 Spotify converter in the following review to effortlessly convert Spotify songs and playlists to MP3 for offline listening, along with quick steps for each program.

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#1. ViWizard Spotify Music Converter
#2. Audials Music
#3. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder
#4. Soundloaders Spotify Downloader
#5. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

#1. ViWizard Spotify Music Converter - Best Spotify Converter for Windows & Mac

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If you are looking for a Spotify playlist converter on the internet, you should opt for ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. It's the fastest Spotify to MP3 converter that can convert Spotify songs to MP3 at up to 5× faster speed. It supports downloading and converting all Spotify contents, including tracks, albums, artists, playlists, audiobooks, and podcasts by simply dragging songs from Spotify to the conversion list of the converter.

Unlike the traditional Spotify converter, ViWizard Spotify Music Converter is not a Spotify recorder but a professional Spotify downloader that can losslessly rip music from Spotify to MP3 with the original audio quality and ID3 tags retained. In addition to MP3, this smart tool also supports the output formats like AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B. Besides, it allows you to change the audio properties, including the channel, bit rate, and sample rate. And you could choose to save the converted songs by albums or artists, all depending on your own needs.



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Tutorial: How to Convert Spotify to MP3 with ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

Due to the neat interface and great design, it's extremely easy to download and convert Spotify music to MP3 by using ViWizard Spotify Music Converter even without reading the user manual. The following is the simple steps to show you how to use ViWizard software.

Step 1. Launch ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on your computer, and the Spotify app will be opened automatically.

Step 2. Drag songs or playlists from your Spotify to the interface of the converter, and then choose the output format and set the parameters in the Preferences windows under menu bar.

Step 3. Finally, click on the Convert button to begin downloading and converting Spotify songs to MP3 or other common formats. For stable conversion, simply set the conversion speeds as 1×.

#2. Audials Music - Spotify Audio Converter for Windows

audials music

Audials Music is a smart audio recorder for recording streaming music and converting audios on Windows. It's also a music player that can manage music for all devices. With Audials Music, you can record Spotify and all other protected audios from streaming music platforms, as well as, unprotected audios from different websites. Then the recordings will be saved to up to 40 types of audio formats like MP3 for playing on all devices.



Tutorial: How to Record Music from Spotify to MP3 via Audials Music

Step 1. Open Audials Music and click on the Spotify tile then select the Record while playing option.

Step 2. Go to play the music that you would like to record in Spotify.

Step 3. Click the Save button, and it will begin to record songs automatically. Once the recording completes, go to view the converted music files.

Note: It's not easy to convert Spotify music to MP3 via Audials Music as there are too many buttons in the conversion window. So, it's not recommended if you are not a tech geek.

#3. Wondershare AllyMyMusic - Spotify Recorder for Windows/Mac

wondershare streaming audio recorder

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder, as the name suggests, is also an audio recorder that aims to record music from more than 500 streaming sites, including Spotify, BBC radio, YouTube Music, and more. So, with this tool, you can easily record and convert Spotify to MP3 or M4A format while removing ads from Spotify. Besides, it supports splitting and cutting Spotify tracks and other large audio files into small segments according to your own requirements.



Tutorial: How to Record Songs from Spotify to MP3 via Wondershare AllMyMusic

Step 1. Open Wondershare AllMyMusic and simply click the Record button to make the program ready for working.

Step 2. Go to Spotify and start to play a playlist. Then the recorder will detect the playback and start recording songs to MP3 or M4A format automatically.

#4. Soundloaders Spotify Downloader - Free Spotify Converter Online

soundloaders spotify downloader

Soundloaders is a free online app that allows you to convert Spotify music and other services like Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, and more. It enables you to extract MP3 from Spotify for free, even without installing any additional software.



Tutorial: How to Extract Music from Spotify to MP3 via Soundloaders

Step 1. Firstly, choose a track you want to convert and copy the link.

Step 2. Then, go to the website of Soundloaders and paste the link into the text input.

Step 3. Finally, click the Search to load the song and then click the Download button.

#5. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder - Spotify Music Converter Free Online

apowersoft audio recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is another free audio recorder that can record and convert Spotify music to MP3. It supports recording music from online streaming music websites and capture audios being played on the computer. Under the help of Apowersoft Audio Recorder, you can record music from Spotify Web Player on your computer and choose to save the recordings to MP3.



Tutorial: How to Record Spotify Music to MP3 via Apowersoft

Step 1. First of all, go to the website of Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder and select the System Sound.

Step 2. Then open Spotify Web Player in the browser and play Spotify songs you want to convert to Spotify.

Step 3. Click the Record button to start recording Spotify into MP3 files and then click the Stop Record button to save the recordings.

Note: It's not stable and won't work properly sometimes.

The Bottom Line

Here are best Spotify music converter that we have listed for you. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can download those tools first to have a try and then choose the best one that fully meets your need. If you have a high demand for music quality and conversion speed, ViWizard Spotify Music Converter is the optimal one that can help you convert Spotify to MP3 and more while keeping 100% original audio quality and ID3 tags.

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