10 Features of Spotify You Need to Know

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jun 21, 2019 3:35 PM.

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Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from artists around the world. As of April 2019, with 217 million monthly active users (including 100 million paying subscribers), Spotify become the world's most popular music streaming service.

With Spotify, it is easy to find the right music or podcast for every moment – on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more. You could choose what you want to listen, or let Spotify surprise you. You can also browse through the collection of friends, artists, and celebrities, or create a radio station and just sit back.

With the increasing of paid subscribers, Spotify is still striving to create professional music service and listening experience to its users. Get more out of Spotify and find what you are looking for faster with these Spotify features.

10 Spotify Features Make Your Experience Better

1. Search

With the improvement of technology, the function of search becomes more and more accurate. You can improve the accuracy of your searches by adding extra information, such as dates, genres and albums. You can also widen or focus your search by adding "and", "or" or "not" to it, and can combines search terms too.

2. Device

Connect to a device: When you listen to music on Spotify, you can use your mobile device as a remote control and connect your Spotify account with any other device such as computer, TV, Wi-Fi speakers, game console, Chromecast and Bluetooth.

Connect Apps: When you are on the move or in the car, you can control your Spotify music with the navigation app like Waze and Google Map. While navigating, you can enjoy Spotify music easier and better than ever without the distraction of safety problem.

3. Podcasts

Spotify has begun to push hard into non-music audio like podcasts and even motion comics compared with their used business. There are serval kinds of podcasts available on Spotify now. Those podcasts on Spotify explores in the different fields like news, music, comics and more and it's very difficult to choose best Spotify podcasts. Meanwhile, Spotify would automatically generate some podcasts according to your listening preference.

4. Spotify Code

Spotify code is the newest feature developed by Spotify – and all it takes is camera access to easily share your favorite songs, artists, albums, or playlists with friends. You can point your camera at a Spotify code to get your friends' sharing too. To access a code, just tap on the ellipse next to a song—a Spotify code will appear at the bottom of the artwork that your friend can scan.

5. Social

Signing up to Spotify with Facebook or connecting your Facebook account will allow you to easily find your friends and see what they're listening to. Otherwise, you can share your favorite tracks on your personal social platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and more in the form of image or link. You can invite your game friends to listen along with you on Discord too.

6. Running Mode

Running mode offered by Spotify plays music that matches your running speed. When you change your running pace, it will automatically adjust the music to match it. To access it, tap Browse, scroll down to Running, select a running playlist and tap Start Run. You can also manually set the tempo, to get the music to control your pace.

7. Music Quality

You can listen to Spotify music with better sound effect by tapping Settings. There are several streaming modes for you to choose from like automatic, low, normal, high and very high. Higher quality uses more data, so you should consider your cellular data and make sure that you're on a Premium subscription plan.

8. Airplane Mode

A Premium subscription lets you download music from Spotify for listening anywhere, even offline, and you're allowed to download up to 3,333 songs per device. When you are on the move or your device is in airplane mode, you can download music from Spotify in advance. Then, you can play your Spotify music which have been saved to your device without an Internet connection.

9. Discover Music

As for me, the most important tools for finding new music to listen to on Spotify is Discover Weekly, tons of songs based on what you and others with similar tastes have been listening to. Spotify refreshes Discover Weekly every Monday, so save any tracks you like to your Library. You can also look at these columns, including Release Radar, Daily Mix, Time Capsule and Spotify Radio, for finding more different tracks. With the improvement of recommendation algorithm, you could get better recommendations the more you like.

10. Alarm

You can start waking up to a specific song of your favorite playlist supported by Spotify. This will surely strengthen the motivation behind waking up so early. Setting an alarm using Spotify has been made easier with various apps that are currently available.

Best Tool to Make You Enjoy Additional Service with Free Account

The above are some features of Spotify which can help you to customize your personal Spotify. Spotify is appealing because music lovers can access content for free by simply signing up with an email account or by connecting with Facebook. The free version of Spotify can be accessed on PC, laptop and mobile phone, but the full service needs a Spotify Premium subscription.

The service offered by Spotify is different between free users and premium users. See Spotify features comparison as the following.

Free Subscription Premium Subscription
Ad breaks Ad-free music
Play in shuffle Play any song
6 skips per hour Unlimited skips
Streaming only Offline listening
Basic audio quality High audio quality

Tool Required: Enjoy Additional Service with Spotify Free Account

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