How to Improve Your Spotify Sound Quality

Posted by Adam Gorden on Aug. 21, 2019 3:35 PM.

Spotify reached the milestone by growing paid subscribers by 32-percent year-on-year. More than 100 million users worldwide now pay for Spotify Premium. Including free subscribers, Spotify now has a total of 217 million monthly active users worldwide. Spotify lets everyone pick the song they want to listen to right now, even create and save personalized playlists.

However, as long as you're willing to put up with limitless advertisements, shuffle music playback mode, and even poor Spotify sound quality, you can stream Spotify for free. This may be a shortage of most streaming music services. If you have a Spotify Premium account, you could hear songs in the best quality possible. In this article, we will help you easily stream high quality audio on Spotify no matter you are using free Spotify or premium Spotify.


Part 1. Reason to Stream High Quality Music Spotify
Part 2. Improve Spotify Sound Quality with Free Account
Part 3. Improve Spotify Audio Quality with Premium Account

Reason to Set Spotify Music to Extreme

Spotify has four different audio qualities available on mobile including low (24kbps), normal (96kbps), high (160kbps), and very high (320 kbps) and the desktop excludes the 'low quality streaming' option. There's also a default music quality set to "Automatic," which means music may be offered up at lower bitrates when bandwidth is low.

Streaming your music on Spotify Extreme gives you a very high-quality sound. Extreme makes the music sound great, especially listening to music on Spotify through great earbuds. But Spotify Extreme only the choice for Spotify Premium users. Just view high quality streaming Spotify difference from the comparison below.

Note: It's currently not possible to adjust music quality on the web player. There are some differences between Spotify desktop version and mobile version.

  Free Premium
Web player AAC 128kbit/s AAC 256kbit/s
Desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Automatic - Dependent on your network connection
  • Low* - Equivalent to approximately 24kbit/s
  • Normal - Equivalent to approximately 96kbit/s
  • High - Equivalent to approximately 160kbit/s
  • Automatic - Dependent on your network connection
  • Low* - Equivalent to approximately 24kbit/s
  • Normal - Equivalent to approximately 96kbit/s
  • High - Equivalent to approximately 160kbit/s
  • Very high (Premium only) - Equivalent to approximately 320kbit/s
  • High Quality Streaming Spotify with Free Subscription

    One of the common shortages about streaming music services including Spotify is that you cannot enjoy music to the fullest extent while using the free version. The 'normal' default Spotify streaming quality on your desktop or mobile is 160 kbps, with each 'bit' essentially being a "piece" of the song. You could turn on the "High Quality Streaming" option if you're paying for Spotify Premium while ViWizard Spotify Music Converter can make you get Spotify lossless download.

    spotify music converter

    Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

    • Download Spotify tracks, albums and playlists losslessly
    • Get rid of the limitation of the digital rights management
    • Play any Spotify music on demand instead of shuffle play
    • Stream Spotify music at a higher bit rate and sample rate
    Download Download

    Step 1Import music from Spotify to ViWizard

    add spotify tracks to ViWizard

    After you have Spotify music downloader installed on your personal computer, launch the software and Spotify will be automatically opened after several seconds. Then choose all your saved playlists or tracks in Your Library and directly drag them to the main screen of the software.

    Step 2Configure Spotify music to high quality

    set output format

    Then click on the menu button in the upper-right corner and choose the "Preference" option. There are some settings including the output audio format, bit rate, sample rate and channel. You can set bit rate to 320 kbps just like the 'Very High-Quality Streaming' option.

    Note: There are several options of bit rate including 320 kbps and 256 kbps for you to choose from.

    Step 3Get Spotify lossless audio via ViWizard

    downloading spotify music

    Click on the convert button and then all Spotify tracks will start to download. Keep in mind that it may take a little while depending on how many tracks you want to download. Once saved, the tracks will be accessible from within the "Converted" pane on the lower-right corner.

    High Quality Streaming Spotify with Premium Subscription

    Ponying up $9.99 per month – about the same amount most competing services charge means that you are not bombarded by countless advertisements and have rights to download Spotify music for offline playback. But the biggest factor in the decision to go Premium is to turn on the 'High Quality Streaming' option that lets premium users enjoy Spotify to its fullest extent.

    How to stream high quality music on desktop with Spotify

    1. Launch the Spotify app on your desktop and log in your Spotify account.

    2. Click the arrow in the upper-right corner of the interface and select the 'Settings' option.

    stream spotify high quality audio

    3. Under 'Music Quality', there are several audio quality settings for you to select. With your premium account, you can turn on the 'High Quality Streaming' option.

    stream spotify high quality audio

    How to play high quality music on mobile or tablet with Spotify

    stream spotify high quality audio

    1. Open the Spotify app and log in your Spotify account.

    2. Tap the 'Home' icon in the lower-left corner of the screen and continue to tap the 'Settings' icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    3. Under 'Music Quality', this displays several options you can select to change. You can adjust the music quality streaming to 'Very High' with your premium account.

    Note: You can have different settings for listening online (Streaming quality) or offline (Download quality). The higher the stream quality, the more data will be used. You also can adjust a built-in equalizer to improve Spotify music quality on mobile version.


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