How to Stream Apple Music to Marshall Speaker

Posted by Adam Gorden on Dec 11, 2019 4:36 PM

apple music to marshall

If you are considering buying a Bluetooth speaker but you want something special and unique, Marshall will be your choice. Marshall stands out from the crowd for its vintage look as it has a square shape instead of the cylindrical shape that most of popular sound speakers have. Except for being a home speaker, Marshall is also designed to be a portable speaker. You can easily carry it and "hit the road", go wherever you want to go and take the music along with you.

Marshall bluetooth speaker has 6 main models: Tufton, Acton, Kilburn, Stanmore, Stockwell, and Woburn. Some of them support Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This hand-free feature allows you to play and control your music using your voice, so you can listen to music or podcast while you are busying with other things.

Streaming Music to Marshall is easy. You just need to pair Marshall with your phone via Bluetooth and play the music on your phone. If you have a subscription to Apple Music, you can refer to the guide below and see how to stream Apple Music to Marshall.

How to Play Apple Music on Marshall Speaker

Solution 1 Stream Apple Music to Marshall at Home

Step 1 Turn your Marshall speaker on and turn on the Bluetooth functionality. Enable the Bluetooth on your device (phone, tablet, or computer).

Step 2 Press the Pair button and select the right Marshall model on your device. Launch Apple Music on your device and log in. Start to play the playlist and stream the sound to Marshall.

Step 3 You can also download the Marshall Voice app/Bluetooth app or the analog controls on your speaker's top panel to perfect your sound according to the room you're in.

Solution 2 Stream Apple Music to Marshall Outdoor

This solution costs no data usage. If you go camping or take a road trip with Marshall, this is the best method for you to play Apple Music songs. To do this, you will need ViWizard Audio Converter to help you convert Apple Music songs to MP3 and save them offline. Let's see how to make it.

apple music converter

ViWizard DRM Audio Converter Key Features

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Step 1 Add Apple Music to ViWizard Audio Converter

add apple music files

First, download and install ViWizard Audio Converter from the above link. Make sure the Apple Music songs you want to convert are playable on your PC. Launch the converter and then add the songs to the main interface. There are two "Add" buttons, to convert Apple Music you should go for the "Music Note" icon on the top of the window. The another "Add" button is for importing non-DRM audio files.

Step 2Customize Audio Output Settings

select format

After the songs successfully loaded to the converter, click the "Format" panel at the left bottom of the surface and choose an output format from the pop-up window. We suggest you select MP3 as it is the most common audio format. Click "OK" to confirm the setting.

Step 3Convert Apple Music songs to MP3

add apple music files

Next, simply hit on "Convert" and wait for a few seconds. When the converting process is done, the converted songs will be saved to your local folder. You can open the "Converted" catalog and locate their destination.

Step 4Transfer Converted Songs to Your Phone

When you get all the songs you want to play converted sucessfully, you can transfer them to your phone via USB or Bluetooth. In this way, you can play them with no mobile data needed. This can also make sure you get a stable quality of songs and you don't need to bring any CD album with you.

The Final Thought

Before you convert the songs, you can prepare some special playlists that you want to play on your trip. ViWizard Audio Converter can help you stream Apple Music outdoor no matter what speaker you use. This certainly will add more fun to your trip!

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