TunesKit Audio Converters for Mac Now Fully Support macOS High Sierra

Posted by Dan Miners on September 30, 2017 19:02:48 PM.

Sept. 30th, 2017 - TunesKit studio, one of the best DRM removal solution providers, officially announced major upgrades of its audio converting tools for Mac, including DRM Audio Converter, Apple Music Converter and Audiobook Converter to fully support the recently released macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Till now, all TunesKit DRM removal products for Mac, except DRM Media Converter and iBook Copy, are all compatible with macOS 10.13 and lower versions with the latest iTunes 12.7.

Ever since the release of macOS High Sierra beta version, TunesKit users began to notice that all Mac products failed to work properly with the specific macOS. Since then, TunesKit programmers have been working on this issue for months. As Apple totally changed its encryption method in the new macOS High Sierra, it's more complicated than expected to crack the DRM from iTunes music or other protected audios under the upgraded macOS 10.13. Fortunately, according to the persistent effort by TunesKit developers, the fix finally came out a few days after the official publication of macOS High Sierra. Now TunesKit audio DRM removal solutions are supposed to work as well as before when removing DRM from iTunes songs, Apple Music, audiobooks, etc.

One important thing you should be well noted is that as the decrypting method in TunesKit changed as well, the conversion speed of those apps is also affected. In result, you'll find the software work much slower than before. It's not the bug of the programs. So please don't worry. Honestly, it's currently the best solution we can come up with in order to make the products work well on macOS High Sierra. Once a better or permanent solution is found, we'll share the news on our Facebook page. You are invited to follow the official account for any upgrade on the products.

At present, the incompatibility issue between macOS 10.13 and TunesKit DRM Media Converter and iBook Copy for Mac is still under development. Before the fix comes out, we highly suggest you downgrade macOS to 10.12 or lower versions in order to use the products successfully. Besides, for users who have Windows machine, please feel free to contact TunesKit support team at so that we can switch your code to Windows version temporarily.


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