Tips to Extend Time Limit of Your iTunes Movie Rentals

Posted by Nick Orin on August 07, 2014 02:30:20 PM.

unlock 24 hour limit on itunes rentalsAs one of the largest online media store in the world, iTunes offers movies and TV shows for both sale and rent. To most iTunes users, they would prefer to rent movies from iTunes for it costs much less than purchasing. However, low price would always turn out to be more problems. Movie rented from iTunes Store usually comes with a limited period of validity, like 24 hours. That's to say, customers are forced to finish watching an iTunes movie rental within 24 hours once they start to watch it. In consequence, they are likely to be told the movie is expired when they are just watching half of it.

So, if you find the 24-hour rental time is too short for movies rented from iTunes and eagerly to get rid of the annoying time limit on iTunes movie rentals, follow the guide below to extend the rental time of iTunes movies to as long as you like.

Tool You'll Need to Extend Rental Period for iTunes Movies

Firstly, you need to beware of the fact that the limitation imposed on iTunes movie rentals is caused by Apple's FairPlay DRM protection. It's a kind of DRM encryption technology created by Apple to control your use on movies and TV shows rented from iTunes Store. Due to FairPlay policy, you get 30 days to keep the movie rental and 24 hours (in US) or 48 hours (in other countries) to finish watching it once started. Therefore, in order to unlock the limit from iTunes movie rentals, the key point is to find an iTunes FairPlay DRM removal application to remove the DRM protection from the rentals at first place.

One of the best iTunes DRM cracker in the market goes to ViWizard iTunes DRM Remover for Mac, a DRM removal tool specially developed to bypass DRM lock from iTunes movie rentals. With this mighty iTunes DRM removal program, you can easily get rid of DRM from rented iTunes movies and enjoy the rentals without any limitation.

3 Steps to Get Rid of 24-hour Limit on iTunes Movie Rentals

Now follow the tutorial below to start removing time limit from iTunes movie rentals with ViWizard iTunes DRM Remover for Mac to keep the rented movies forever.

convert itunes rentals

Step 1Add iTunes Movie Rentals

Click "Add Files" button to load iTunes library list where you can select the rented movies from. Click "OK" to import the rental files. You can also import the iTunes rental movies by directly dragging and dropping them into ViWizard iTunes DRM Converter.

Step 2Customize Output Audio Tracks & Subtitles

Click "settings" icon in the program to select the subtitles and audio tracks for the output videos. Or it will keep all tracks and subtitle while removing DRM from the rented iTunes movies.

Step 3Remove DRM from Rented iTunes Movies & TV Shows

Click "Convert" button to start bypassing DRM lock from iTunes movie rentals.

Once the DRM protection is removed, you can find the unlocked iTunes movie rentals and keep them as long as you like without worrying about the expiration any more.

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